Destination Pubs in Repton

Is the sort of title to entice in Martin as I know how much he loves the Brunning & Price model and this pub is straight out of that identikit.

It’s a pity Russ isn’t about at the minute as I’m sure he’d have something to day about the painting on the side of this boozer.

Bulls Head Repton pre emptive (8)

Of course, you all knew it was a wine glass and a pint glass?  What else could it be….

And it’s got a traditional pub sign out the front, which will please Duncan, but don’t labour under the impression this is a classic old school boozer.

Bulls Head Repton pre emptive (10).jpg

But I couldn’t hold off any more and, as regular readers of this blog will know just how excited I am by pizzas in pubs, what’s wrong with Pizza Hut so a boozer that claims to sell “The Best Wood Fired Pizza in Derbyshire” could be ignored no longer.

Bulls Head 24.09.19 (7)

475- The Bulls Head DE65 6GF is on the High Street in Repton, one of the most affluent villages in Derbyshire and home to a renowned school that contains Jeremy Clarkson and Will Hughes amongst its alumni.

Bulls Head Repton pre emptive (2).jpg

The Bulls Head,with a suitably suave website, is the most popular pub in Repton although the revamped Boot will have something to say about that claim.

Nonetheless, this is part of the Chilled Pubs small chain, which is ostensibly like a Brunning and Price of the East Midlands as I discovered on my visit to Quarndon to one of their sister hostelries.  Its moniker derives from the fact it was a slaughterhouse and butchery in the 1800s and it has been modernised morphed into a restaurant into a similar style to those pubs you find in those Solihull shires such as Lapworth, Preston Bagot and Claverdon.

Bulls Head 24.09.19 (2)

Plenty of ale to appease the masses, lots of high posing stools at the bar and tables everywhere set up to eat in the main bar, restaurant, garden room and sun terrace.

Mind you, the punters are lapping it up and you can’t move for families, couples, international bright young things and kids…lots of them munching their way through Pizzas with grapefruit and semolina seasonal toppings (that might not be true) so, when I rolled up at 6.30 on a Tuesday evening it was full.

Bulls Head 24.09.19  (4).jpg

Not the norm in most boozers on a Tuesday and the staff are very helpful but this is unashamedly gastro and is coining it in despite some stiff competition

The Boot Inn has its own on site brewery whilst The Red Lion is still struggling to find a gap in the congested Repton market as The Mount Pleasant Inn, with its micro opening hours, has the gentlefolk market all tied up.

It’s also got a very innovatively titled chip shop over the road…

Bulls Head 24.09.19  (9).jpg

a curry house – The Jaipur – further up the High Street that is well worth a visit and this place is a certainly a ‘very nice pub.’

Chilled it most definitely isn’t as kids aplenty and ‘not a lot of running around room’ mean this won’t be on top of your old school pub bloggers list.

Bulls Head 24.09.19  (5).jpg

But, an open pub is always better than a closed one and it is selling good local beer (Marston’s, Tollgate and Black Hole Brewery) as I had decent pint of Pacifica (Tollgate) and as Mrs BB tells me, this is a destination pub for people in Derbyshire.

Mrs BB knows stuff…

8 thoughts on “Destination Pubs in Repton

  1. Was in Repton today for the first time, and then you go posting about it. Spooky! Looked interesting on the drive through but sadly work got in the way of pints. Similarly Sandiacre, which looked slightly less interesting to be fair. Another day…

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  2. Well at least the outside sign isn’t just a squiggle and some thought has gone into the design and manufacture. Repton is the Eton of the Midlands presumably but when do you ever see a public school in the Good Beer Guide?! I have a few friends who watch occasional games in the ISFAC who talk about the extraordinary facilities they have.

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