Gym Moms Relief In Ratby

A shorter post this one as I clear the backlog on my notes and with my cycling extravaganza and Whitwick saga still incomplete (I can sense your anticipation), I need to catch up on my notes before Martin completes his GBG ticks.

Ratby Bulls Head 17.03.19 (15)

However, anyone who’s ever seen an episode of Dance Moms, the American reality TV show, will know just how competitive parents can be in the pursuit of success.

So, with that caveat in mind, I felt as though I deserved a pint after a four hour stint watching my daughter in a gymnastics competition.

Ratby Bulls Head 17.03.19  (5).jpg

The gymnastics is terrific, the associated aspirations of Gym Moms (lack of apostrophe duly noted grammar police) I can take or leave and believe me, there is nowhere to hide once you take your seat!

So coming back on that A511 (close friend of the A514 Russ) means there are plenty of villages en route and Ratby is one such place.

Next to Groby, this village of around 4,500 is not far from Glenfield and Markfield which means it is bordering LE67 territory!

(funky jigsaw beermats #1)

Everards Jigsaw mat (2).jpg

Its other claim to fame is that Emile Heskey played for their junior cricket and football teams, which may mean he has visited 372 – The Bulls Head LE6 0LN in the past.

Ratby Bulls Head 17.03.19 (9)

(family drinks – no food!)

It’s a smart Everards boozer on the Main Street and had a good number of punters in, albeit at prime time on a Sunday afternoon, with a good number just drinking and not eating.

(a decent beer garden)

Ratby Bulls Head 17.03.19  (1).jpg

As well as having the best beermats I’ve seen this year…

(funky jigsaw beermats #2)

Everards Jigsaw mat (1).jpg

…this place was easy paced with a nice background atmosphere and the barman was helpful and polite.

(helpful barman to the left!)

Ratby Bulls Head 17.03.19  (2).jpg

He also poured me a cracking pint of SA Gold (Brains) that hit the spot and was well kept.

Ratby Bulls Head 17.03.19  (7).jpg

Aside from that there wasn’t a lot else to report other than a good solid village pub with no pressure to eat wherever you sat in this L-shaped room, cracking beer and a good selection of punters.

Trust me after four hours of Gym Moms, this place felt like Utopia!

7 thoughts on “Gym Moms Relief In Ratby

  1. Your O’kay with apostrphy’s and spelling, Beer Mat; Russ is out of action for a weak.

    Short posts are great, we’re very old and have short attention span. Always worth noting a family out for drinks and not eating, the great rarity of the age.

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  2. Not even the second best in Ratby. One of only two pubs in several years I’ve been refused permission to take pics in, and to cap it all, the skittle alley I wanted to photograph has now apparently gone! I think the licensees have changed since then, but it baint wot it used to be…

    The Plough is a long-time favourite from when Pedigree was so good we’d cycle home from there after mammoth afternoon Pool sessions, dangerously drunk. Bit tatty last time I went in though. I like the Railway too, though I’ve absolutely no doubt it’s overdue a generic Everards refurb.

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  3. If you are in Ratby again, you should try The Plough, hidden away up Burroughs Road, LE6 0XZ (first left uphill from the Bulls Head) – Marstons house open from 11:00 every day. Alternatively, The Stamford Arms in nearby Groby, LE6 0DJ – Everards plus guests – open from 10:00 M-Sat, 11 Sun.

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