Wedding Bells In Hassop And Bakewell

I last blogged about the merits of Greene King and a subsequent trip to Lanzarote saw plenty of this…


…this actually made GK look cutting edge, so no longer should we knock IPA, Speckled Hen or Abbott Ale!

However, one honourable exception was the delightful Rosco’s Beer House in Playa Blanca which had plenty of this…

Brew Dog and Chouffe.jpg

…so well worth a visit.

Regular readers of the blog might be surprised to know the trip to Spain was NOT a stag do!  Martin, Hermit and Duncan have all passed comment about the amount of stag parties I’ve been on recently but this was just a family affair.

Old Eyre Arms 13.10.18  (27).jpg

Mind you, I did actually make a wedding after one of the more recent parties and, quite fortunately, this gave me a chance to visit possibly the most picturesque pub in Britain?

Old Eyre Arms 13.10.18  (7).jpg

297 – The Old Eyre Arms DE45 1NS is an absolute corker looking at it from the outside and fits the classic mould of country pub, slap bang in the heartlands of Wickingman territory

Old Eyre Arms 13.10.18  (51).jpg

It’s based in Hassop, which is tucked away nicely between Eyam and Bakewell and has been there for over 300 years

Old Eyre Arms 13.10.18  (14).jpg

and has the Eyre family arms displayed above the fireplace, and a fire that was roaring.

Old Eyre Arms 13.10.18  (11).jpg

I was with Mrs BB and two of my ankle biters for some pre wedding food and, considering it was midday and the pint I had was first out of the traps, the Longdendale Nights (Howard Town) was in remarkably good nick.


Hassop would appear to be a salubrious place as the arrivals were definitely more Solihull than Coalville and the grey pound is thriving in this part of Derbyshire.


It is set up for food but manages to appear like a pub…

Old Eyre Arms 13.10.18  (17).jpg

as (a) it still has beermats on the tables (b) the rooms haven’t been knocked through and (c) it sold good quality, home cooked pub food as opposed to either microwaved or a la carte tucker.

Old Eyre Arms 13.10.18  (39).jpg

A great pub that was filling up by about 12.45 on a Saturday

(Bar to the left…BRAPA. 2018)


as we were heading off to our wedding and the best pub frontage I’ve seen this year.

Old Eyre Arms 13.10.18  (30).jpg

About four hours later (after Eyam)

Old Eyre Arms 13.10.18  (48).jpg

a party of about 16 of us descended on 298 – Castle Inn DE45 1DU in Bakewell for a post wedding/pre reception pint.

Castle 13.10.18  (7).jpg

This was another GK boozer and, I have to say, was getting it right once again.  I could tell we were in Bakewell as whilst there were a healthy group of locals (in numbers, not necessarily appearance) at the bar – including one in a rare sighting of a Macc Lads t-shirt – and they clearly respect the tourist industry of Derbyshire’s pudding town!

Castle 13.10.18 (9)

Whilst I was queuing for my decent pint of IPA (Greene King) the conversation was flowing and one of the punters said “That would be hilarious but, the tourist wouldn’t like it and then they wouldn’t come in.”

Castle 13.10.18  (2).jpg

A caring local punter!   Whilst there were plenty of day trippers such as our party in the boozer there were enough locals to make this feel as though it was a bar people in Bakewell used.

(Beer and Pubs Forum planning the next afternoon out…)


A bit like going to say, St. Andrew’s as opposed to Old Trafford.  Talking of which, a belting week was completed last night as Blues went unbeaten for ten, (that’s not a misprint Russ) yes TEN Championship games as I saw them see of Duncan’s mob 2-1 at the Mecca of football to move up to the giddy heights of ninth in the Championship!

What a week, sun in Lanzarote and then a Blues home win…oh yes, the toilet roll at the wedding was good too!

Castle 13.10.18  (1).jpg


21 thoughts on “Wedding Bells In Hassop And Bakewell

  1. “so no longer should we knock IPA, Speckled Hen or Abbott Ale!”

    Oight! I had a 500ml can of Hen earlier today I’ll have you know! 😉

    “but this was just a family affair.”

    Some of the best Royal weddings in ye olden days had stags where it was ‘kept in the family’ so to speak. 😉

    “this gave me a chance to visit possibly the most picturesque pub in Britain?”

    Hmmm. Si was sure it was the Churchill Arms in Kensington.

    “and has been there for over 300 years”

    That explains the outside foliage. 🙂

    “Hassop would appear to be a salubrious place ”

    Salubrious? You’ve gone Continental on us!

    “it sold good quality, home cooked pub food as opposed to either microwaved or a la carte tucker.”

    Not a bad observation that.

    “(Bar to the left…BRAPA. 2018)”


    “for a post wedding/pre reception pint.”

    Good man! Any excuse for a beer. 🙂

    “(in numbers, not necessarily appearance)”


    “A caring local punter!”

    As opposed to the stitchup Pubmeister got by the locals in Dorset:

    “(that’s not a misprint Russ)”

    I thought Chelsea were currently only 6 and 3? (kidding!)

    “oh yes, the toilet roll at the wedding was good too!”

    And it’s the proper way; over, not under. 🙂


    PS – Welcome home.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I saw Duncan’s stitch up in Dorset and wondered if he’d ever go back…..I had you down as a toilet roll expert!!!! Nowt wrong with any of the mainstream beers as long as they are in good nick!


  2. That Eyre Arms looks superb. Love that part of Derbyshire and I’ve spent a lot of time round those parts. I might take issue on the food; a dollop of beef stew topped with an independently baked slice of puff pastry is never a pie.

    Liked by 1 person

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