No Lye – It’s Peaky Blinders

Having been on my hols for a week I can’t let the fact that England are world champions at cricket pass and if ever there was a case for national teams sport to be on free to air TV then that was surely it.

Peaky Blinder 17.07.19  (13).jpg

Anyway, well done Eoin and the boys and you left me wandering the streets of Digbeth in my last post so sticking with the Brum theme I popped out in nearby Lye to a cracking Brewhouse.

Peaky Blinder 17.07.19  (9).jpg

Peaky Blinders is definitely Birmingham’s best export since Black Sabbath and Jaguar just usurping Citizen Khan, Crossroads, Tiswas and Doctors in terms of the prestigious title of ‘TV programmes based in Brum.’

Peaky Blinder 17.07.19  (64).jpg

Granted it’s not an extensive list but Peaky Blinders is inextricably linked with the city and in particular the Small Heath/Bordesley suburb.

Peaky Blinder 17.07.19  (17).jpg

Sadler’s Brewing Company latched on to this a while ago and started producing their range of Peaky Blinders beer and have gone one step further this year.

Peaky Blinder 17.07.19  (52).jpg

They’ve linked in with Birmingham as their ‘back of shirt’ sponsors and are also selling Peaky Blinders Lager at St Andrew’s on Matchdays.

Peaky Blinder 17.07.19  (65).jpg

Yes, I know they’re based in Stourbridge but their HQ is next to Lye Train station, which is a quick 15/20 minutes from New Street Station so it’s close enough to be a Brummie brewery!

Peaky Blinder 17.07.19  (60).jpg

434 – Sadler’s Brewhouse & Bar DY9 8ER was the venue for a sponsorship launch on Wednesday evening so once I’d managed to navigate through various backwaters of Coseley and Essington in rush hour…

(this wasn’t in Coseley)

Peaky Blinder 17.07.19  (61).jpg

I was greeted by the site of an eye-catching Ginetta car and a packed pub for a Wednesday night.

Peaky Blinder 17.07.19  (58).jpg

Of course the added bonus was it was a free bar but, with the car in tow, I was limited to one; nonetheless it was an absolute corker Peaky Blinders Pale Ale (Sadler’s)…

Peaky Blinder 17.07.19  (24).jpg

…and appeared to be going down a storm along with the lager of course.

Peaky Blinder 17.07.19  (21).jpg

A bloke was playing Oliver’s Army (amongst others) on acoustic guitar as well, which led to a great bit of background music but the place as buzzing.

Peaky Blinder 17.07.19  (32).jpg

I’ve not been here before as I don’t often venture into Paul WME territory but this is a cracking place, just on the outskirts of Stourbridge town centre on an industrial estate.

Peaky Blinder 17.07.19  (31).jpg

As station pubs go it is right up there with the classics at Sheffield in terms of beer on offer and it’s a good outlet for their beer.

Peaky Blinder 17.07.19  (43).jpg

Sadler’s has been around since 1861 so it’s not a new name but they are definitely more proactive now and the family link comes as Chris Sadler’s (Managing Director) grandmother was related to gang member Billy Kimber and legend has it that the drank in Sadler’s pubs around the Birmingham area.

Peaky Blinder 17.07.19  (48).jpg

A good mix of punters were in and some regulars as well and it was a cracking atmosphere.  A couple of geezers dressed in Peaky Blinders outfits, who are the ‘official Peaky Blinders’ and have been touring since 2014 were there for photos and the place was still crackling when I left at around 8.30pm.

Peaky Blinder 17.07.19  (46).jpg

Well worth a visit as easy to reach on public transport and it feels like a pub with live music, as well as being able to overlook the brewing equipment.

Peaky Blinder 17.07.19  (68).jpg

Of course, being football fans we will just be swilling lager as opposed to the rugby boys who are responsible for keeping real alive in the UK as the likes of Martin, Duncan and Simon have noted on their travels…

Peaky Blinder 17.07.19  (35).jpg

However, the Pale Ale is absolute nectar at their Bar so can recommend it and I still reckon this will be Blues’ best signing of the summer!

12 thoughts on “No Lye – It’s Peaky Blinders

  1. Well done on venturing over into the Black Country! Lye has always been a favourite of mine and used to have stacks and stacks of pubs (it’s still got a good few but nowhere near as many as it did). Sadler’s seem to be doing well off the back of the Peaky Blinders association but I tend to go for their Mud City Stout as my preference among their range. Should you go back to Lye I’d recommend the Shovel as a must; the Windsor Castle means you could keep it Sadlers and the Wheelie Thirsty micro is a relatively new addition that seems to be going from strength to strength. Cheers, Paul


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