(Three) Tuns Of Fun In Fazeley

The walk from the Longwood boozer estate into the centre of Fazeley isn’t an award winning one unless of course you like urban beauty.

Fazeley 16.02.19  (7).jpg

I have to say I’m a fan of the industrial, in need of regeneration outlook

Fazeley 16.02.19 (9)

but, in terms of balance, here is a picture of the Birmingham & Fazeley canal where, if you look hard enough, you can see Pete’s boat moored in the background. It’s the one with a slab of Carling on the back!

Fazeley 16.02.19  (12).jpg

However, the boy Allen knows his pubs and drew up a bucket list of canalside boozers for me many months ago in the comments section.

One of which I finally got round to visiting and I can see why he recommended 353 – Three Tuns Inn B78 3QN as it’s an absolute belter.

Fazeley Tuns 16.02.19 (1)

If possible, it was even more ‘estate’ than The Longwood even though it’s on the old Watling Street Roman road on the edge of the town centre.

Fazeley Tuns 16.02.19  (2).jpg

I’ve mentioned before Fazeley’s ‘Birmingham’ credentials despite being in Staffordshire and it was there for all to see on the wall of this well-kept boozer when I walked in on a Saturday afternoon.

Fazeley Tuns 16.02.19  (10).jpg

In keeping with the atmosphere, the lady politely moved when I asked to take a picture of the wall plaques and then took great delight in pointing to the tiny Wasps logo in the middle; rumours that the size of their plaque accounted for the amount of people in Fazeley interested in rugby have yet to be confirmed but agent BRAPA is on the case.

(more Birmingham livery)

Fazeley Tuns 16.02.19  (5).jpg

The boozer was heaving and with Sky Sports on and betting slips out at the ready then there was a lot of interest in football.

The Villa/Albion game was of particular interest to a Blues fan next to me who wasn’t hugely disappointed when the 2-0 scoreline flashed up and anyone over 35 in this area probably supports either Blues or Villa.

I wouldn’t have said West Brom but #pubman Marty is a Burntwood man and I know a few exiled Baggies in Lichfield so there are probably quite a few Baggies in Fazeley too; the bloke next to me was losing cash but drawing solace with the score from Villa Park.

Fazeley Tuns 16.02.19  (7).jpg

F*** ‘em” was his phrase, and it wasn’t the only time I heard this, as he spoke to the gaffer who has been in post since September and described this place as a “proper local pub.”

It’s got a smallish front bar with an area for live music and there is a small room at the back with a pool table and apparently some mooring points at the back.

Fazeley Tuns 16.02.19  (8).jpg

Darts, pool, bench seating and sports on the TV, with a big turnover of people means this place was buzzing and Coral in the town centre also appeared to have done a roaring trade.

Why no shift later?” said one of the punters to the barmaid who replied “My car’s f***ed” and then another conversation behind me between two blokes ended with “that f***er needs to be hung, drawn and quartered.

It was standard earthy pub fare and the beer was excellent too as I went for the one with the eye-catching pump clip….

Fazeley Tuns 16.02.19  (3).jpg

If you can imagine a no-nonsense canalside boozer then this is most definitely it.  When Pete produces his long-awaited list of “canalside boozers I like to drink in” then I would be amazed if this wasn’t in it.

I reckon there were over 50 people in here and it was a boozer that knows it audience and confirms Fazeley as a top drinking destination.


20 thoughts on “(Three) Tuns Of Fun In Fazeley

  1. That view of the canal is where we’d normally moor up, just on the right-hand side.

    The Three Tuns is a pub we’ve visited on numerous occasions and it has always been a proper boozer. In recent years I’ve felt it was becoming a bit dishevelled and need ing some tlc and, judging from the pictures on the website, the new management have done this. I also notice that in midweek it doesn’t open till 3pm (Mon – Thurs), but that is a common thing these days.

    Here are my musings on the pub from 1987 to 2014 – https://pubsthenandnow.blogspot.com/2015/02/160-three-tuns-inn-fazeley-stafforshire.html

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  2. “(Three) Tuns Of Fun In Fazeley”

    I hesitated but, after careful consideration, definitely worth a (slow golf clap). 🙂

    “unless of course you like urban beauty.”

    So… basically Martin. 😉

    “in need of regeneration outlook”

    You nicked that from your previous post!

    “It’s the one with a slab of Carling on the back!”

    As opposed to how it arrived; which was a slab of Carling on HIS back. 🙂

    “353 – Three Tuns Inn B78 3QN as it’s an absolute belter.”

    A bit confusing when there’s another Three Tuns barely 2 miles away!
    (oh, and Google Maps shows this one as Fazelely but not The Longwood) 😉

    “(more Birmingham livery)”

    I likes that! 🙂

    “ended with “that f***er needs to be hung, drawn and quartered.”

    Tsk, tsk. ‘Hanged’ not ‘hung’. A bit surprising from a group that knows how to use the “F” word as an action verb, passive verb, adverb, noun, interjection and conjunction. 🙂

    “I went for the one with the eye-catching pump clip….”

    I think both Martin and Si would suggest it would be better in either pink or green. 🙂

    “and confirms Fazeley as a top drinking destination.”

    I’m not fazed by that. 🙂


    PS – “of the wall plaques an then”

    And dear boy, and…

    “the size of their plaque accpounted for”

    Lose the ‘p’. 🙂

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  3. Someone needs to have a chat with the landlord about his/her wall hangings, there isn’t that much of a gap between the mighty Blues and the Villa anymore! I think I might have had a pint here in my uni days, I love boozers like this!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. At last! Someone who recognises the top football club in the city! If it was down to me I’d only allow Blues livery on the walls of any pub within a 40 mile radius of St Andrew’s…but I suspect that wouldn’t be a great business move! Yes, a cracking pub where sitting quietly would be low on the agenda…


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