Saturday Nights In Shrewsbury

My (now) annual pilgrimage to Shrewsbury meant another Saturday night in Salop and a trawl around some of the finest Shropshire has to offer!

Twelve months ago Wembley fever had gripped the town as they prepared for yet another defeat (this time in the Checkatrade Trophy) at the home of football.

Admiral Ben Shrews 06.04.19 (3)

Mind you, with places such as The Hole In The Wall showing us how a ‘Spoons nightclub would look then there was plenty to enjoy about this town last year.

Admiral Ben Shrews 06.04.19  (2).jpg

The Loggerheads is a classic boozer and The Boathouse was one of the self-proclaimed attractions in the town but that has since been blown out of the water by Dick and Dave.

Admiral Ben Shrews 06.04.19  (1) - Copy.jpg

Nonetheless, it was packed when I ventured out with an eclectic drinking squad of a twentysomething, a thirtysomething and one of the gentlefolk that Martin often refers too.

Admiral Ben Shrews 06.04.19 (4) - Copy

Pictures on this post will be of all the boozers we visited so it is safe to say it was another busy night in this proper pub town.

Admiral Ben 06.04.19  (11).jpg

All the aforementioned boozers were covered along with rock bar the Yorkshire House  (good music average beer)

Admiral Ben 06.04.19  (1).jpg

but we made an extra stop off this year at a place recommended by our resident OAP who wanted to make his debut at the 385 – Admiral Benbow SY1 1NF.

Admiral Ben 06.04.19  (2).jpg

On many previous visits to Shrewsbury he has walked past this place but been unable to go in due to work commitments so this was an itch he needed to scratch.

Admiral Ben 06.04.19  (13).jpg

Of course, fine upstanding fellows we are,  we decided it would only be right and proper to visit this hostelry, after a cash point stop, as one of the natives told us en route that card machines “hadn’t reached the Admiral Benbow yet!”

Admiral Ben 06.04.19  (6).jpg

It was a proper Saturday night local in Shrewsbury with fans in blue and yellow striped shirts discussing the football as well as a good mix of young and old with most rooms packed.

Admiral Ben 06.04.19  (7).jpg

The thrirtysomething managed to find a room whilst he was still in working order and we were able to eavesdrop what appeared to be a really awkward first date in the background with questions about physiotherapy and physics interspersed with a fair few silences.

Our money was on a once only meet!

Admiral Ben 06.04.19  (12).jpg

The beer was terrific with the Hop Twister (Salopian) excellent and the place was absolutely buzzing.  A really good Saturday night boozer with plenty of chatter and drink and not a hint of trouble with a good mix of young and old….no cards is the least of their worries.


7 thoughts on “Saturday Nights In Shrewsbury

  1. Love that part of the UK. Shropshire is in my opinion not as well visited as it should be. Bridgnorth and Shrewsbury are great places. I can’t wait to visit some of the more out of the way places in the county.

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