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I blame the heat.  England aren’t used to the searing temperatures whereas the Irish are far more accustomed to this type of weather hence their demolition job in the 1st Test today.

Murtagh on the dance floor I believe is the phrase in tomorrow’s papers.  Talking of papers, that leads me seamlessly into the title of this post.

Brews Burton 24.07.19  (2).jpg

It’s so hot that long posts aren’t happening today but, any excuse to get The Jam on this blog, and I’ll grab it with both hands.

439 – Brews Of The World DE14 1BN is the new hipster place in Burton and any bottle shop/bar that makes a play on Bruce Foxton’s second finest piece of work deserved plenty of recognition.

In case there is anyone reading the blog who is under the age of 30 then here is a clip of Weller and the boys banging out a tune that didn’t make it onto any of their albums…


…imagine that, a track that actually doesn’t appear on album.  Mind you, anyone under 30 probably thinks what’s an album?!

Brews Burton 24.07.19  (14).jpg

I’m pretty sure the joint gaffer of Brews of the World, Chris, who is 44, is a Jam fan although there was a little bit of Classic FM on when I entered at about 3pm today.

It’s basically a specialist bottled beer shop that now has some taps in, as well as seating and is, to all intents and purposes a bar.

Brews Burton 24.07.19  (5).jpg

The gaffer was great value and very chatty.  They’ve been open just over 18 months and have plans to keep on developing it.

I had a remarkably good pint of Futurist (Siren) although at an eye-watering £6 a pint it should be and is definitely one for the connoisseur.  Mind you, as far as I am aware, nowhere else in Burton is providing this range of beers so they have found themselves a nice little niche in the market.

(Retro beermats)

Brews Burton 24.07.19  (15).jpg

Talking of connoisseurs another punter came in to join us by the name of Don and, as luck would have it, he happened to be a Birmingham City fan as well and we soon moved on to tales of St Andrew’s.

I reckon there are more exiled Blues fans these days than actually turn up to watch!

Brews Burton 24.07.19  (7).jpg

He also joined me on the Siren and Chris and Don then exchanged the perils of a punter who enjoyed the 9% IPA too much and was almost stretchered out recently!

Chris was still good value and a former employee of Marston’s it is quite ironic this is selling its vast array of beer under the shadow of the huge Molson Coors factory.

Brews Burton 24.07.19  (8).jpg

Let’s be honest, if you’re opening up a new bar in Burton then there is  no point competing with either The Cooper’s Tavern, The Devonshire or even The Dog as they are all classic trad boozers in the ‘home of brewing.’

Brews Burton 24.07.19  (3).jpg

So, with it being open all day, every day and selling beers nowhere else in Burton does, then I reckon the future is bright.

“Read All About It, Read All About It…” as Bruce and Paul once said

15 thoughts on “News Of The World

  1. Nice piece on a place that would be right up my street. When it comes to prices, at that strength it would be a half for me and £3.00 for a nice drink doesn’t sound so bad.

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  2. The (usually) ‘trestle table and bench seating bottle shop tap’ is, I have to say, second only in lack of appeal to the ‘trestle table…… brewery tap’. The seating looks better in there though, and a nice Ind Coope mirror helps I suppose. You are right though, something different is always better than more of the same or copying what everyone else has done. Not high on my list of Burton destinations though.

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    1. I love the comments section on this blog as a really wide view point which is good🍻👍 I’d rather sit in a trad boozer but beer was good as was company and always nice to have a bit of a change 👍


      1. They can certainly be basic and functional but that’s not the main issue I have with bottle shop bars. There are a few of these style of bars in towns I visit quite regularly, and they certainly fill a niche in their markets. It’s just not a niche I don’t have much interest in. I’ve had more occasions where the (limited) keg draught range has been so weird/wacky/super-strength that I’ve genuinely struggled to find something I want to drink. They are targeting a very high-end of the beer enthusiast market, prone to searching out rare beers, one-offs etc. and as such the draught beer quality can be very variable in my view too. I’ve had some shockers that really should never have left the brewery, but as we know, someone will buy them. Good at what they do I guess, just not for me…

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      2. That’s a good analysis and an honest answer. It worked for me on this occasion but I guess the acid test is can they survive over a period of time and can they attract regulars?


  3. Hi mate, it was good to meet you the other day. I’ve been reading this blog for a while and the title now makes sense!

    Just a couple of things I’d like to mention:

    – I can understand why people would think of us as a hipster bar, but there’s more to it than that. We get people in from all walks of life. Some of them do have beards, but that’s more to do with not being bothered with shaving than making some sort of post-anti-existentialisticist(?) statement.
    My mate’s a lorry driver when he’s not in here running the shop, which is about as non-hipster as you can get. The axle grease would ruin their man buns;

    – There’s also more to this place than craft keg ales. The best seller (so far) is Worthington White Shield, and lots of customers buy Pedigree, Sam Smith’s, Burton Bridge, Ashover etc. to drink in.

    Business is booming, especially since we got the taps on. Drop in anytime. Cheers!!


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    1. Ha 😀 lovely to hear from you Chris and I loved your boozer 👍 yes hipster a bit throwaway as Don, me and probably your good self are very stylish but probably not hip! 😉 Beer was fantastic and love the fact business is booming now the taps are in. Great to have a pub gaffer on here and hopefully post showed the place in s positive light as I will be back!!


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