Building A (Burton) Bridge To Your Heart

Burton Bridge 04.10.18  (1).jpg

A rare recollection of the epic Wax track from 1987 is the surprise blog title for a brewery tap that started in 1982.

Iconic boozers, beer and all things cask related are Burton’s biggest attraction.  To be fair to Nigel Clough and the local football team they are building up a head of steam but in terms of tourist attractions the beer in Burton wins every time.

Burton Bridge 04.10.18  (5).jpg

Actually, brewing behemoths and Albion aside, Burton doesn’t do a big line in tourism, which means you get a raft of ‘local’ style boozers in the town centre.

There is a Waterstones too, which I found supporting local beer blogger Ian Webster aka The Beertonian and books about beer in Burton always catch the eye.

Burton Bridge 04.10.18  (2).jpg

He’s also done a handy guide for away day football fans to visit Burton so this should be useful for both Duncan and Si next season after Reading and Hull’s inevitable demise!

Burton Bridge 04.10.18  (4).jpg

There are still plenty of brewers too and one of the more established (36 years and counting) is Burton Bridge and they have a particularly iconic boozer just as you cross the bridge into Burton.

They’ve got a chain of around five or six but this is the daddy of them all and you can’t miss it as you come into Burton.

Burton Bridge 04.10.18  (18).jpg

295 – Burton Bridge Inn DE14 1SY is the multi-roomed tap house for Burton Bridge and used to be a Bass House but, and I am surmising here, I can’t imagine it was any better when it was owned by Bass.

Burton Bridge 04.10.18  (11).jpg

A fairly quiet Thursday afternoon at about 2pm but the handful of punters were friendly,

(barman – font of knowledge)

Burton Bridge 04.10.18  (22).jpg

the beer Golden Delicious (Burton Bridge) was excellent,

Burton Bridge 04.10.18  (35).jpg

and the pub is a gem with history oozing out of every pore…

Burton Bridge 04.10.18  (42).jpg

Burton Bridge 04.10.18  (29).jpg

Burton Bridge 04.10.18  (30).jpg

The barman was a font and warming up for their beer festival later that evening.

Burton Bridge 04.10.18  (46).jpg

I asked him about their busy time and he said there was no rhyme or reason as it could be packed or quiet for reasons he couldn’t fathom.

Burton Bridge 04.10.18  (21).jpg

But he did say they still had a strong post work drink crowd and that 5pm onwards most evenings was buzzing.

Burton Bridge 04.10.18  (13).jpg

This must be in the ‘pubs to visit’ section of Burton’s long list of iconic boozers.

Burton Bridge 04.10.18  (19).jpg

Maybe, with all the keg craft boozers sprouting up such as The Dog then this place might seem like a throwback.

Burton Bridge 04.10.18  (26).jpg

However, the beer is good quality with the obligatory “I’ll just let that settle,” quote from the barman, which is always a barometer of quality.

Burton Bridge 04.10.18  (6).jpg

If this place is old school then I am more than happy to be considered old school.  Long live the old school!



14 thoughts on “Building A (Burton) Bridge To Your Heart

  1. On our last trip our best beer was here. Great pub; great publican. I could not believe the volume of beer he told us they went through. Biggest casks I have ever seen. You could really fall in love with cask ale in this pub.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I do believe you are right on that front. Derbyshire and a ways to the west are an area where people really do chat in pubs. I was a bit surprised on our first pub rambles through that area. It stood out how friendly people are in that region. You could sense them waiting to start conversation. Really nice.

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  2. Drove past yesterday. Stopped for a rapid half at the Crossing (ex Blue Post) en route south. It wasn’t really a typical Burton pub. I do like a beer and sausage festival. One benefit of relegation will be a return to Burton plus visits to Shrewsbury and Accrington (where Reading have never played, at least not on Shrews new ground). Midweek visit to Blues coming up this month but I can’t make it.

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    1. Nooo! Im there for that one….I’ll have a pint on your behalf 😉🍻 yes the crossing is one of Martin Ropers places mate former lead singer of anti pasti! He also owns exeter arms and silk mill in Derby good beer but food focus …yes burton bridge always worth a visit 👍


  3. Excellent post LAF, really sums up the tradition of BBBs (beautiful brown beers) and the epicentre of world brewing in particular.

    A beer and pub appreciate trip to Burton is definitely on my ‘to do’ list….

    The pub certainly is a throwback, and that Ind Coope Draught window is beautiful. Your last photo of the pub (if converted to a black and white photo) would look straight out of the 1930s …


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  4. That takeaway real ale 9 pint looks like a great deal, especially the Bridge Bitter. The only problem with doing the takeaway is one would not be sitting in that pub!

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