Everyone Jolly (Potters) In Hartshill

The Internet has been terrific in general as it introduced me to The Hartshill Mile via FB, for example, and also allows me to waffle incessantly through this blog.

Of course, the comments section is always good value and I have to say I’ve been pretty fortunate thus far in the fact that (a) no one really comments and (b) when they do, it’s usually within the bounds of decency (Russ is on a sabbatical).

(men on a mission…to deliver a CAMRA mag)

Hartshill 25.07.19  (112).jpg

But, there are some absolute cranks out there I have to say and a lot of them are drawn to click bait journalism, as displayed by The Stoke Evening Sentinel.

Hartshill 25.07.19  (140).jpg

In fact, more often than not local rags comments section are the worst offenders as keyboard warriors just blurt out ill-informed dross usually of either an inane or mildly offensive nature (and I don’t get fussed by much – apart from Farmhouse Inns of course).

Hartshill 25.07.19  (4).jpg

Take for example the 450 – Jolly Potters ST4 7NL, which was where we started and ended the Hartshill Mile and can only give it a glowing reference.

However, someone is clearly out to get them if you read this piece in The Sentinel and the subsequent comments.

(looks pretty well kept to me)

Hartshill 25.07.19 (5)

We were only there for one day but this looks like a fantastic community pub with someone at the helm who has spent a few quid on the place making it a smart, yet traditional pub, selling amber nectar known as Bass.

Hartshill 25.07.19 (123)

We pitched up there just after 1pm when it was shut only for the gaffer’s daughter and her feller to give us a lift all the way to Newcastle, or as Matthew and the May Bank locals call it ‘Castle, which was well out of her way.

Realistically, we were only ever going to buy one or two pints each in their pub at the end of the evening but this kind of touch, going the extra mile, counts a lot in my book.

Hartshill 25.07.19  (138).jpg


Wind forward six hours later and the Jolly Potters is a proper old school local with four rooms, Sky Sports and, as my fellow medallist recalled, almost unchanged from when he was a student there in the nineties.

(Not on the Hartshill Mile)

Hartshill 25.07.19  (118).jpg

However, there has been a lick of paint, it is smart and has a terrific beer garden, which is a real feature or a problem if you listen to some people.

Hartshill 25.07.19  (136).jpg

Simon was happy to be presented once again with his medal although there was still no podium photo, whilst CAMRA legend Bill managed to finally drop his Potters Bar magazine off to the landlady about five pints later!

Hartshill 25.07.19  (133).jpg

It wasn’t packed but there enough people in to give it a good, yet chilled atmosphere and the landlady, gaffer’s daughter and her feller were all top notch and happy to join with the general crack of finishing the Hartshill Mile.

Hartshill 25.07.19  (116).jpg

It’s a Stoke city pub (aren’t they all in the Potteries?) and memorabilia everywhere lets you know which team this boozer is backing.

Hartshill 25.07.19  (124).jpg

Of course, everything on this blog is totally true and all the comments are very earnest (just deleting Martin’s now) but I just don’t get petty vendettas and ill-informed drivel in the comments sections.

Hartshill 25.07.19  (141).jpg

A great day of 11 boozers, a medal, an introduction to CAMRA beer scoring, lots of warm, funny people and raising money for a fantastic cause.

We waited at Bod (Titanic Brewery bar) at the station but, I have to confess, had a hot chocolate, as even pub bloggers need a breather on occasions.

Hartshill 25.07.19  (142).jpg

Get yourself to the Jolly Potters and you will get a warm welcome, while you’re there, get yourself on the Hartshill Mile.

14 thoughts on “Everyone Jolly (Potters) In Hartshill

  1. Hartshill’s much easier to walk on the way to Stoke than it is to Castle (I suppose the clue is in the -hill suffix) . Though you get “excellent” views of Hanley and various industrial wastelands from just before that Esso garage before the Jolly Potter. Plus there’s the quirk around there of only having a pavement on one side of the road. Bet that’ll catch out a lot of newbies doing the Hartshill Mile.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There was plenty of scope for regeneration on that walk from the station to Hartshill! It caught us out early on but it was still early doors so in decent nick…
      I’d forgotten how much I like Stoke and just quite how earthy it is!


  2. Nice write up. Brilliant pub! ‘Scandal hit’ unbelievable. It’s on the end of a single terraced street with a nearby carpet shop / petrol station and cemetery (Don’t think the residents of the latter are overly concerned)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What a complete waste of public money bringing this prosecution,couldn’t an advisory letter have been sent instead regarding the licensee’s failure to complete various box ticking exercises?

    Liked by 2 people

      1. That’s what happens when you get gentrification in a town like Stoke, middle class complain about a little noise in a pub that’s been about for centuries.

        We’re even seeing this creeping gentrification in Cambridge now, y’know 😮

        Liked by 1 person

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