Ding Dong Donkey Kong Derby

Brian Clough Way or the A52 to anyone outside of Nottingham and Derby is the dual carriageway that shows just how closely these two cities are linked.

Top flight titles under their belts in the seventies (that seems a long time ago now) and both football mad, whilst still longing for a return to their respective Clough eras, there is a fierce sense of local pride in all the surrounding suburbs.

A local broadcast presenter in the Birmingham region back in the noughties would always describe local derbies as “Ding Dong Derbies” back in the day and Forest v Derby is up there with the best of them.

Of course, this means areas such as Sawley and Long Eaton, which are on the cusp, will have a foot in both camps, or so you would think.

NG10 3GR - Google Maps-page-001

Sawley is under the Nottingham spotlight in terms of where it’s situated with Alan’s home town of Stapleford (or Stabbo as he called it) nearby along with Beeston, Toton and the smoking chimneys of Ratcliffe on Trent all within touching distance of Sawley.

Sawley The Bell 21.03.19  (30).jpg

However, this is one place that is loud and proud in its appreciation of Derby so when a ding dong derby fixture is on the cards then you are left in no doubt which team the regulars of 379 – Bell Inn NG10 3GR will be supporting.

Sawley The Bell 21.03.19  (29).jpg

Along with the row of shops on the Tamworth Road, the flag of Derbyshire is fluttering in full view as a statement of intent that this is definitely Colin Todd and Alan Hinton’s manor!

Sawley The Bell 21.03.19  (1).jpg

I had a chat with one of the punters outside who was having a swift fag and he told me that council paid for the flags to be displayed… so a line in the sand is being drawn.

Sawley The Bell 21.03.19  (26).jpg

The pub itself is a traditional classic and not only did it have a mobility scooter outside and a bloke in a Hi-viz jacket enjoying a pint as well as a pub sign (one for Duncan)  it also had a dog on a punters lap resting its head on the bar!

Sawley The Bell 21.03.19  (14).jpg

Throw into the mix pool, darts and a retro gaming machine with Donkey Kong, Pacman and Space Invaders…

Sawley The Bell 21.03.19 (18)

…and you had a perfect East Midlands local boozer.

(Two massive games on that list…unmissable)

Sawley The Bell 21.03.19  (24).jpg

I reckon this area of England does retro/classic/old school pubs as well as anywhere in the country…

Sawley The Bell 21.03.19  (21).jpg

…although it did have Sky Sports on with Joachim Low doing a great impression of Anne Robinson with jet black hair.

Sawley The Bell 21.03.19  (7).jpg

It was clean and the beer was top notch as I had an excellent half of BG Sips (Blue Monkey) and the barmaid/gaffer was very friendly and welcoming.

Sawley The Bell 21.03.19  (13).jpg

The bloke with the performing dog was at the hub of the conversation although his pooch resisted the temptation for his owners’ Carling and was definitely more of a craft lager hound.

(Another map for Martin – plenty of pubs in Sawley)

NG10 3GR - Google Maps x2-page-001.jpg

It wasn’t hugely busy on a Thursday afternoon but with live music, live sport on the box, good beer and plenty of chimney pots nearby then I am sure this little corner of Derbyshire will ensure this Bell enjoys many more ding dong derbies in the future.

33 thoughts on “Ding Dong Donkey Kong Derby

      1. BRMB that was it, I’d forgotten the phone in, but now you’ve reminded me I distinctly remember my dad swearing at his pocket radio with his headphones in most Friday nights. I’m guessing that was when the villa fans were on…

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      1. Good man! Having read your comments on both pubs, I have to agree that the Nags Head is clearly the most popular of the two with the natives.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. “that shows just how closely these two cities are linked.”

    Less than a 30 minute drive. That’s close even by UK standards. 🙂

    “and the smoking chimneys of Radcliffe on Soar ”

    That’s Ratcliffe. Radcliffe is on Trent. 😉

    “Bell Inn NG10 3GR”

    I notice one of the cask ales on the sign on the left is called Ey Up. 🙂

    “so a line in the sand is being drawn.”

    Technically they’re 1 mile closer to Nottingham. 😉

    “The pub itself is a traditional classic”

    What you describe right after that ticks all the boxes.

    “(Two massive games on that list…unmissable)”

    Games two and four on the left?

    “and the barmaid/gaffer was very friendly and welcoming”

    Nice lacings in the photo below.

    “will ensure this Bell enjoys many more ding dong derbies in the future.”

    (slow golf clap) Nice way to end. 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

      1. Pete’s link (which goes to the brewery) says it’s Ay Up around Debry but Ey Up further away. So, they gave landlords the choice of which pump clip to have. 🙂

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