Great Pub Names #2: The Excavator

If there was a better sight in sport this summer than Ben Stokes hitting a boundary to win the Third test against Australia then I can’t recall it.

Hang on, Jos Buttler taking the bails off to run out Martin Guptill in the World Cup Final about six weeks earlier probably was and cricket really is the gift that keeps on giving this summer.

Excavator 29.07.19  (23).jpg

I say this as I watched Stokes’ historic stance with Jack Leach at Solihull Cricket Club in between a rare game of T20 where I discovered my bowling is okay but my batting has some about as effective as Tim Payne’s.

Luckily as we watched the climax to the test about ten deep at the bar then it was one of those “I remember where I was when that happened,” moments.

Excavator 29.07.19 (6)

Anyway, whilst I could wax lyrical about England and cricket all day (I’m hoping this post has the desired effect for the fourth test) needs must and Russ will be getting impatient by now so I need to post about a pub.

Excavator 29.07.19  (20).jpg

466 – The Excavator DE56 2HS in Buckland Hollow (classing itself as Ambergate)

Excavator Map 1.jpg

between Heage and Crich on the outskirts of Belper is as good a place as any to start.

Excavator 29.07.19  (16).jpg

It’s off the beaten track although on the A610 heading towards Ripley and Heanor,

Excavator Map 2.jpg

which have a fair few chimney pots.

Excavator 29.07.19  (8).jpg

Considering it was as Monday at just after midday the place was pretty full.  Demographics were mostly females having a glass of wine and some food, along with couples and families eating whilst a couple were on the lash outside.  Either way it was doing brisk trade although one lady brought back the ‘spirit of Glapwell.’

Excavator 29.07.19  (12).jpg

Back in the day I visited The Plug And Feathers and was concerned there wouldn’t be enough oxygen to go round such was the machine gun approach of her conversation.

(The sort of place that would have left Rich speechless…or not!)

Excavator 29.07.19  (17).jpg

I’m not sure if it was the same woman here but she was going at it hammer and tongs with her pal who was nodding politely but couldn’t get a word in so appeared to be consoling herself with a large glass of white!

Excavator 29.07.19  (3).jpg

Apparently, the Excavator got its name due to the fact it had a large digger on its roof!  It didn’t have any cask on as the Brakespear “Oxford Gold” was ‘conditioning in the cellar’ so I settled for a more than decent keg 61 Deep (Marston’s).

Excavator 29.07.19  (1).jpg

A ridiculously loud bell singled the arrival of every meal from the kitchen but the barmaid took it in good spirit, was friendly and helpful and the atmosphere was very good.

I can’t imagine a pub like this would survive without food offerings so it appears to have its market cornered and in a region of fantastic wet led boozers has found its niche.  An open pub is nearly always a good pub…

14 thoughts on “Great Pub Names #2: The Excavator

  1. Unusual pub name- another I haven’t been to. Incredible cricket – Jack Leach is a cult hero! Recently noticed a whole batch of your and Martin’s posts have landed in my junk box. His I can understand but I yours?!

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  2. Don’t know the history, but I’m guessing that’s not an original name and it was previously called something else. Sounds like what they’d call a 1960s estate pub near the JCB factory.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I want to go to that 1960s estate pub near the JCB factory – I imagine it having a flat roof bedecked with bulldozers. Well done on getting another cricket mention into the mix – hopefully there will be more triumphant memories to come if we can finish what Stokes started by winning the series! Cheers, Paul

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  3. Not sure that JCB make Dozers but how about if there was a pub called the Caterpillar near Desford. Its sign could have a caterpillar on one side and a Caterpillar on the other.


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