The Holbrook Trilogy Part 2: Dead Poet’s Inn

Pub number 2 – working backwards here folks – on the Holbrook trilogy is one that is done no justice whatsoever by my slim pickings of blurry dark photos.

Of course, unbeknown to me at this point, my final port of call was going to have a pub with a female wearing very little in the way of clothes but that didn’t detract from the fact 289 – The Dead Poets Inn DE56 0TQ is an absolute classic boozer.

(Here it is next to The Wheel and The Spotted Cow)

Holbrook village.jpg

Like the Willington triangle, Holbrook contains three excellent boozers but there is definitely more of a country feel in this part of the county – an estate agent might refer to it as ‘the Gateway to the Peaks.’

Holbrook bigger.jpg

It is just a wonderful old building of alcoves and hidey holes allied to serving very good beer.  It wasn’t packed on a Wednesday evening but it was by no means empty and it had a really good atmosphere and I reckon this is the tourist boozer in Holbrook.

Don’t get me wrong, it has plenty of locals as well but, according to the CAMRA website it has “a delightful snug and the main bar has high-backed pews, low ceilings, stone-flagged floors, a real fire in the winter and inglenook.”

Built in the 1800’s it changed drastically just over 20 years ago as it was formerly known as The Cross Keys (a forerunner of a Micro with an unusual name) and has been a must visit pub ever since.

Dead Poets 19.09.18  (6).jpg

I confess I didn’t have the Bass on this occasion but a remarkably good Moon Door (Charnwood) whilst my drinking buddy indulged in a bit of Absolution (Abbeydale).

If I was going to put a pub in a time capsule and open it 100 years later to demonstrate how an English pub should work….this would arguably be the one I would use.

Dead Poets 19.09.18  (4).jpg

Well worth a visit with great beer, great atmosphere and it looks like a ‘proper pub.’

6 thoughts on “The Holbrook Trilogy Part 2: Dead Poet’s Inn

  1. Thanks for posting.

    It’s very dark, isn’t it ? Very hard to photograph it. Glad you appreciated it, but it’s really a pint of Bass or Pedi from the jug pub, and best with the fire on.

    I’ve never seen it less than full. Actually I was there in early Summer, thought it was good as ever, but didn’t think I could do it justice in a write-up. Does that makes sense ?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think that makes masses of sense…I basically went there with my pal had a drink and not a lot happened but it was great..I’ve been there before and its ust got that X factor you can’t always blog on….I expect a daytime Taylor follow up soon 😉 is it in GBG again this year?


  2. “but there is definitely more of a country feel in this part of the county”

    Looking at Streetview I would have to agree.

    “this would arguably be the one I would use.”

    High praise. But yes, it does look a corker.


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