Pete Joins The BAD After Black Swan Tip Off In Shepshed

As official inductions go, I suspect Pete might have been expecting a pint or some hard cash, but it’s kudos only as he is now an honorary member of the Bass All Dayer group Bass Appreciation Diaspora (BAD)

I know regular readers of this post will be thinking…Bass again, really? But there are many reasons why blogging about Staffordshire’s premier beer is a good idea.

Shepshed Swan 05.02.19  (4).jpg

Firstly, it always draws a response from fanatics on both sides of the argument – a bit like Brexit really.  Secondly, it is also a fantastic pint of cask ale when on form and so much so that the Wickingman has drawn up a Bass directory on the best places in Britain to find this pint of nectar.

Co-conspirators are Martin  and Mudgie along with my good self but Pete can certainly be added after a tip off for this classic boozer in Ibstock

Not to be confused of course with the breakaway group formed by Rich known as Bass Always Smashes The Also Ran Dross (BASTARD).

Pete’s also recommended The Shilton Vaults in Earl Shilton (on the bucket list) and another one of his red hot tips was 349 – The Black Swan LE12 9DL in Shepshed.

It is next to the fantastically named Butthole Lane…

Shepshed Swan 05.02.19  (14).jpg

…where Shepshed Dynamo play and, in true local boozer fashion, are one of the main sponsors of a team that can count Martin O’Neill amongst their managerial alumni.

It is a classic multi-roomed boozer, which is a decent walk up a steep hill, but they just had the front room open on a Tuesday evening with two distinct drinking areas and it was filling up nicely.


In true Jim Bowen/Mick Miller/Frank Carson fashion I was going to start this post with …”a man walks into the toilet and gets out his ukulele…” and wait for the 1970s punchline.

Shepshed Swan 05.02.19  (1).jpg

I was in the little boys’ room minding my own business when a bloke came in, I assume with a ukulele, and locked himself in the cubicle.  But, clean-minded individual that I am, I reckon he was just preparing for the weekly dose of Mucky Ducks Ukulele.

Shepshed Swan 05.02.19  (8).jpg

I also saw a couple of relatively young women walk in to the bar for a drink with a musical case…I’m guessing a ukulele…and I was intrigued to see how this night shapes up.

Unfortunately, this was almost at the end of my stint here as time was moving on… earlier there were a group of friendly bar blockers who moved willingly whilst I was trying to order my pint of Bass.

Shepshed Swan 05.02.19  (6).jpg

I reckon there was in excess of 30 punters here on a Tuesday and more arriving at a rate of knots as I was leaving, which prove there is a market for good conversation, ukuleles and good beer.

Also worth mentioning a bloke in the boozer with a terrific Trilby hat and the gaffer was the sort of bloke who looked after his locals.

Shepshed Swan 05.02.19  (10).jpg

There was plenty of bench seating and memorabilia from a bygone era in Shepshed and it was just a classic old school pub that still appears to have a great local base of customers.

The gaffer was efficient enough but not a wordsmith of the highest order where I was concerned, although he was very chatty to his regulars.

Shepshed Swan 05.02.19 (13)

Nonetheless, it was a friendly pub, the Bass was terrific (Landlord, Abbot Ale and Charnwood Vixen were also available for the Bass Always Smashes The Also Ran Dross club).

Pete is now officially in the club and if he keeps on recommending cracking boozers like this I might even buy him a pint!


12 thoughts on “Pete Joins The BAD After Black Swan Tip Off In Shepshed

      1. We believe that all Draught Bass is brewed in Burton, but we can’t be absolutely sure. When we went round Banks’s brewery last year, the tour guide assured us that they could brew it, but he couldn’t really admit that they never did. And, as you say, they’re both in Staffordshire anyway 😀

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  1. Looks like a good pub. I can’t comment on the Bass. I can’t actually remember when I last saw it in a pub, although if I did I would be unlikely to drink it on the grounds that is purely a brand name; made by another company for a completely different company who obtained the rights to the brand by subsuming another company (I believe there are several layers of this latter phenomenon in the Bass story). Same reason I would never drink Tetley Bitter, that and it tastes disgusting. I believe I have stated elsewhere that at one time I actively sought out draught Bass as it was an excellent beer in the hands of the right licensee in a pub with a high turnover of the beer.

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