Banbury’s Bell – Remembering Star Soccer

Working on the basis that this blog covers ‘Hugh Johns’ territory then Banbury most definitely is in the Midlands.

I’ve not managed to visit Oxfordshire once in over 320 boozers so it was nice to finally break that duck with a visit to a classic pub.

Banbury 20.12.18  (2).jpg

To the uninitiated, Hugh Johns was THE voice of Midlands’ football in the seventies and (early eighties) as well as commentating on World Cups etc. Bear in mind this was the era when the top flight was rammed full of Midlands teams such as Derby, Nottingham Forest, Coventry, Aston Villa, Birmingham, Notts County, Leicester, West Brom, Wolves, Stoke and Oxford (late eighties).

Sunday afternoons were legendary as Star Soccer came on showing highlights of a Midlands game alongside one from the other regions with Brian Moore, John Helm or Gerald Sindstat commentating.

It was ITV’s rival to Match of The Day but was always more popular in Birmingham due to the proliferation of Midlands sides and you often got a chance to see your team play in an era before wall to wall TV recorded every minute.

Johns’ voice was fantastic and great childhood memories; here’s a random example…when Derby, who I think went on to win the top flight of English football came unstuck against Birmingham City (it was a random choice you understand)

So, on that basis alone then Oxfordshire is definitely in the Midlands and, sticking with the football theme, Banbury United are in the Southern League Premier division currently one place ahead of Coalville Town.

Banbury 20.12.18  (23).jpg

Anybody in the same league as Coalville must have a few decent boozers and they are also ahead of Tamworth but chasing the likes of Stourbridge, Kettering and Alvechurch (have you been to all of these Duncan?)…so you get the gist of the size of Banbury.

Anyway, an afternoon spent on the M25/M40 meant I was in need of some liquid refreshment and Banbury was as good as place as any and many sages will tell you to head towards the station for the best boozers (unless you are in Dorridge of course).

Banbury 20.12.18  (1).jpg

323 – Bell Inn OX16 4QJ honed into view and not only was it a classic two-roomed boozer, but it was where I learned about the pub game Aunt Sally.

First up, the barman was top class.  He offered me a dimpled jug or straight glass for my excellent pint of Rebellion IPA (Marlow Brewery) although lacings don’t look as impressive in a dimpled jug!

Banbury 20.12.18  (6).jpg

It reminds me of the seventies though and the barman said he also “liked Bitter” which was a clue to his age as, apparently, that is being scrubbed as acceptable parlance from the pages of the craft beer guide GBG due to being too uncool.

It has been in the GBG apparently and the reason for this is that the beer was cracking!   There were about ten punters in but all of them appeared to be drinking bitter as it will henceforth be known!  Sea Fury (Sharp’s) was apparently selling well and the best barman in Banbury gave me a taster just to confirm why…

(about to undergo a refurb…)

Banbury 20.12.18  (7).jpg

He was great value and told me that they were closing for a refurb next week and food was coming on the menu with pizzas et al arriving.  I could sense that he was definitely an old school boozer kind of guy though and he was at pains to tell me that this was a real locals place and the clientele liked nothing better than a good session as opposed to food.

(dominoes in full swing…)

Banbury 20.12.18  (16).jpg

I am sure the refurb will be smart enough and I hope this place retains its character and its characters as there were a group of four transfixed with their game of dominoes whilst a good old boy came in to chew the fat with the barman.

Apparently they have three darts teams, two pool teams and, not in winter, they play Aunt Sally in the car park!

Banbury 20.12.18  (21).jpg

I had no idea what this was but the barman explained it was fairly unique to Oxfordshire and people try and knock Aunt Sally’s head (unattached to any part of her body) off a big wooden pole.

Banbury 20.12.18  (14).jpg

Pubs like this are genuine gems and there was a bloke in trying to sort the jukebox out, which meant there were some thumping background tunes but no one seemed too concerned.

(jukebox = very loud whilst being fixed!)

Banbury 20.12.18  (18).jpg

It was that kind of place.  A classic two-roomed boozer where the barman shook my hand when I left and said “come back again and see us,” That is top class bar work and there was a real warmth coming from every corner of this boozer.

(old school livery)

Banbury 20.12.18  (9).jpg

I reckon If Hugh Johns was commentating on this place he would have moved into overdrive and most definitely have been joining me on the IPA whilst watching a rerun of Star Soccer on his i-pad.

(probably my favourite game of the eighties)

A great pub and a great debut in Oxfordshire, which is most definitely in Banbury in the Midlands

32 thoughts on “Banbury’s Bell – Remembering Star Soccer

  1. “so it was nice to finally break that duck ”

    That’s the second time this week I’ve seen that expression. Had to look it up the first time. 🙂

    “and not only was it a classic two-roomed boozer, but it was where I learned about the pub game Aunt Sally.”

    Crikey – Streetview shows it as being up for lease back as early as August this year.

    And what’s this pub game all about? 😉

    “although lacings don’t look as impressive in a dimpled jug!”

    That’s probably one of the reasons that Martin doesn’t like it. 🙂

    “as apparently that is being scrubbed as acceptable parlance from the pages of the craft beer guide GBG due to being too uncool.”

    Sigh. Kids these days. 🙂

    “(dominoes in full swing…)”

    And is that some sort of Hi-Viz?

    “and people try and knock Aunt Sally’s head (unattached to any part of her body) off a big wooden pole.”

    That answers my question above.

    “A great pub and a great debut in Oxfordshire,”

    Hopefully the others in Oxfordshire will be just as good.


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  2. Aunt Sally, best described as like skittles but you throw the pins at the ball. I’ve been planning a summer trip to Aunt Sally country for ages but as yet I’ve got no closer than the Gloucs Cotswolds. The Reindeer was nice last time I was in Banbury, the Elephant & Castle at nearby Bloxham an excellent pub.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Great clip of the Blues and a classic Trevor Francis ‘dive’ for the second penalty!

    One more Hugh Johns fact before I go – he was ITV’s commentator for the 1966 World Cup Final, but never mentioned the people on the pitch!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I don’t know…on the one hand, having a front row seat and being involved in the occasion must have been fantastic…but on the other, perhaps he hankered after the recognition (personally, I doubt it). We’ll never know!

        As for TF, let’s just say that, for his era, he was one of the most creative in interpretative dying swan movements in/around the penalty area!

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Great stuff. Aunt Sally and Hugh Johns a terrific combination. Afraid I have done all those grounds- fairly high level – but am generally weaker in the East Midlands. Also been to the Bell but not yet the micropub that Martin mentioned. Glad to see you extending your range, like an accomplished species of moth.

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