Dickensian Derby

With Birmingham’s nine point deduction still fresh in the memory I decided to take myself away from Sky Sports on a Saturday afternoon and check in to a new boozer with no distractions.

Creaky 23.03.19  (28).jpg

370 – The Creaky Floorboard DE22 1FT is a recent addition to the Derby pub scene as it’s only been open for three months and is next door to the long standing Jonty Farmer in the West End area of the city near to the University.

Creaky 23.03.19  (24).jpg

However, for all London readers of this blog, don’t mistake Derby’s West End for the bright lights of the capital city as, whilst it has Markeaton Park, it’s pretty much chalk and cheese.

Creaky 23.03.19  (30).jpg

This new boozer though is fairly understated, as it’s ostensibly someone’s house (it used to be Guest House) and the bloke who lives next door was washing his car and looked delighted that he now has a second boozer within thirty yards of his Victorian property.

Creaky 23.03.19  (19).jpg

However, it does mean he’s got more opportunities to have a pint and the Kedleston Road has some impressive architecture and this boozer fits in with that vibe perfectly.

Creaky 23.03.19  (32).jpg

Its two front rooms (living room and lounge) have been converted and one was full with standing room only at around 2.30 on Saturday so I headed off to the second room.

Creaky 23.03.19  (5).jpg

Whilst I enjoy an estate boozer on this blog never let it be said I don’t try and raise the bar occasionally (purely for Russ’ benefit) and I walked into the ‘Paradox Sketches Tour.’

Creaky 23.03.19  (7).jpg

I had no idea this was on, of course, but a bloke (I have subsequently discovered is Andy Smithyman) was holding court and describing his book and its Dickensian elements to a chilled out group.

Creaky 23.03.19 (12)


I’m sure this is fairly mainstream in London but it’s a rarity in Derby and I have to say it was a fantastic half an hour as he read the opening chapter and gave a bit of background about the book.

Creaky 23.03.19  (10).jpg

According to the blurb on his website This Fiction Social Thriller is a re-imagination of ‘A Christmas Carol’ set between the present day and Victorian Britain. Drawing upon how Dickens blended social commentary with fictional creativity, Paradox refocuses attention onto an inspiring movement of redemptive change happening all around us. But with a twist”

Creaky 23.03.19 (2)

I was welcomed in to listen and you could have heard a pin drop, which was also amusing as a bloke and his partner came in and his phone kept going off, she was tutting at him, so they moved back into the other room!

Creaky 23.03.19  (14).jpg

The other bar was far more raucous with good beer and pork pies on display.  My pint of Ignite (Hartshorns) was excellent and this place is a real hidden gem.

The Paradox Sketches got a round of applause, I left and the contrast between the two rooms was stark but sums up pub life in a nutshell.

Creaky 23.03.19  (17).jpg

Expect the unexpected.  Go with the flow.  Enjoy life.  Well worth a visit.

10 thoughts on “Dickensian Derby

  1. I very much like the way the opening hours have been carved into wood, this hopefully means they won’t change them. Looks well worth investigating next time we’re in Derby, but any later opening than that on a weekday and it’s a non-starter

    Liked by 2 people

    1. You beat me to it. In fact they’ll close for the day that Si, Duncan or I visit because they’re collecting a gong at the Annual BeerMat Awards.

      That row of houses in the fourth photo looks wonderfully wonky !

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Interesting post and pub. Sympathies on the 9 point deduction. Was listening to R5 debate on it on Saturday. Virtually all Championship clubs in massive debt so don’t suppose Blues will be unique in facing this sort of penalty. Keep finding the obscure pubs!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. There’s an American brewery called Four Points so they could split the costs. As Blues loss was £39m over 3 years – which led to the penalty – they need every penny.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. A few clubs under pressure and points deduction is way it goes i guess…I do object to some of the righteous posturing I’ve heard from lots of ex players though…anyway onwards and upwards… it’s not a chore finding these offbeat places you know 😉


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