Hawk Like Fielding In Etwall

I’m not one to blow my own trumpet on this blog so it would be wrong of me to celebrate taking my first competitive “wicket” for nigh on 32 years on Sunday.

My pal, the man who has dragged me to oodles of stag parties over the past two years and generally accompanies me on drinking sessions structured walks, persuaded me to don the whites once again.

Hawk 26.05.19  (2).jpg

At the age of 48, a debut for Castle Donington CC’s T20 side didn’t warrant much media attention (actually, none at all) but a victory over Etwall CC meant that, in tradition cricket style, a victory had to be celebrated in the nearest boozer.

I know you’re desperate to hear of my performance with bat, ball and in the field suffice to say I feel as though I should be challenging Joffra Archer for that final World Cup spot but I fear ageism may have counted against me.

Hawk 26.05.19 (16)

Fortunately for Etwall there happens to be a classic boozer adjacent to the ground on the main street in Etwall known as 404 – Hawk & Buckle DE65 6LP.

Hawk 26.05.19  (22).jpg

Apparently, the name dates back to the early nineteenth century and it’s an eye catching building as you drive through Etwall although the big sign painted across the front of the boozer has gone and is currently just whitewashed.

Hawk 26.05.19  (23).jpg

I’m pretty sure this has been in the GBG in recent times which mean both Martin and Dunc will have visited here and there was of course a plaque on the wall commemorating their respective visits.

Sky Sports is on and it’s very much a two-roomer with drinkers to the right and diners to the left and a beer patio out the back.

Hawk 26.05.19  (24).jpg

It wasn’t overly full at around 5pm on a Sunday evening but this is the sister pub to The Roebuck in Draycott In The Clay and their beers are fantastic.

Hawk 26.05.19  (5).jpg

I plumped for a Hopzester (Roebuck), which was the princely sum of 20p less than £3 as beer of the day!  That’s right less than three quid for a pint of nectar although the barman did add in normal prices are in fact just £3 however!


Hawk 26.05.19  (13).jpg

I’ve got to say, Derbyshire still has plenty of pubs where the beer is reasonably priced and one of our party was from Warwick and he reckoned prices there are heading in excess of four quid per pint so, by way of acknowledging this, we sent him to the bar!

Hawk 26.05.19  (25).jpg

Conversation quickly turned to the Play Off Final today as a couple of the lads were going from a Derby perspective and gave the resident West Brom fan amongst us pelters after their semi-final exit.

(I won’t be watching this)

Hawk 26.05.19  (27).jpg

All in all, a good hour was spent in the boozer and it looks like a good local pub with fantastic beer on.  Here comes the summer!

22 thoughts on “Hawk Like Fielding In Etwall

  1. Friends were eating around the same time. Also very complimentary about the beer.
    Have also partaken after cricket matches there in the past (and before, given that I am not the lean and lithe pro athlete that you are).

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      1. I absolutely assure you I don’t spend much time seeking out old photos of you (or new ones for that matter!) #groupie #starstruck #not

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Ha Ha! Yes I can imagine you have far more interesting things to do !!! I didn’t literally mean you were perusing an album of piccys just a bit of self deprecation around my expanding waistline…any more in etwall worth a visit?


      3. For sure. Tom and Dale are doing a great job of making Blenheim House, 50 yards further up the hill, a good place to go again. It was they who originally turned round the Hawk, before selling the lease.

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  2. Shame the Marston’s livery has been whitewashed off, though I can understand why they’d want to. Those sun-faded printed pub signs remain one of the worst pubco crimes, almost as bad as the Greene King corporate pseudo-signs. I’ve seen examples for sale in antiques centres, unlike the proper painted versions they command very little price which is entirely correct as they’re utterly shite. The website suggests a Bass pump on the foody side. Just sayin’…

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  3. Congratulations on the win. Didn’t Collingwood play yesterday and he’s older than you.

    Went in there few years back, top pub and chippy opposite was good.

    Rooting for Derby as Lamps was great for us.

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  4. Not sure about you challenging Joffra Archer in the cricket, but you’ll soon be challenging Jeffrey Archer in the literary stakes!

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  5. Congrats on that wicket. I imagine it to have been a searing inswinging yorker that cleaned out a top order batsmen’s toes and all before sending leg stump cartwheeling down towards fine leg. Hawk & Buckle has been in and out over the years but a good place to celebrate.

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  6. “and generally accompanies me on drinking sessions structured walks, ”

    (slow golf clap)

    “but I fear ageism may have counted against me”

    Surely in this day and age all ‘isms’ have been abolished!

    “and there was of course a plaque on the wall commemorating their respective visits.”

    Which the pub can use to make sure they never visit again. 😉

    “I plumped for a Hopzester (Roebuck)”

    I would’ve done the same. Oh, and I like the long beer mat thingy showing their various beers.

    “so, by way of acknowledging this, we sent him to the bar!”


    “Here comes the summer!”

    Indeed. It’s been 28C here the past two days but we’re back to barely 20C for the rest of the week.


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