Indian Brewery Spreads Its Wings

Undoubtedly this has been the best day of the summer so far for cricket and we’re not even out of May.

Of course Ben Stokes’ wonder show at The Oval as England kicked off the World Cup in style was a highlight along with Joffra Archer steaming in.

However, arguably the biggest story of the day was the news that Warwickshire have won a game.  Yes that’s right, it’s not a misprint but Warwickshire have won a game.

(Birmingham Lager always worth it)

Indian Solihull 27.05.19 (3)

Jeetan Patel took 8-36 and the Bears saw off Surrey for an inaugural County Championship win of 2019

With the Ashes, Champions League and Nations League as well as the Women’s World Cup in Football then, weather permitting, it might be just as good a summer as last year.

The pubs will certainly hope so and opening at this time of year is a pretty shrewd move.

Indian Solihull 27.05.19  (12).jpg

407 – Indian Brewery Solihull B91 3RX will certainly be hoping to cash in, although they might have missed a trick by not having a TV for the next three months.

It’s the second boozer/street food restaurant this Brummie brewery has opened after the success of their first place under the arches of Snow Hill station in Birmingham.

I’ve often lamented the lack of good pubs in Solihull but Station Road is now turning into a bit if an ‘ale mecca’ as this is next to The White Swan and The Flute And Flagon.

It wasn’t long after midday when I popped in earlier this week but it’s awash with bright colours and has a distinct Bollywood feel to it as does its sister venue.

Indian Solihull 27.05.19  (6).jpg

I’m a big fan of ‘desi pubs’ and with The Tap And Tandoor open in the venue of the old Saddlers Arms, Solihull can boast a couple of boozers that are worth going into the town centre for.

Not quite up to the legendary status of The Vine near the Albion’s ground but this is after a different target audience.

Indian Solihull 27.05.19  (9).jpg

Helpful bar staff, clean toilets, and good crisp beer as the half of SPA (Buxton) was top class. The prices will put it at The Tap And Tandoor end of the market as opposed to the White Swan/Flute And Flagon punters.

However, it is next to the legendary Jade Wok and with a nightclub (Revolution) next door then the international bright young things should hopefully ensure this place takes off.

(Jade Wok – a Solihull institution)

Indian Solihull 27.05.19  (1).jpg

It’s set up for food but most people were drinking when I went in and a welcome addition to the pub scene in Solihull.

It’s been a relatively low key launch but I just wonder if they’ll find a TV for the inevitable England/India final next month!!! Who knows, Warwickshire might have won another game as well by that time…



17 thoughts on “Indian Brewery Spreads Its Wings

  1. That’s another West Midlands pub you’ve beaten me to Beermat, although in my defence it has only just opened (and isn’t a flat roof affair on an estate). I hope it does well as I like their Snow Hill outlet, arguably more for the food than the beer, and it definitely is a boost to limited Solihull’s ale options. Never done the Jade Wok but have noted its legendary status for future reference.

    Great to see Warwickshire finally win a game – I was there on Bank Holiday Monday to see the first day and things were looking dicey until Norwell and Brookes turned the tide with some entertaining strokeplay. Sounds like the pitch at Edgbaston became a spinner’s paradise yesterday – I just hope they can maintain the upturn in form when I see them at York next month. Come on your Bears! Cheers, Paul

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    1. A day in York at the cricket? Is there anything better!! Yes hopefully done of the young talent can kick on and they can head northwards…. Buxton beer was good so might just play safe at their place 👍🍻


      1. They never are…post 1990s everything is now spun out of control and the advent of press officers (or comms directors as they are now grandly titled) means it is only going to get worse!
        I shall be writing to the local council with my blog as evidence of a possible colourful phone box award…Collingwood got an MBE for less!

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  2. “(Birmingham Lager always worth it)”

    If you say so. 😉

    “after the success of their first place under the arches of Snow Hill station in Birmingham.”

    Ah. Thought the exterior looked a bit familiar.

    ” as this is next to The White Swan and The Flute And Flagon.”

    Or, to be more precise, next to the Jade Wok it would seem.

    “However, it is next to the legendary Jade Wok”

    Hah! Phear my Google Map streetview skillz. 🙂

    “but I just wonder if they’ll find a TV for the inevitable England/India final next month!!!”

    I would surmise that’s high on their list indeed.



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