Lazy Sunday Afternoons In Burton

This is a short post but just to let everyone know sanity is all around despite the constant diatribe of B******t from politicians about B****t.

With all the bitterness and rancour from a minority of the country’s population currently boring everyone senseless then it was the prefect time to find a civilised throwback boozer.

Alfred 08.09.19  (9).jpg

It’s not often you can describe a pub that is sandwiched between lots of terraced houses in Burton on Trent as civilised but 469 – The Alfred Ale House DE14 2LD most definitely is.

I managed to twist my daughter’s arm to pop in on a sleepy Sunday afternoon after a day of sport and it was like stepping back in time.

(it’s a long road to Derby)

Alfred 08.09.19  (8).jpg

“Shout” by Lulu was on the speakers, there were couples quietly and politely eating Sunday lunch being brought out to them by a friendly lady in a pinafore and the old boy locals were nodding heads and in full “hello mate” mode.

The gaffer was friendly and they did tip their hat to the modern world as I was able to buy my very decent pint of Stairway To Heaven (Burton Bridge) with a card and they even have their own Facebook page.

Alfred 08.09.19  (12).jpg

However, this place feels like a throwback and is the sort of boozer that Burton still does as well as any other town in the country.  The Derby Road is busy but you could be transported anywhere such is the throwback nature of this palce.

It was, and I presume still is, owned by Burton Bridge even though they have been disposing of most of their pub stock in recent times and has those lovely leaded stained glass windows separating little alcoves in one of the  two rooms.

Alfred 08.09.19  (3).jpg

Built in the 1860s It was the original Truman Brewery Tap until that bit the dust in 1971 and was snapped up by Burton Bridge in 1996.

There’s a central serving counter for both rooms and there is all kind of memorabilia and breweriania on the walls.

Alfred 08.09.19  (5).jpg

There is a quiz advertised and it consisted of around ten couples politely eating and a group of five or six old boys politely drinking and a family of three just leaving when we arrived.

Alfred 08.09.19 (11)

There’s something quite relaxing about a pub that is at ease with itself and whilst it wasn’t packed by any stretch of the imagination at 3pm on a Sunday afternoon, it is the sort of pub I could imagine would have featured on episodes of The Likely Lads, Rising Damp, Two Ronnies et al as a quintessential British hostelry.

Lazy Sunday afternoons as Steve Marriott and the Small Faces once sang and they don’t get much more chilled than the Alfred Ale House.


13 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday Afternoons In Burton

    1. Yes me too. The Burton Bridge Inn is still going strong even though the original blokes who set up brewery have retired. This place wasn’t ‘Sunday packed’ like I’ve seen other pubs but had enough in to survive I hope. I can’t think of many other towns that has as many old, unspoilt pubs as Burton…


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