Singing The Blues In Oakham

I like my live sport as much as anyone but sometimes you have to bite the bullet and watch it on the box.

Working in Oakham meant I had to scour the boozers for some live top class action (well Pompey v Blues) and the beauty of the internet meant I knew 453 – The Railway LE15 6QU would be showing this Caraboa Cup classic.

Oak Rail 06.08.19 (17)

Of course, whilst I was clear this was the game of the week to watch I was well aware the residents of Oakham might not share my enthusiasm for this first round tie, meaning I didn’t need to get there until kick off.

Oak Rail 06.08.19 (16)

I’ve only visited The Grainstore before in this town and this is only 100 yards up the road from both there and the station, so ideally positioned.

It wasn’t quite what I expected for a Tuesday evening when I entered as there was a stoical bloke at the bar (who turned out to be to class company) but a barmaid who was loud and must have come from Coalville, as she wasn’t afraid to swear whilst a couple of her mates were drinking green pints of something!

Oak Rail 06.08.19  (13).jpg

I enquired about the football and she said it was no problem even though they were singing (I use that term loosely) along to some song on MTV with suitable manic dancing (I use the term loosely) and it was lively.

I suspect she might have had a few of the green pints herself as she couldn’t work out how to change the channels so, I managed to press the magic buttons and 401 appeared.

Oak Rail 06.08.19  (8).jpg

Her shift was just ending though and her replacement seemed a lot calmer and he came in, turned up the volume and started talking about all things Leicester City.

Oak Rail 06.08.19  (19).jpg

There was a music area out the back and it looked as though the lively squad had retired there, as there were some tunes emanating from that zone whilst barfly, barman and I watched plucky Blues fall to a 3-0 defeat against those current giants of football, Portsmouth (that is true Russ/Dave/Dick).

(Here come Uriah Heep)

Oak Rail 06.08.19  (24).jpg

The barfly was great value and managed to slip on two Uriah Heep tracks in the half time interval (I’ll need to confirm with Mudige what there were) and had been coming into this boozer for night on 30 years.

He documented many changes such as the last gaffer being a massive Leicester fan and running the Oakham supporters club branch and how the new gaffer wanted to turn it into a music pub and there were gigs in the backroom.

Oak Rail 06.08.19  (11).jpg

However, arguably the biggest point he made was that the pub was much less full now than it was thirty years ago…

I had a 61 Deep (Marston’s) that came in at a whopping £4.05, which was good, but not that good to be over £4.00 in a backstreet boozer.

Oak Rail 06.08.19  (5).jpg

Although the barman did mention Johns Smith’s was only £2.80 a pint so I eventually succumbed…

Another feller came in and chatted to barfly and barman and the bloke at the bar – out of nowhere suddenly said “I always thought that John Bond was a real ****!” He then proceeded to justify it with a whole host of reasons!

Oak Rail 06.08.19  (27).jpg

There was plenty of football reminiscing going on, but that line came from nowhere and left me in stitches.

Oak Rail 06.08.19  (22).jpg

I think it came about as Kevin Bond was watching the game and it started from there …I bet he’s been sitting on the same stool for 30 years and left just before it got really exciting (actually, that’s not true) to go for his curry and his mate then moved to his stool to watch the last ten minutes.

A three roomed boozer, with one being used for music, this is a place that has plenty of history and is definitely a local as opposed to a tourist pub. Does Oakham have tourists?

Oak Rail 06.08.19  (23).jpg

With around ten people in all night (only three in the main bar for most of it) I guess that isn’t too bad for a Tuesday but The Grainstore up the road was heaving by comparison.

Oak Rail 06.08.19  (29).jpg

I reckon when Leicester play Newcastle in Round 2, if it’s on the box, then this place will have a few more punters in and who knows, the barmaid might even have sussed out the remote control by that time!

10 thoughts on “Singing The Blues In Oakham

  1. I visit Oakham quite regularly, it’s one of the few decent size towns I can get to by bus from home. Must say though, since Les and Marie retired and the White Lion closed, I’ve less enthusiasm for the place, preferring to shoot through to Stamford or the recently revitalised beer destination Melton Mowbray (and Bass in the excellent Boat) most of the time.

    The problem with Oakham is the best pubs sell mediocre beer, and the best beer is found in upmarket foodie pubs and hotels I wouldn’t travel for. Rutland in general is very poor for proper boozers, with only a few exceptions when you get out in the sticks. As for the Grainy, well other than their dark mild, much as I like the pub, and it does have a gaggle of locals that use it, unfortunately I find their beers about as dull as it’s possible to get. We get dozens of their seasonals and specials in my local, they all taste the same, and they’re all absolutely not to at all my taste…

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    1. Melton is excellent…some great pubs there. Only been to Stamford once but it looks very middle England 😉 was the White Lion the place to go? I quite like some of their beers as I’m more of a pale ale/ bitter man but would agree not a massive variety


      1. The White Lion was modestly beery, always had London Pride and a couple of good guests on, plus keg Ansells Mild! Very much a locals pub, ridiculously cheap homemade food, including legendary Cheese & Potato Pasties that I filled my freezer with. Darts’n’Dominoes, pub dog, loads of chat round the bar. I think most of the older locals have relocated to the Wetherspoon. It also sold my cider and perry, so I have to express an interest here…

        There’s a pic of the pub on this post:

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  2. Agree with Mark, Oakham isn’t very pubby, not sure it ever was.

    I was in the White Lion on 1/4/97 when Rutland gained independence from Leicestershire. Great night.

    Spoons has really sucked in the remaining Old Boy trade.

    You may be surprised by how pubby Stamford is 😉

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  3. Beer pricing in Oakham is subject to the “Rutland” effect. The multi-roomed Lord Nelson in the Market Place is interesting. It was a shame the White Lion fell by the wayside, as (The Real) Mark says, the pasties were brilliant – my favourite was the minced beef & onion.

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    1. You can’t beat a quality pasty although I have to say I am definitely s pie man! Lord Nelson on my next visit although Lord Nargis mentioned Jinkys in the comments section?
      Does Rutland class itself as Pukka and charge higher prices 🙄


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