Forget The GBG – This Is The Bass GBG 2020

The GBG is officially the second best publication for beer lovers on the market after Ian Thurman’s Bass Directory.

Along with fellow Bass aficionados Martin, Mudgie and Leicestershire guru Pete, as well as the ‘other’ Martin (from Stoke on Trent) I am in the Bass Appreciation Society (as many acronyms you can think of starting with Bas…….) and make no bones about it.

Railway Tavern  11.04.19  (18).jpg

It’s the sort of drink that divides opinion like Marmite with connoisseurs harking back to a different time (and brewery) and constantly taking the new canned version to task for being very un-Bass like.

However, when it’s in its pomp, I reckon there are few finer beers on the market and- after visiting over 450 pubs in the Midlands – I have complied ten boozers that served me an absolute killer pint of Bass…

This is in no particular order and there are a couple of controversial omissions….

The Railway Tavern LE65 2PW  is a classic little backstreet pub tucked away off the main drag in Ashby De La Zouch.  There are a few Bass houses in this town but this is the stand out one and even has a Bass lamp for good measure out the front.

Railway Tavern  11.04.19  (17).jpg

Waggon And Horses  LE67 6LA 

Waggon and Horses 06.11.18  (2).jpg

is a classic of its kind with arguably the best swearing heard in the LE67 postcode and that is some achievement.  A proper locals pub in Ibstock, very funny and lots of pub banter flying around ruthlessly.  This was a recommendation from Pete, who is now an honorary member of the Bass Appreciation Diaspora

The Swan Inn DE65 6EF

A confession here as this is my local in Milton, near to Repton, but I reckon this serves the best pint of Bass in South Derbyshire.  It was good when I featured it here but has since been taken over and it is no w consistently magnificent!

This picture is one of many taken in their beer garden…

The Vaults ST14 8HP

A fantastic pub in the middle of Uttoxeter and arguably Stafford Paul’s favourite Bass House.

Uttox Vaults 08.07.19  (11).jpg

An array of Bass pumps and locals who drink it like Carling mean this is always in good nick.

Uttox Vaults 08.07.19  (3).jpg

The Black Swan LE12 9DL 


Another one of Pete’s tip offs that is absolutely top drawer in Shepshed.

Shepshed Swan 05.02.19  (6).jpg

Added bonus of a curmudgeonly landlord to non locals and ukulele gigs in the shadows of Shepshed Dynamo FC.

Shepshed Swan 05.02.19  (8).jpg


The Globe DE12 7DB

This place in Snarestone is so good it’s even got it’s own Tuesday afternoon Bass club!!!

Canalside pub in a village in the National Forest selling top notch amber nectar….

Globe 14.08.18  (2).jpg

what could be better?

Globe 14.08.18  (9).jpg

The White Swan DE73 8DY

A White Swan 15.04.18  (9).jpg

A real gem of a place.

A White Swan 15.04.18  (2).jpg

Melbourne is relatively upmarket but Bill and Ray rolled back the years and turned this into an LE67 swear fest as they reminisced about life prior to gentrification.

A White Swan 15.04.18 (11)

Fantastic beer and great little local backstreet boozer.

The Fountain WS13 7BG

Lich FOuntain 05.01.17  (4).jpg

A great day in Lichfield with five pals ended up with a cracking find serving top notch Bass and a well used dartboard!

Lich FOuntain 05.01.17  (2).jpg

Breaking News…..Neil visited The Fountain recently and said Bass was gone and the welcome was lukewarm so…..I’m replacing it with

227 – The Elms DE15 9AE

Arguably the most recognisable Bass pub in Staffordshire this is just on the Burton border in Stapenhill and serves a good pint of the best drink in Britain.

Burton Elms 23.05.18  (10) - Copy.jpg

The Anchor DE11 0EA

Anchor 05.10.17 (1)

A fantastic backstreet pub in Newhall  where a woman wearing her pyjamas opened up early afternoon!

Anchor 05.10.17 (9)

A totally unexpected bonus in a suburb of Swadlincote and was one of the best pints of Bass I’ve had since blogging life started……

Anchor 05.10.17 (8)

The Chequers Inn DE73 7JH

A pub that always sold Bass +1 other and is renowned for the quality of its beer.


A real throwback boozer tucked away in Ticknall has been taken over in the last 18 months and the quality of Bass is as high as ever.   Big turnover of Bass, lots of dominoes and plenty of chat.

I reckon there might be one or two dissenters but I can only work on the beer I’ve had and I reckon this is just about my top ten….


19 thoughts on “Forget The GBG – This Is The Bass GBG 2020

      1. Yes, I could name ten classic Bass pubs that you have probably never visited:
        Black Boy, Caernarfon
        Dyffryn Arms, Pontfaen
        Unicorn, Manchester
        Cross Foxes, Shrewsbury
        Saddle, Blackpool
        Seven Stars, Falmouth
        Oak, Oswestry
        Dolphin, Plymouth
        Myrtle Tree, Bristol
        Jolly Sailor, Macclesfield

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  1. From someone who lives in a county which is a Bass desert (please somebody say I’m wrong…)

    ….there’s too many photo’s of Bass in this post….I can’t cope…



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