Classic Station Pubs – The Roebuck Inn Burton

I’ve clearly been neglecting the Burton on Trent readership Mappiman,  Ian Thurman and The Beertonian of this blog recently.

It’s not far from home these days and it occurred to that I haven’t fully completed my road to nowhere saga…

…my mate Rod, who provided me with a dud bike, had finally dropped off both cycles after an abortive attempt to reach Alrewas from Willington.

Canal Roebuck 20.02.19 (4)

We’d met his better half at the station and the cloud hanging over us following tyregate lifted because, as any pub blogger knows, if you turn right outside Burton on Trent Station the first boozer you see is 381 – The Roebuck Inn DE14 1BT

Canal Roebuck 20.02.19  (3).jpg

As you can see from the picture, Rod was like a man with a huge weight lifted off his shoulders as he moved quicker than Stafford Paul in his quest to reach the bar***

Canal Roebuck 20.02.19  (2).jpg

Bearing in mind our recent escapade in The Loaf And Cheese

…we approached The Roebuck with an air of caution but needn’t have worried as it was its usual friendly self.

Canal Roebuck 20.02.19  (1).jpg

It’s a classic boozer from the 19th Century and was famous for launching Ind Coope’s iconic Draught Burton Ale from here in 1976.  A long narrow room with sport on meant we could unwind and watch a wicket made in Birmingham as it was c Ali b Woakes as England looked set to beat the West Bromwich Dartmouth Indies in one of the multitude of one dayers and T20s that were played on their recent tour.

(Beer & Cricket…does it get any better?)

Canal Roebuck 20.02.19  (11).jpg

The landlady was friendly; the beer was good for me Hop Monster Series (4T’s Brewery) and Rod, Pedigree (Marston’s) and there was an excellent chilled atmosphere throughout the whole boozer.

Canal Roebuck 20.02.19  (6).jpg

We could have stayed there for longer than we did but 4pm was approaching and that meant opportunity knocked for another Burton classic…

***Not yet official, waiting for VAR to clarify this fact.

13 thoughts on “Classic Station Pubs – The Roebuck Inn Burton

  1. Cricket and beer go very well together. Can’t make my mind up about 4T’s, I’ve had some nice beers from them and some average ones; could be the pubs fault? They always seem to be very competitively priced though and I’ve seen them in pubs far and wide, considering they are Warrington based.

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  2. I liked the Roebuck, but it didn’t stand out in such a strong pub town. Rod must have been in an Olympic level sprint to reach the standard you describe:)

    Liked by 1 person

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