Final Piece In The Whitwick Jigsaw

Isn’t very good alliteration I know but you try and make a blog post title out of Whitwick…

Martin made a great point in the last comments section, which leads me to believe CAMRA may have be infiltrated by members of the IOC.

Whitwick L Jane 30.07.19  (10).jpg

I’ve long argued that sports such as darts are equally as worthy of a place in the Olympics as the likes of shooting, archery and cycling.

I reckon it is pure snobbery and Baron Pierre De Coubertain opened a can of worms with me over century ago when he made his choices!

Whitwick L Jane 30.07.19  (1).jpg

In fact, I reckon it should be pitching for the Commonwealth Games as can you imagine Darts at the 2022 event in Brum?

It wouldn’t cost anything as they could all turn up at The Bull Ring Tavern and it’s almost a guaranteed gold for England or Scotland to boot!

Whitwick L Jane 30.07.19  (32).jpg

However, as Martin and his fellow GBG tickers travel every corner of the UK in search of Utopia (or a Brunning & Price pub) he has noted that he can’t recall any boozers in the GBG that have had a darts match going on during his sessions visits.

Whitwick L Jane 30.07.19  (30).jpg

Which kind of fits with the fact that a lot of solid local boozers are no longer making it into the GBG but not that 452 – The Lady Jane LE67 5PH seem overly concerned.

Whitwick L Jane 30.07.19  (7).jpg

This is a bona fide estate pub tucked away off the main drag in Whitwick and a welcome return for the most coveted of all postcode addresses on this blog; LE67.

It’s also the final piece of the Whitwick jigsaw after joining the Coalville Completists Club earlier this year so it’s a moment to be savoured.

Whitwick L Jane 30.07.19  (12).jpg

There are thousands of chimney pots nearby so this place is definitely a locals’ boozer and it was a classic 60s/70s build.

I half expected Rod Stewart’s “Baby Jane” to be blasting out when I walked in but no such luck…


Whitwick L Jane 30.07.19  (5).jpg

A huge bar and separate lounge with the added bonus of not only a dart board, but two pool tables at the back of the room.

It had not long opened just after 5 on a Thursday and as well as all the aforementioned, The Lady Jane also had the obligatory ‘man sitting at the bar’ and the latest addition to estate boozers…The Chase!

(oh look..a quiz machine too)

Whitwick L Jane 30.07.19  (11).jpg

More often than not, even in pubs with Sky Sports, you will find The Chase compulsive viewing for punters in some boozers as ‘man sitting at the bar’ was shouting out answers on a regular basis.

However, the other staple in an estate pub, ‘man in a Hi-Viz jacket’ appeared and had been camping and was sharing his tales of windswept woe and pictures with his pals and the atmosphere was just warming up.

(I reckon this place is very lively Fri-Sun)

Whitwick L Jane 30.07.19  (22).jpg

He sounded like yet another exiled Brummie and was in good form regaling all with his damp squib few days…a modern day slideshow if you like that you had to watch in the seventies at your Uncle John’s house.


Whitwick L Jane 30.07.19  (20).jpg

It’s very much a Leicester City boozer and there is often a misconception that backstreet/estate pubs don’t have much demand for cask.  That’s not the case in LE67 and I spoke to the landlady who said the Shy Giant (Ringwood) had sold really well the night before so I thought why not?  I could have and Pedigree as well but this was absolute nectar.

Whitwick L Jane 30.07.19  (17).jpg

It might well have been the first one out the traps but it was an absolute corker of a pint and I reckon, on the strength of that pint, this could well be a contender for 2021.

Unlikely I suspect but good to see a landlady who looks after her pub as both inside and out was tidy and as well as your obligatory darts and pool teams it also runs a possible future Olympic sport with guns and pellets!

Whitwick L Jane 30.07.19  (26).jpg

I often say (well, not that often) that 99% of the people 99% of the time are spot on and this place was no different with no one bothering and a “see you later” from a couple of the punters as I left.

Whitwick L Jane 30.07.19  (24).jpg

A cracking local pub that is well worth a visit….

Is there a better pub postcode in the Midlands?  In Britain?  On the Planet?


14 thoughts on “Final Piece In The Whitwick Jigsaw

    1. I have to say this one was absolutely magnificent. I don’t always get that excited over a pint but this was as good as I’ve had in a while. Your point was very valid and not that I think they’ll give a jot but The Lady Jane is unlikely to feature again I suspect. That’s not knocking CAMRA of course, who do a good job, but just don’t seem to have the manpower to get around to all of these boozers.

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  1. Another fine post from the Ambassador for the East Midlands. Over the years I have benefited from arriving at pubs at the end of darts matches (or skittles in the south-west) and helping to polish off what’s left of the free food. Weddings, christening and funerals are also good in that respect. Quizzes are number 2 after sport for bartop viewing.

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  2. I must start to make some proper indentations in that LE67 postcode, you’re doing a fine job of marketing the area! Definitely see more of The Chase on my travels than I do of Pointless, perhaps ‘The Beast’ and ‘The Governess’ have more pub appeal than Richard Osman and Alexander Armstrong??

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  3. Ah yes! The Chase held the room in the Prince Of Wales Ilkeston when I was in last. Is it just the time of day? That late afternoon lull before the post-work crowd arrive that makes it so essential. Of course I don’t approve but it is horribly compulsive viewing.

    I haven’t seen an actual Darts match in progress for years, but that’s because I rarely drink anywhere but my local in the evening. Having said that there’s much less casual Darts play than there used to be. I see much more Doms and Crib on my travels than Darts.

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  4. That looks good, keep meaning to “colour in” the rest of Whitwick.

    Saw Pointless on in the Stamford & Warrington, Co’ville once but that was three years ago, they might have moved on to The Chase. (they’re all repeats these days anyway).

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