Normal Service Is Maintained At The Devvie

I can’t remember the last time I queued for a boozer but some places are worth waiting for.

canal Dev 20.02.19  (3).jpg

My quest to bag a hat trick of classic Burton pubs was on course and as the afternoon was slowly degenerating from its original intention then a small bit of breathing space was welcome relief.

canal Dev 20.02.19  (27).jpg

Actually, if Balti Towers had been open we might have gone in there for a curry whilst waiting for our next pub to open as it was minutes away from 4pm.

(Balti Towers agonisingly close…)

canal Dev 20.02.19 (10)

382 – The Devonshire Arms DE14 1BT is a cracking, Grade II listed boozer and has had some worthy custodians over the years.

canal Dev 20.02.19  (9).jpg

It’s a stone’s throw away from The Roebuck and since being built as a house back in 1830 it swiftly saw sense and converted into a hostelry in the 1850s.  It has been owned by Eadie’s, Bass, Ind Coope and Burton Bridge before recently becoming a Free House.

canal Dev 20.02.19  (7).jpg

Only because Burton Bridge brewery is selling off chunks of their business due to retirement and that means their roster of boozers are entering a new phase.

However, I can’t imagine the Devvie, as it’s known by all and sundry, will be anything other than a success as it has a loyal following.

canal Dev 20.02.19  (11).jpg

(planning their move!)

So much so that we were jostling for position in the car park with a couple and their daughter and another couple of blokes as the tension was rising ahead of opening time.  It was all good natured though and caused a few laughs.

My erstwhile cycling pal and now drinking buddy had gone from this around five and half hours ago…

Canal Mill 20.02.19 (26)

…to this…

canal Dev 20.02.19  (6).jpg

…and it is amazing what the power of alcohol can do for your sense of humour.

To be fair to Rod, he’s not a man known to get too stressed anyway so a little hitch like the fact one of the bicycles wouldn’t work was never going to irk him for too long.

canal Dev 20.02.19  (12).jpg

Two doors opened and we lost the race inside! As such, we picked up a fine from the PUB (Pub Union of Bloggers) for allowing non PUB members to reach the bar before us.

canal Dev 20.02.19  (26).jpg

The new owners know they’re on to a winning formula so it is pretty much untouched from the terrific Ind Coope sign outside to the bench seating inside

canal Dev 20.02.19  (19).jpg

and all the brewing memorabilia and knick knacks.

(looking stress free once again)

canal Dev 20.02.19  (13).jpg

We pitched up in the bar and whilst it wasn’t ram packed there was a steady few coming through the doors on a Wednesday at 4pm and I did note they now do food every Tuesday.

There’s a split level lounge too but we stayed in the bar before heading off to our final port of call…

canal Dev 20.02.19  (16).jpg

It’s worth mentioning that I definitely had pint of the day in this place Stairway To Heaven (Burton Bridge), which was an absolute belter and probably first out of the barrel that day too.

canal Dev 20.02.19  (22).jpg

It’s a pub too chat in rather than watch live sport and there is no point competing with The Roebuck in that area but this place just oozes history and pubbery if there is such a word.

There is also the added bonus of taking your pint into the Balti Towers if you want and that is arguably Martin’s favourite curry house in Brewers territory.

A great pub and a must visit for anyone coming to Burton.


19 thoughts on “Normal Service Is Maintained At The Devvie

  1. Always nice to see two people hit their retirement successfully. Still sad to see this all get split up. Great group of pubs and fabulous beer.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Last time we were in Burton (a couple of Easters ago) we by-passed the Roebuck and went straight to the Devonshire Arms. My companions liked it so much that I struggled to get them out of it and into the Cooper’s Arms. (They did appreciate the merits of the Cooper’s when we got there!)

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Roebuck and the Devonshire both long established boozers of some repute. Your mate Rod is clearly handy- might take him with me next month on the next leg of the North Sea Cycle Route. Tell him there’ll be plenty of pub stops!

    Liked by 1 person

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