The Hartshill Mile – Part 3: On The Podium

Who doesn’t want to get a medal? To be fair, the lure of a gong for completing The Hartshill Mile would mean my drinking career was about on par with my football career so the temperature was rising.

(Penkhull Ukelele Band – Best in Midlands?)

Hartshill 25.07.19  (18).jpg

Actually, it was absolutely roasting but we put our place on the podium (The Hop Inn) on hold to back track to a boozer in Newcastle that was needed in order to fill in the blanks on Stoke’s finest charity pub crawl.

Hartshill 25.07.19  (16).jpg

444 – The Museum ST5 1JU is best described as an old skool boozer that is on a busy road but has the feel of a backstreet pub.

Hartshill 25.07.19  (19).jpg

It’s a two-roomer and with our new found guide Bill being the voice of reason we opted for a half of Bass…apart from my pal who can’t drink it and had a Bombardier instead

(Stone Roses bucket hat)

Hartshill 25.07.19  (64).jpg

which was top class from a barmaid with purple hair, who was also top class.

Hartshill 25.07.19  (62).jpg

A feature of all the boozers in Stoke were the friendly approach from all the local punters and this had sky sports, a dartboard and was a proper local.

Hartshill 25.07.19  (60).jpg

It had the obligatory old Stoke picture…here’s Mark Stein scoring against Manchester United in 1993 and the feller behind was a good looking chap and very underrated, so I am led to believe!

Hartshill 25.07.19  (66).jpg
Moving on we found a pub that Alan Winfield or Paul WME would be delighted with as it is tucked away off the main drag and known as 445 – Hop Inn ST5 1JR.

Hartshill 25.07.19  (29).jpg

It used to be known as The Albert (it’s on Albert St) and was apparently in the doldrums until the new gaffer bought it. It’s very well kept and had some terrific hanging baskets outside, which is always a good sign

Hartshill 25.07.19  (71).jpg
According to Bill, the gaffer isn’t always there, but he was a former roadie for the likes of Pink Floyd so I suspect he doesn’t get too stressed with life in the cracking three-roomed boozer.

Hartshill 25.07.19  (76).jpg
The Hartshill Mile guru arrived and as you can tell, my drinking buddy was delighted to receive his medal. Of course, we hadn’t quite finished but we look like honest blokes so he was happy to take us at face value.

(Gold medallist with random punters)

Hartshill 25.07.19  (78).jpg

He gave us a good insight into the reasoning behind setting up the Hartshill Mile and I reckon they should make it an all year round event so chancers like Simon and I can contribute money to the cause!

Hartshill 25.07.19  (74).jpg
I can’t quite remember if I had Bass or Jarl (Fyne Ales) in here but either way it was another top pint and proof that even in 100% temperatures you can keep a decent drop of cask.

Hartshill 25.07.19  (82).jpg

We said our goodbyes to the Hartshill Mile organiser and the former Pink Floyd Roadie and headed back towards Hartshill and another proper local boozer.

Hartshill 25.07.19  (41).jpg

446 – Red Lion ST4 6ES was one we had tried earlier to no success although a bloke going into the boozer said he’s love to help but it wasn’t his pub.

Hartshill 25.07.19  (84).jpg
So imagine our surprise when we saw him serving behind the bar with a big grin when we walked in; it was that sort of pub where you could have a play up and the banter was rife.

Hartshill 25.07.19  (85).jpg

There were plenty of Hi viz jackets in and Doom Bar (Sharps) was the ale option but it was, once again very good proving the old adage that less is more.

Hartshill 25.07.19  (86).jpg

Most of the lads in here were here for a post work craic though and, unbelievably, that photo of Stein scoring past Schmeichel in 1993 was on the wall in here too and led to a lot of raucous conversation.

Hartshill 25.07.19 (66)
It is tucked away on the Old Stoke Road and was great value with the best beer garden so far and we reckoned Bill was now with us for the duration.

Hartshill 25.07.19  (90).jpg
It was clean and tidy and had some cash spent on it and, doing the Hartshill Mile, was a good ice breaker and meant people were happy to chat.

Hartshill 25.07.19 (39)

This was the loudest boozer so far and one that has definitely benefited from being on the ‘Mile.’ It was very much early evening and the pubs were filling up as Simon tried not to be weighed down with his medal as we moved onwards back towards the train station…

8 thoughts on “The Hartshill Mile – Part 3: On The Podium

  1. Can’t drink Bass and has to have Bombardier?!! What on earth is wrong with the man?

    The name of the HopInn rather suggests something modern, but in fact it’s an excellent unspoilt pub and has a wonderful top-lit lounge at the back. And it’s good to see it serving Bass alongside the more exotic brews.

    Although presumably not on this crawl, the Victoria is another great little traditional boozer with Bass just down the hill from the HopInn.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Where do you want me to start!!!! To be fair, he likes his ale but just can’t do Pedigree or Bass as he says the smell puts him off…I think he must be related in some way to Rich C. Yes, The Hop Inn wasn’t what I expected from the name but it really is a gem. In fact, I’d forgotten quite how good Stoke was/is…
      I’ll pencil in The Victoria for another time as my mate reckons there are a few in Penkhull and Stoke we could check out as well…no Bombardier though!


  2. I do think Clarkson underrated since he is the only guy I recognize on that roster. If I am reading this right, and I have never heard of Stein or Schmeichel, is it odd to see yourself in a photo posted in a random pub? Much less two consecutive pubs…

    1. I love the fact that in USA I am better known than Stein and Schmeichel 👍 very random considering it was 26 years ago and lots of other Stoke pictures could have gone up in the interim period! Wholly unexpected.


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