Royal (Telegraph) Approval For Max And Harvey

I’ve been trying hard to match Martin’s musical output on this blog but aside from a duo banging out Erasure covers (Riley) at The Blue Lion in Thrussington, there has been a paucity of content to say the least.

Max and Harvey 24.10.18  (1).jpg

Yes, the odd musical attribute to Strummer, Chas Hodges and The Specials aside, I’ve not really been able to wax lyrical about my gigging prowess.

However, a chance to see the modern day PJ & Duncan at Manchester University was not to be sniffed at and I feel it definitely merits a mention in this blog.

The Buzzcocks, Happy Mondays, Stone Roses, New Order or Oasis could all have been on the agenda and, to be fair, it was a sweaty, sticky floor/no seats type of venue.

Nonetheless, that is where the comparisons end.  I know Martin often takes his lad to watch a Deathcore metal gig but I reckon I went above and beyond in taking my kids to watch Max and Harvey in Manchester on Thursday night.

(Not The Sheffield Tap…)

Max and Harvey 24.10.18  (3).jpg

The added bonus of a train change at Sheffield meant a quick pint of (Mosaic) Pale Ale at The Sheffield Tap and there were bottles of Trooper on at the gig so there were plenty of silver linings.

However, it is safe to say that I don’t ever recall listening to anything as bland as this and when I was ten Madness and The Specials were definitely on my playlist (if there was such a thing in 1980).

More impressive was the absolute scrum of students after the gig had finished shoehorning themselves into the fleshpots known as Manchester’s Student Uni bars and it was – to coin a phrase – absolute carnage!

Royal Telegraph 23.10.18  (18).jpg

Anyhow, the day before, I had popped into Derby for a pleasant afternoon and had heard a proper 80’s riff mixed into the PM Dawn tune “Set Adrift On Memory Bliss” as I had a belting pint in 299 – The Royal Telegraph DE1 2QS.

Royal Telegraph 23.10.18  (20).jpg

This is most definitely a Marston’s boozer and the food is quick turnover kind of stuff but the beer was outstanding and this is a pub that often falls under the radar.

It’s a big corner plot opposite the imposing Intu shopping centre but not really in the town centre and not really by the gaggle of boozers next to the train or bus station so it needs to plough its own furrow.

Royal Telegraph 23.10.18  (14).jpg

It’s open all day and has a pool team and sky sports on whilst also benefiting from a gaffer who keeps good beer and cares about the pub.

(first Xmas Tree of the year?)

Royal Telegraph 23.10.18  (6).jpg

The Boon Doggle (Ringwood) was top notch and it was only12.30 in the afternoon; there were a handful of punters in, some of whom were eating so all bases were covered as the barman was also talking about Liverpool’s chances of victory on Wednesday night (very good as it happened!)

Royal Telegraph 23.10.18  (8).jpg

Apparently it was opened in the 1820’s and named after a stage coach that ran from London to Manchester. A road widening scheme took place in 1936, and the owners of the pub at the time bought out the neighbouring pub, the Prince of Wales, and two shops and then rebuilt it.

(Bench seating still exists)

Royal Telegraph 23.10.18  (3).jpg

Marston’s are doing a good job with this place and there are hundreds of town centre apartments mushrooming up in the surrounding area so hopefully this clean, modern boozer can tempt a few new local punters in on a regular basis.


Royal Telegraph 23.10.18  (11).jpg

The fact they have a pool team would suggest they are already succeeding

(strict rules on table usage!)

Royal Telegraph 23.10.18  (3) - Copy.jpg

whilst also attracting punters who are on their way to Derby for a shopping spree.

Derbados  (1).jpg

The beer was good, Max and Harvey weren’t on the jukebox and the sun was shining, what could be better?

14 thoughts on “Royal (Telegraph) Approval For Max And Harvey

  1. First Christmas tree of the year? Yes I can’t beat that – in years to come we will look back and ask why did they wait until late October. We stayed at a hotel in Folkestone once during the first week in November. Christmas crackers were on the tables and they played Slade and other well known seasonal songs in a continuous loop. Now the search is on for earliest winter beer sightings.

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  2. We used to have a sweep stake at work to see who could visit the first house with Crimble decorations. Early October was par for the course and they were always in the scummy houses, which isn’t being judgemental, but reinforces the ‘instant gratification’ theory of why offenders take at least three spoons of sugar in their tea, and why these sort of houses always have the largest and newest TV screen, but no food in the cupboard or a vacuum cleaner.

    I was going to comment about Boon Doggle being a guest beer in a Marston’s pub, but we all know it’s made in Wolverhampton with the rest of it. Marston’s – more faces than the town hall clock.

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      1. There’s actually much academic publication about ‘instant gratification’ the mothers teat and the need to be immediately satiated. It’s why some folk will never have any money, however much they get. And why they trash what they have to move onto the next new thing.

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  3. “(Not The Sheffield Tap…)”

    With regards to the photo below the above quote:

    Good lord, they’re reviving Jagermeister from the 80’s? 😱

    “had finished shoehorning themselves into the fleshpots known as Manchester’s Student Uni bars ”

    The vision the words ‘shoehorn’ and ‘fleshpots’ conjures up is not a pretty one! 😳

    “(first Xmas Tree of the year?)”

    That gives Charlie Brown’s sad little tree a run for it’s money. 😏

    “can tempt a few new local punters in on a regular basis.”

    That may partly depend on the price which I didn’t see mentioned. 😉

    “what could be better?”

    Having a pint with someone to say that being thing. 😎


    PS – I have been AFK (away from keyboard) these past few days yet again… owing to life’s little ups and downs. Currently manning the front door for trick or treaters so will try to post on a few beer blogs. 👍

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