Proper Station Pubs: Berkswell

You left me dodging the bar blockers in Whitwick trying to return a dodgy half of Pedigree in an LE67 classic boozer.

Shifting a few junctions down the M42 took me to an old stomping ground of mine, Balsall Common.

BC Station 19.05.19  (28).jpg

It is a fairly leafy suburb of Solihull although with its CV postcode Coventry will be trying to claim it as one of its own and it was home for the best part of a decade for me.

With a train station (Berkswell) and a massive house building programme over the past twenty years it is almost becoming a small town as you can be at the NEC/Airport in no time at all and central Brum in about ten minutes (or Coventry, if that’s your thing).


Of course the beauty of its location means its train line takes you through Martin’s favourite Birmingham pub suburb of Stetchford and Paul WME’s recent travels took him to Adderley Park, which is in the running for  the “ bleakest station in Britain award” 2019.

However, the station at Balsall Common, which is known as Berkswell is well used but also under the microscope with the impending arrival of HS2.

(a bit of Carling livery)

BC Station 19.05.19  (27).jpg

It’s not been met with universal approval and the boozer nearest to the station is apparently under the cosh.

BC Station 19.05.19  (25).jpg

The innovative titled 402 – The Railway Inn CV7 7EF had a lot of press coverage a while back after its owners were told it no longer had any value due to the proposed train line.

BC Station 19.05.19  (22).jpg

Apparently Station Road to Coventry under the bridge is going to be turned into a cul-de-sac and cut off through traffic past the boozer…although rumours that residents wanted all roads to Coventry blocked off are as yet unconfirmed.

BC Station 19.05.19  (2).jpg

Anyway, at present, The Railway is alive and kicking and very much Balsall Common’s locals boozer and a ‘proper’ station pub.

BC Station 19.05.19  (3).jpg

Pool tables, lads on a Sunday sesh, sky sports, bench seating, cask ale and also the added bonus of keg Brew XI.

BC Station 19.05.19  (10).jpg

I ventured in at around 7.15 on a Sunday and there was the remains of a good afternoon as there were a few lads in raucous form or just starting to slump whilst the bloke next to me was definitely ‘on it.’

BC Station 19.05.19  (5).jpg

Black Sheep, and others were on offer but I couldn’t resist the lure of keg Brew XI.  It won’t meet with everyone’s approval but it was/is a Brummie classic and I don’t know who brews it these days but it hit the spot perfectly on a warm night.

(in full flow)

BC Station 19.05.19  (13).jpg

Cold, cool, chewy and crisp – perfect.

BC Station 19.05.19  (20).jpg

As Balsall Common continues to grow so the likelihood is that this place will continue to thrive as it is tidy, well-kept and feels like a proper pub.

11 thoughts on “Proper Station Pubs: Berkswell

    1. Sometimes you do and sometimes you brew…great advert! Tell your friend that balsall common mafioso aren’t keen but likely to help income stream in areas of Midlands if only for building projects…


  1. Can’t beat a post with a railway network map, and there’s plenty of pub potential to be discovered at the various stations. Great to see the Brew XI going down well – the Railway made a good impression when I visited Balsall Common a few years back, a bit shabby in having the feel of a well-worn boozer. I preferred it to the Brickmakers up the road but both were worth a look. Cheers, Paul

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  2. A long, long time ago, in an entirely different world, I remember my Dad getting persuaded to have Brew X on the bar. Being interested in beery things at quite an early age I asked him what the difference between Brew X and Brew XI was? He said that Brew XI was similar to Brew X but worse. Saying it was generally only on sale in the Midlands and that they could keep it down there.

    I bet that’s surprised you? You thought I was going to say that all Marston’s beers are dodgy, didn’t you!

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