Loving The Lyndon

A Sunday afternoon #blastfromthepast to show Paul WME he doesn’t have the monopoly on estate pubs.

Of course, the undisputed king of estate pubs was the late great Alan Winfield.  If you read any of his posts on his blog then you’ll be fully aware of just how he embraced pub life and its true community value.

Lyndon 21.07.19  (20).jpg

I reckon you’re influenced by your formative pub years and as Martin spent many an evening in Cambridge’s finest Brunning & Piece pubs then he is, of course, a huge fan of their model.

Lyndon 21.07.19  (23).jpg

I’ve already blogged about The Highwood, which was the closest pub to my home as a lad and was a good backstreet pub as was 437 – The Lyndon B92 7LY.

This was the closest boozer to my primary school and, as one of my classmates dad’s owned it,  there was a great beer pub garden to explore and what nine year old wouldn’t want to rampage around a three roomed boozer, eating crisps and soft drinks illegally in a cavernous venue seemed huge back in the seventies.

Lyndon 21.07.19  (18).jpg

Ah yes, I also remember he had a massive dog called Jason who would spend most of his time following you around either sniffing your lunch box or your backside so you needed a big beer garden to escape.

Lyndon 21.07.19  (8).jpg

I often visited there in the late eighties and early nineties too – a Wednesday evening was favourite with a couple of pals of mine – and it still felt the same so I wondered what it would be like in 2019.

Lyndon 21.07.19  (6).jpg

Well, to be honest, not a lot has changed and it is still a classic local boozer.  There is a snug, bar and lounge as well as a beer garden all of which were being well used at around 4pm on Sunday.

Lyndon 21.07.19  (10).jpg

There was a group of old lads at the bar who were as Brummie as they come. Having a play up and a laugh as well as using the fruit machine; whilst the bloke sitting had a bag over his shoulder and took off his jacket to reveal a black vest, which I’ve not seen for many a year.

Lyndon 21.07.19  (11).jpg

There were couples giggling over their phones and groups of people scattered everywhere with loads popping out for fag breaks and plenty of folk eating.

Al the kids appeared to be in the beer garden and there were three screens around the lounge with a variety of options plus a big England flag, which I am presuming is for The Ashes…

Lyndon 21.07.19  (13).jpg

It’s a place for live music these days with bands on most Friday and Saturday nights and some serious bingo – in fact so serious it’s played in the afternoon, which suggests it is packed with gentlefolk in the day.

I had a very decent pint of Butty Bach (Wye Valley) for just over three quid and it really was like stepping back in time.

Lyndon map 1.jpg

Olton has thousands of houses in close proximity and five boozers still doesn’t feel quite enough but it’s great to see a backstreet pub like this thriving.

As you can see from the map above there are a shed load of chimney pots  whilst this one…

(note the Royal Sutton Coldfield when really it’s just a Brum suburb)

Lyndon map 2.jpg

…puts it into context for my transatlantic readers.  Basically all the top left is known as the Black Country and, aside from Lye, is like a different country to me!!!

Most of the shopping precinct nearby appears to be full of empty unites apart from the top Indian restaurant Rajnagar of course; so there is definite Micro potential on the horizon although The Lyndon is so big I reckon you could probably fit in the average home attendance for nearby Solihull Moors and still find room for a dog that has a penchant for sniffing nether regions.

Lyndon 21.07.19  (2).jpg

A terrific solid local pub that is selling decent ale and brings back many good memories.

18 thoughts on “Loving The Lyndon

    1. I know- that is arguably the best/most distressing blog out there!!! So many decent boozers bitten the dust. Some for the right reasons others just due to neglect and greed. I can feel a rant coming on


  1. I think you still have the monopoly on Solihull estate pubs Beermat, especially as this is another one I’ve never been In (although I did spit it when taking photos around Olton a few years ago). Looks like a place I’d enjoy, nice to see it hasn’t all been knocked through so it retains the different rooms. We’re both still apprentices compared to Alan Winfield’s epic tally! Cheers, Paul


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