Land Ahoy In Hinckley

Hinckley is famous for many things including it’s hosiery – hence the football club nickname of ‘The Knitters’ after the controversial merger in 1997 of Town and Athletic.

Whilst it didn’t grab the headlines quite like Robert Maxwell’s proposed Thames Valley Royals joining of Oxford and Reading, which was engineered apparently to “buy Kerry Dixon,” **** there were still some punters unhappy at the merger who would write in regularly to the sports editor of the now long gone newspaper known as The Heartlands Evening News.

Hinckley The Bounty 15.01.19  (4).jpg

Maybe they knew something as the rebranded Hinckley United with their plush stadium and former Notts County men Dean Thomas and Charlie Palmer at the helm were dissolved seventeen years later and have restarted s Hinckley AFC.

Rumours that they had run out of ideas after Town, Athletic and United are as yet unconfirmed and there may well be a pressure group of disaffected former Athletic fans calling for the team to be known henceforth as Hinckley Wanderers…

Hinckley is also the home of Triumph motorcycles and still has textile firms in the area along with a train station, bus station and a role of some importance in the English Civil War.

Hinckley The Bounty 15.01.19  (1).jpg

But, I have to say nautical themes for this landlocked town are few and far between so it makes perfect sense to relaunch a boozer after HMS Bounty, which of course had a famous mutiny in 1789.

343 – The Bounty LE10 1NT was apparently dead and almost buried after five years on the closed list (what is the record for the longest ‘closed’ pub reopening?) as The George Hotel before setting sail again in 2014.

Hinckley The Bounty 15.01.19  (12).jpg

(last orders)

If you read the blurb on Whatpub it was completely rebuilt and, unbeknown to me at the time, I just made it in before closing.

It is party hours on Friday and Saturday but shuts at 6pm on a Tuesday so I had the last 15 minutes in here with a handful of other people.

I was lured in by not reading the smallprint…

Hinckley The Bounty 15.01.19  (15).jpg

And received a  classic boozer style greeting as the woman drinking my side of the bar shouted “Jade – can you serve please” to the fully clothed barmaid who was enthralled in her phone at the time.

Hinckley The Bounty 15.01.19  (7).jpg

Jade came over with a smile and pulled a very respectable half of Santa’s Blotto from Navigation brewery, who are Nottingham based.

It definitely had the feel of an all things to all people kind of place with low level lighting, a jukebox, pool table, race nights, bench seating, beermats, bottled beer, cask ale and tunes in the background.

Hinckley The Bounty 15.01.19  (9).jpg

There was a gathering of about five other people who knew the gaffer and barmaid and in true Leicestershire fashion the language was, as you would expect, in the Coalville and Whitwick league.

Hinckley The Bounty 15.01.19  (6).jpg

A pleasant enough place that I think will be a different  prospect on Friday and Saturday evenings.  It also seemed to have room for locals even though it’s a town centre pub…it’s always good to see a mainstream style boozer surviving even though I can’t quite see the link between a town famous for its knitting and a ship!


**** link to Thames Valley Royals story – a ground Duncan definitely hasn’t attended!


5 thoughts on “Land Ahoy In Hinckley

  1. Ha yes remember that, Kerry went to Chelsea and recently served a prison sentence I believe. Great player. Once secured 4 in a 5-7 defeat at Doncaster. My attempts at doing the new Hinckley ground have twice been thwarted by postponements. Did the old one though but not, I think, that pub.

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  2. Top marks Life After Football – for drinking a Christmas beer well into January – takes guts (or perhaps more usually adversely affects the guts… :0 )

    Sounds like it worked out ok though….

    Haven’t yet worked out why this post has generated a healthy discussion about Bass on Twitter (probably just me being dim though…)

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