Shock Coke News In Appleby Magna

Black Horse 14.08 (13).jpg

A stretch of the Midlands between Junctions 11 and 12 of the M42 has arguably the most exotic sounding villages in England.

I’ve touched on this before … but the likes of Barton In The Beans, Norton Juxta Twycross, Stretton En Le Field, No Man’s Heath, Newton Burgoland, Little Wigston, Swepstone and Appleby Parva are world class place names!

Measham Map

None of your bland and dreary suburbs here as Rich’s much loved National Forest region showcases all of its greenery…oh yes and there’s Coalville and Ibstock as well if you’re more of a fan of urban beauty.

Mind you Appleby Magna is certainly a place for the Leicestershire bourgeoisie to flock and with the Ashby canal in close proximity then I suspect Pete might be pitching up to one of the boozers in the village.

Black Horse 14.08 (8)

If he does he could do far worse than 294 – The Black Horse DE12 7AH, which is a belting 16th Century black and white timbered classic country pub.

Apparently it shut for around six months in 2017 and has been reopened for about a year so it is great to see it back in the fold.

Black Horse 14.08 (6).jpg

I was in there at around 5pm on a Thursday and it wasn’t packed but the staff were suitably busy and there were a handful of people in and a punter arrived an ordered a pint of coke.

Black Horse 14.08 (11).jpg

He was a regular as the barmaid knew him and the conversation turned to coke where I discovered some shock news.  Apparently, there are three types of cola on sale!

Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola and…Marston’s do their own version of Cola as well!  This conversation arose as the bloke at the bar was waxing lyrical about this particular pint compared to a pint he had in a nearby boozer.

The barmaid revealed that Marston’s (as I suspect do other places) having their own cola version that is used……

Black Horse 14.08 (2).jpg

Maybe this bloke is going to start his own GCG and travel the country comparing cola?  A drop of the brown stuff could take on a whole new meaning and maybe Martin, Dunc and Si could have a new rival as this mystery punter visits pubs and lets you know if a pint of coke will be flat/fizzy/tasteless or craft?

Rival groups could then set up alternative cola festivals and there could be a craft/keg debate…it would never catch on, would it?

Black Horse 14.08 (3)

Anyway, a good country boozer that is well worth a visit and I had a very quaffable pint of Directors (Courage) which was miles better than the cola!


11 thoughts on “Shock Coke News In Appleby Magna

  1. Nowhere beats the Lincolnshire Wolds for bizarre place names – Skendleby Psalter, Ashby Puerorum, Mavis Enderby, Hagworthingham, Belchford, Sloothby, Stenigot etc.

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  2. I’ve always thought the countryside alongs die the A/M42 looks very nice. I’d love to go and visit that church that dangles off the edge of the hill and there’s a few decent looking water courses, but strangely not many trees? But you can’t get off the bloody road?

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  3. “are world class place names!”

    No use me even looking at the map then. 🙂

    “Apparently, there are three types of cola on sale!”

    Not sure about bars/pubs over here but in the fast food places you can either get coke or pepsi, not both (bit like a tied house for beer)

    “A drop of the brown stuff could take on a whole new meaning”


    “which was miles better than the cola!”

    Too bloody right! 🙂

    And with that I’m off to quickly check my ‘regular’ bloggers. Been a bit hectic here since last Friday. Going to take a bit to catch up on older posts.


    PS – “and a punter arrived an ordered a pint of coke.”

    Two ands from the look of it. 😉

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