Football, Beer And Fags In Wilnecote

A bit like its near neighbour Fazeley, Wilnecote is a Birmingham overspill with ‘proper’ pubby boozers.

It’s got a huge swathe of houses just off the well-known Roman Road, Watling Street and whilst it’s officially in Staffordshire, the accents will tell you this is Greater Birmingham.

If Greater Manchester can swallow up half the towns and suburbs it does, then Birmingham is well within its rights to claim Wilnecote as one if its own.

Queens Wilnecote 30.03.19  (25).jpg

A suburb of blue collar workers drinking beer and playing/watching football and darts is as archetypal pub as you can get and 391 – Queen’s Head B77 5BP covered all those bases.

Queens Wilnecote 30.03.19  (21).jpg

The lack of an apostrophe may well infuriate Russ but he’s too busy on grandparent duty these days to observe grammar so I’ll take my chances!

(pork crunch = not in the Black Country part of Staffordshire)

Queens Wilnecote 30.03.19 (6)

It’s a big sprawling place with a large bar at the back and a smaller lounge at the front of the boozer, a massive function room but most of the punters were outside in the beer garden.

A proper beer garden and this is the first one I’ve seen with a small football pitch for kids with samba goals in an enclosed area!

It was early Saturday afternoon but absolutely heaving with drinkers and post kids football crowd and I saw the Cottage Farm Rangers coach in a tracksuit but sporting a fag and a pint like all proper gaffers should whilst the Alvechurch Juniors coaches were just drinking pints!

Queens Wilnecote 30.03.19  (12).jpg

It felt like most of the local Saturday morning kids league had descended here with their parents and it made for a vibrant atmosphere.

Sport was on inside with a host of options including, once again, Liverpool on the box…

Queens Wilnecote 30.03.19  (4).jpg

…a snooker table…

Queens Wilnecote 30.03.19  (8).jpg

…a dart board…

Queens Wilnecote 30.03.19  (18).jpg

…an area for politicians…

Queens Wilnecote 30.03.19  (7).jpg

…and an impressive door!

Queens Wilnecote 30.03.19  (10).jpg

Sea Fury was the beer on offer…

Queens Wilnecote 30.03.19  (3).jpg

…but it was hot and with an old school pump staring at me I couldn’t turn down a pint of keg Banks’s Original.

Queens Wilnecote 30.03.19  (2).jpg

You know what you’re getting with this and it did the trick as I sat and listened to a couple of barflies inside chewing the fat with the landlady, who looked in good form as the banter was flying.

(A Roman Road)

Queens Wilnecote 30.03.19  (24).jpg

It’s the sort of pub I can imagine will be rammed when England play in the Nations League this summer as the weekend coaches put their managerial knowledge to good use and assess Gareth’s boys.  I reckon fellow estate pub man Paul might well have been here on his travels and would definitely have been on the Banks’s…

Queens Wilnecote 30.03.19  (22).jpg

Apparently this pub is associated with highwayman Dick Turpin. Turpin and his famous horse Black Bess, were regular visitors and whether this is fact or fiction it certainly benefits all pubs to have an urban myth attached to their building.

This is a proper pub in a proper pub suburb and clearly filling a niche in the market judging by how many people were here drinking.


12 thoughts on “Football, Beer And Fags In Wilnecote

  1. Hi Beermat – your suspicions are correct, I have been to the Queens Head although I was on the Doom Bar that day rather than the Banks’s. We went in the run up to Christmas so my main memory is of a Christmas tree, a snow machine and a bit of nice panelling, although the pub got upstaged by the Globe and the Fazeley Three Horseshoes which we did as part of the same outing – Queens Head still struck me as a decent boozer though and more inviting than the Red Lion further down the road. I haven’t done that many estate pubs in Tamworth so I would be interested to see what else you can find in the area! Cheers, Paul

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Three Horseshoes is a classic in Fazeley as is Three tuns so can see why….not been to the Globe so will pencil it in. Like most places I reckon Tamworth has been hit by estate pub closures but will make an effort over the summer as easy to get to!


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