Up The Junction In Stretton

I know how you all like a cliff hanger so I’m going to save my final leg of the Burton bicycle saga as I need to do the final pub justice with a big build up…

Also, the opportunity to squeeze out a Squeeze song in the blog post title was just too good to miss and Glen TIlbrook, Chris Difford and Jools Holland (back in the day) would have been more than happy to have a pint I reckon.

Just in case anyone reading this is under 40…here are the boys in their prime

So, staying on the outskirts of Burton a recent two day jaunt to the home of football meant I had the opportunity to visit a new boozer only 15 minutes away from St George’s Park.

SGp 17.04.19  (4).jpg

I know Howard Wilkinson had his detractors but the England training centre was an absolute stroke of genius.   Not only is it centrally based but with Gareth Southgate at the helm it appears as though training there is now the norm and it is a constant hive of activity.

SGp 17.04.19  (1).jpg

I can’t imagine Burton has had many hotels like the Hilton at SGP before and there appears to be a constant stream of coaches and teams across all genders and ages playing there and it is a Mecca for football.

Plenty of buzz words and history including this little gem from Chris Waddle…

SGp 17.04.19  (9).jpg

apparently this was the warm up for a great pizza advert with the current England gaffer and Stuart Pearce.

Of course, every member of the PUB (Pub Union of Bloggers) knows that staying power is essential and Gazza’s refuelling methods is the current mantra adopted by Martin.

SGp 17.04.19  (12).jpg

With all that in mind, I found a cracking new boozer in the suburb of Stretton.  There are plenty of chimney pots nearby and other pubs too, but this little place, almost unnoticeable from the road, has found a niche in the market.

Junction Stretton 17.04.19  (1).jpg

383 – The Junction DE13 0DZ is the Blythe Brewery Tap House and that’s a new one on me but the two guys behind the bar had an array of six beers to choose from.

Blythe actually started in 2003 but was taken over by brothers, Alex and Kevin Dudley in 2017 and I reckon they were working behind the bar when I popped in.

Junction Stretton 17.04.19  (3).jpg

The place itself has an entrance that is shared with the shop next door and is so low key you need to check  but it actually opens when it says it’s going to on the Whatpub website…which means Martin, Duncan and Si will be able to reach this easily when it enters the GBG in the next few years.

Junction Stretton 17.04.19  (10).jpg

It might not of course but the beer was excellent and the gaffer took a good while pulling through a pint and making sure it was spot on and the Gold Rush (Blythe) was outstanding.

Old cinema seats were an unusual touch and the place had a modern quirky feel to it but I can’t stress how good the beer was.

Junction Stretton 17.04.19  (5).jpg

4.30 on a Wednesday meant there were two other blokes in there apart from me.  One was doing his crossword and working his way through the pumps whilst the other was perched at the bar and talking about football with one of the two brothers.

(Mudgie lookalike in the corner?)

Junction Stretton 17.04.19  (8).jpg

A friendly boozer with great beer and I reckon the trade will grow here but I’ve been in emptier bus that this on a Wednesday afternoon half an hour after opening.

It’s right next to a 60’s style shopping precinct and it’s good to see a brewery setting up their own tap house in an area not short of pubs.

It’s definitely a well-kept secret at the minute as they don’t have a photo on the CAMRA website as yet so they can feel free to nick this one and use it (for a small fee of a pint of Gold Rush).

Junction Stretton 17.04.19  (14).jpg

Don’t forget fellow drinkers, this is the adage at SGP and is now part of England’s funky DNA…and should be adopted by drinkers everywhere.

SGp 17.04.19  (6).jpg

We choose this!


15 thoughts on “Up The Junction In Stretton

  1. Good find. Went to a game at St George’s Park and agree it is hugely impressive. England are probably reaping the benefits already with their age group successes. (From a wildlife perspective it’s a sterile pesticide-blasted disaster zone). Combined with their players playing in the richest league in the world they have no excuses now!

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      1. Southgate is an impressive figure who provides clear leadership, strong values and is willing to risk failure to succeed. The irony is they overlooked him for Allardyce and he fell into the post subsequently. I fear they will win something soon!

        Liked by 1 person

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