Sometimes You Do And Sometimes You Brew

Spoiler alert:  This post isn’t about Brew XI.

Just before Russ points out that this title is the lead to the M&B Brew XI advert from the 80s, I have to confess it is a tenuous link almost as loose as Martin’s scurrilous attempt to draw Birmingham City fans into his blog by using their anthem as the title.

Brew 12.09.19  (17).jpg

Whilst the clubs lawyers have been contacted for linking Birmingham City with a successful event, it means the (non GBG) embargo being placed on Martin leaves the field clear for me to fill my boots with misleading titles.

This post is, in fact, about a cracking little bottle shop/tap room sandwiched between a tattoo parlour and an accountants on the main Market Street in Ashby De La Zouch.

Brew 12.09.19  (13).jpg

471 – Brew LE65 1AP not only has a punchy title but it has yet to trouble the CAMRA website so expect it to be a shoe in for the GBG in 2021.  In fact, I will be pushing for more towns such as Ashby and Coalville, with no rail links to have a lot more entries just for my own comedy value!

I may even have beaten the Leicester gurus who read this blog, Pete, Shawn and Mark to the punch on this one, but I reckon it’s here to stay.

Brew 12.09.19  (14).jpg

Anyway, thinking about the misleading 80’s Midlands beer title of this post meant I had to undertake an extensive search of the web to see if I could uncover the Brummie classic.

I couldn’t but I did unearth some gems form the era including cameo appearances from Colin Welland, Rowan Atkinson, Chas and Dave as well as Dave from the Winchester in Minder!

Of course the sight of Welland supping Tartan Bitter and leaving the foam on his ‘tache along with Chas and Dave singing the merits of Courage Bitter is exactly the type of advert Brew wouldn’t want to be associated with.

I visited at around 5.15 on a Thursday afternoon and the place was pretty quiet apart from another couple quaffing in the corner and a bloke who came in to buy a selection of bottles.

Brew 12.09.19  (15).jpg

However, that did mean I could talk to the Gaffer who said he took over the place last November and turned it into a Tap Room as well and plans are afoot to increase the seating by moving the bottles to the back wall.

Brew 12.09.19  (5).jpg

He reckoned Friday and Saturday nights were an absolute goldmine and Ashby is a renowned town for a lively evening.

It’s a fairly well to do town but the lack of a train station means that most of the locals stay in town of an evening and it can, on occasions, turn into the Wild West post-midnight.

Brew 12.09.19  (1).jpg

There’s certainly plenty of boozers in town including a relatively pukka Spoons, three Bass Houses, the obligatory Tap House/Micro along with a solid Marston’s pub, a proper gritty local.  There are more as well as a couple of clubs so the possibilities are endless!

As the gaffer confirmed,it can get very  lively but, as he was a native of Coalville, then this is a far more gentrified version; with a massive amount of chimney pots sprouting up all the time and plenty of space to continue building then it is only going to get bigger.

Brew 12.09.19  (11).jpg

He wasn’t sure what to expect as the Ashby Statutes started earlier today, which is basically a massive fair for around four days that the town has to undertake by law.

The Pat Collins Funfair is there until next Tuesday and I know how Paul WME likes his Ferris wheels so this would be the perfect time to fill your boots in Ashby.

The gaffe admitted he had spotted a gap in the market as no one else is selling craft keg and the variety of it and, like Brews of the World in Burton, it has the pricing to match.

Brew 12.09.19  (16).jpg

However, you know if you go in here then it is going to be premium prices but the half of  Hold It Down (Lost and Found) at £2.75 was a belter so they are getting something right and, with a couple of stouts on, then I reckon Martin’s embargo might be lifted in time for him to try a drop of the dark stuff.

Brew 12.09.19  (7).jpg

I could imagine Citra in here having a drink as this would have rivalled his  Apocalyptic Thunder Juice (calm down Russ) whilst this would have been right up Richard Coldwell’s street and I am pretty sure that Ashby is embracing it as well.


16 thoughts on “Sometimes You Do And Sometimes You Brew

      1. You should follow the great example of RM and BRAPA – if you don’t like or can’t remember the facts,
        make up something good. Donald T (among others) has made a great career of it.

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    1. “Ashby De La Zouch may be the greatest town name I have never heard of.”

      Same here Dave. I’ve loved that name since the first time I read about it in one of BBM’s posts. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. “Just before Russ points out”

    Sadly, I won’t be pointing too many things out for the time being.

    My dear old mum fell down at home and wasn’t found till the next day, still lying on the bathroom floor. She’s in hospital with very limited mobility on her left side. It looks like she won’t be able to go home once she is well enough to leave. My wife and I are busy trying to wade through the paperwork to enable her to come live with us (in another province) but it’s not easy, partly due to her cancer treatments. At the end of each day I find I’m not at my wittiest for posting. 😦

    But I will return! 🙂


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  2. Ashby de la Zouch is definitely on my to do list (which seems to grow every time I read a post from you, Martin, Simon or Duncan) if I can figure out the best way of getting there. I’m not sure I’ll be chasing the craft stuff or any ferris wheels though! Usually any references to Birmingham City are enough to put me off reading a blog but I do make an exception in your case, and they did have a great win yesterday at Charlton so perhaps it won’t be such a bad Blues season after all! Cheers, Paul

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It looks like we might reach mid table mediocrity after all 😉 yes some great traditional pubs in Ashby and someone driving is probably best bet although bus is possible… plough, blue bell, bowling green, lamb, shoulder of mutton, bulls head and White Hart all tick the box with tollgate tap house and brew worth a visit…. Coalville only five minutes away by car too!


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