Pedigree Not Pickle At Branston

A short post this one as I clear up a couple that have been on my ‘to do’ list for a while. A bit of kid free time and the opportunity to visit a pub was just too good to miss.

Of course, not that I’m competitive or anything like that but I know if Pete or Paul have blogged about this first then no one will bother reading.

Bridge Branston 22.04.19  (1).jpg

I’ve checked Pete’s blog and can’t see any sign of this place whilst Paul WME also appears not to have this one on his radar as of yet, so we might be headed into uncharted (canal) waters.

Bridge Branston 22.04.19  (19).jpg

Branston, whilst being famous for its pickle, is a suburb of Burton with almost seven thousand inhabitants and a lot more chimney pots being thrown up on an annual basis.

Bridge Branston 22.04.19  (17).jpg

To be honest, after the Stoke Priors incident with Mrs BB, I’ve been trying to claw back some Brownie points so another canal pub was on the agenda.

409 – The Bridge Inn DE14 3EZ is on Tatenhill Lane in Branston on the road out of Burton and in as picturesque setting as you’ll find in this part of the world.

Bridge Branston 22.04.19  (16).jpg

This couldn’t have been any more restaurant as most of this small but smart and well-kept boozer was given over to eating…

(Bijoux boozer)

Bridge Branston 22.04.19  (2).jpg

…but with the sun was shining it meant a fair few punters pitched up outside and they were strictly in the drinking as opposed to dining squad.

(cyclists surveying the scene)

Bridge Branston 22.04.19  (8).jpg

Branston is an earthier version of Burton I reckon although they are chucking homes up at a rate of knots and this place definitely attracted a wide range of punters from couples, families and cyclists.

I suspect when Rod and I resume our cycling mission along the Trent & Mersey Canal then this will be a stop off en route.

(snazzy new filters and Mrs BB’s gin)

Bridge Branston 22.04.19  (5).jpg

The beer was decent and, as officially endorsed here by Rich, I should always drink local beer so a half pint of Pedigree (Marston’s) hit the spot.

I’m not sure Mrs BB was totally convinced by this place but she managed to drink a couple of gins whilst deciding and warmed up to conceded the views were decent enough.

(not the bicycle used by the lycra wearers)


It is a solid canalside boozer that had some terrific transport options available instead of a mobility scooter and with a brand new housing estate on its doorstep looks likely to be with us for some while yet.



23 thoughts on “Pedigree Not Pickle At Branston

      1. Sigh. I thought May was bad. I doubt I’ll be first with any post in June as my darling wife has catering slotted for a good 23 days in the month (so far!).

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  1. You’re quite right, we’ve never stopped there and this is typical of many pubs that we’ve never visited on the canal. On this stretch our stopping points tend to be (coming from Fradley) – Alrewas, Barton Turns, Burton (Shobnall Road or Horninglow Road), Willington. Because our travelling is 2 – 3 hours in the morning and 4 – 5 hours in the afternoon we almost always end up in the same places and places like this fall through the cracks.

    Believe it or not visiting pubs is purely incidental (but also essential) on our canal journeys, so we do miss out quite a few. But, blogs like yours are great for pointing out good boozers that we haven’t visited and that we may pop into in the future.

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    1. It would be interesting if you – with a suitably sober helmsman – specifically planned one or two pub crawls by canal 😄🚤

      Liked by 2 people

      1. If the aim was to visit every canalside pub along a stretch of canal it would be a somewhat stop-start journey – as in the ‘real world’, pubs on the cut tend to be irregularly spaced. You certainly wouldn’t travel the distances that we do on a normal boating trip, but we do pass by quite a few pubs along the way!

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      1. Just a day? It’d take much longer than that!! But I’d be up for it…there are no drink driving laws on the canal – so I could partake as well!

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      2. There must be some stretches of canal with numerous good pubs in close proximity – maybe the Stourbridge and Dudley canals 😀

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  2. “but I know if Pete or Paul have blogged about this first then no one will bother reading.”

    Not true. 😉

    “Branston, whilst being famous for its pickle, ”

    Me mum used to buy that once in a while over here. 🙂

    “after the Stoke Priors incident with Mrs BB”

    Have to read that one properly. That was just before I buggered off to Cancun.

    “(cyclists surveying the scene)”

    And with your glass doubling as a fun house mirror. 🙂

    “(snazzy new filters and Mrs BB’s gin)”

    Filtering is a good way to keep the missus happy.

    “I’m not sure Mrs BB was totally convinced by this place ”

    As you’ve stated before, certain places are better suited to a certain crowd. Not everyone has the taste of Mr. Winfield. 🙂

    “(not the bicycle used by the lycra wearers)”

    Indeed! It looks like it’s thinking of turning into a mobility scooter. 🙂

    “that had some terrific transport options available instead of a mobility scooter”

    See! (LOL)


    PS – “but with the sun was shining”

    Either drop the ‘was’ or change ‘with’ to ‘as’. 😉

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  3. I love these canal side pubs.

    I was wondering if you’d ever asked Marston’s for sponsorship? A banner ad for the top of your blog, or do they just give you free beer in consideration of a post in all their pubs?

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  4. Hi Beermat, no I can’t claim to have visited this one either so I reckon you’ve had first dibs on this blogging wise. Sounds like my kind of place though – I’m a bit sketchy on the canals around Burton so I might have to do some investigating next time I’m over that way. Cheers, Paul

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