Cask Ale Lottery In Whitwick

Whilst I don’t meticulously tick off regions like Martin and Duncan as they attempt to achieve the impossible and complete a GBG glut of pubs in a calendar year, I do keep records

Of course, it is nigh on impossible nowadays as you get some boozers, such as this one documented by Duncan, that really only opens for a few hours per week, so the accessibility is tricky.

However, duly noting all of that, I am aware that I am slowly but surely finishing off the likes of Coalville, Whitwick and its surrounding ex pit villages.

Three crowns Whit 16.05.19  (4).jpg

It will be a sad day when I don’t need to visit the LE67 postcode anymore, as it has some of the most edgy yet fantastic pubs in Britain.

Not all of them of course would meet with beer sommelier Rich’s approval, as there is only one cask ale on and a distinct lack of craft options, but none of the punters are remotely concerned in  401 – The Three Crowns LE67 5DT

(Bar blockers #1)

Three crowns Whit 16.05.19  (7).jpg

It’s in the Market Place in Whitwick and just over the road from The White Horse, which was an edgy boozer when I popped in for some Champions League football about 15 months ago.

If you check on the CAMRA website then you have to unclick the famous real ale available green tick box as it definitely says cask is not on the agenda.

When I called in at around 5.15 on a Thursday it didn’t look as though cask was on the agenda for many but I saw the Pedigree pump clip and thought why not?

To be fair, a pub that is advertising itself as the cheapest beer in Whitwick, where sub £3 pints are the norm, is likely to pull in the spoons clientele in an area that has no Wetherspoons.

(Bar blockers #2)

Three crowns Whit 16.05.19  (8).jpg

They were all there, Stella, Carling, Foster’s, Strongbow and all well under the three quid mark.  The barmaid was friendly and when I managed to catch her eye between the bar blockers – who weren’t budging an inch for anyone – I managed to order half a Pedigree (Marston’s).

(Best prices in Whitwick!)

Three crowns Whit 16.05.19  (1).jpg

£1.15!   yes that’s just over a pound for half a pint of Wolverhampton Burton’s finest and the barmaid was friendly but the local bar blockers weren’t up for any eye contact/small talk.

The conversation was flying elsewhere  though and the punters away from the bar were slightly friendlier although clearly enjoying the prices. One bloke who was working towards being wasted promised he’d go home for his tea, freshen up and then get back on it later!

Three crowns Whit 16.05.19  (13).jpg

There was a bit of banter about a dog that looked like it was peeing on the floor due to its age and generally people were knocking back a lot of drink at a cheap price with sky sports on in the background.

The Pedigree was barely drinkable to be honest but I didn’t have the heart to negotiate bar blockers once again so I forced most of it down as I couldn’t see any Martin style plant pots nearby.

Therein lies the cask conundrum.  This is most definitely a locals boozer with stacks of chimney pots in close proximity.

There are other boozers nearby who provide a decent pint of beer but I’m not sure anyone in this pub cares…and why should they?

(That definitely says stabling…)

Three crowns Whit 16.05.19 (12)

It’s a proper boozer, one that Alan Winfield would have loved and Paul WME has probably beaten me to it, as you needed to be on your toes in here as people were indulging in some proper drinking.

#publife in some local boozers involves getting wasted on cheap booze and having a play up as opposed to drinking earnestly and welcoming in all and sundry.

(imagine this with pink marker pen all over it…)


This is my penultimate Whitwick boozer so I am taking my time before finally ticking off the section of the LE67 postcode.

The 2019 cask ale summer lottery has started early and this would be a better boozer if it kept to its market and put on a bit of keg Worthington.   However, apart from me, I don’t think anyone else cares and if you’re out for a craic then this is definitely a pub that will get very lively.


22 thoughts on “Cask Ale Lottery In Whitwick

  1. If you think it’s edgy, Sir, then it’s definitely edgy! I can’t see the beer commentariat rushing to visit that one.

    I think we can be fairly confident that Pedigree comes from Burton, not Wolverhampton, although obviously it doesn’t travel well all the way to Whitwick 🙄

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      1. I think Marston’s ethos is that they will brew what they want, where they want, when they need to. When myself and other commentators on this post visited Banks Brewery in Wolverhampton, the very pleasant and genuine, but probably a little naive, tour guide clearly said they brewed Pedigree and Bass at Wolverhampton. They also at times will have brewed Jennings, Ringwood, Wychwood, Brakspear etc at Wolverhampton when brewing capacity at specific locations necessitates. That’s how huge companies like these operate. Strangely, there was no mention of FastCask™️ at all during the Wolverhampton & Dudley brewery tour?

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      2. Essentially all the live yeast is stripped out so it’s bright beer. They then add an unspecified amount of yeast held within a kind of gel bead when the beer is put into casks. The claim is the beer can be served within 24hrs of delivery and can stand rough handling. Real ale or artificially real ale? Definitely not traditional. You make your own mind up, personally I prefer to avoid any of Marston’s products these days.

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  2. Hasn’t it always been the case that in a village with multiple boozers, there’s a pub for everyone. A pub like this helps keep the others that bit more civilised. In my old village of Aylestone, the Black Horse was our local, the Union a regular for the excellent Pedi, and never once went in the Rutland which had a terrible reputation for crookery and trouble. Exactly as it should be…

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  3. Hi Beermat – never been to Whitwick despite it being not too far from my sister’s old house in Loughborough, so you’ve definitely beaten me on this one. It sounds like the kind of place Mr D9 would drag me into, sometimes the keg-only places can be the most memorable for various reasons. I have however been to Wightwick – arguably the poshest part of Wolverhampton – where you’d definitely struggle to find anything for under £3 a pint! Cheers, Paul

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  4. I’ve no problem with a pub having a single cask line on and to be honest I wouldn’t try any ‘craft beer’ outside of a bar I knew and trusted or had been recommended. I would however want the cask ale to be something local, interesting, not from a mega or contract brewer, and in good form. Mind you, I wouldn’t knowingly go in a pub like this. Everyday pubs like this have done more damage to the reputation of cask ale than probably anyone else #caskalelottery.

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