Extra Etwall Boozers

As Martin quite rightly pointed out in his most recent post, half the fun of writing a blog is continually poking fun at regular readers

In a shameless piece of plagiarism (and to pad out a fairly thin blogpost) I thought it only right to note down the chief recipients of my jokes.

Blenheim 12.09.19  (19).jpg

Russ, just cause I can: Martin, as I’ve met him and I know he can take it; Duncan, as Scotland football and cricket supporters need cheering up; Solihull, as it has a selection of fairly average pubs and Aston Villa just because….

Of course, that doesn’t mean other people get off scot free and Paul Mudge is usually a good outside bet, whilst the original Mudgie is always good value if I am waxing lyrical about a Brunning & Price style boozer.

Blenheim 12.09.19  (13).jpg

The Wickingman is definitely in my sights with his Burton Albion leanings and Paul WME gets a taste as he supports Wolves whilst Dutch Paul is fair game as Holland beat us at pretty much everything these days.  Mark can also have a bit of stick occasionally for being an egg chaser, but they all take it in good spirit and even Dave and Dick don’t mind being compared to the Ant and Dec of Minneapolis.

However, there are some real beer gurus in the beer blogsphere and if I can catch Martin and Duncan out occasionally with a boozer they’ve  never heard of, I gain extra points in the blogging league table (Tier 12 on the pyramid system).

Blenheim 12.09.19  (22).jpg

I reckon I might just have done it again with 478 – Blenheim House DE65 6LP on the main street in Etwall, which is a suburb of Derbyshire.

My last visit took me to The Seven Wells which currently holds the title of “busiest pub on a Thursday afternoon in South Derbyshire “ and Martin confirmed this was one he had never heard of but quickly pulled out two other Etwall rabbits out of the hat so to speak.

Blenheim 12.09.19 (10)

The Spread Eagle and Hawk and Buckle have both been in the GBG I reckon at some stage and will have been visited by tickers, but I reckon Blenheim House might have passed them by.

Blenheim 12.09.19  (5).jpg

It’s a stone’s throw from The Hawk and Buckle on the main street in Etwall and was formed from two 17th Century farmhouses.

Blenheim 12.09.19  (2).jpg

It’s had the Colston Crawford seal of approval and if it’s good enough for him then the chances are it’s going to sell good beer and be a place on an upward curve.

Tom Owen and Dale Newitt are the entrepreneurs revamping it after they breathed life into the Hawk and Buckle so they have a good track record for making boozers work.

(Beers you’ve heard of)

Blenheim 12.09.19 (6)

It’s a pub/restaurant/B&B (one for Martin when this and the Seven Wells make the 2037 GBG) and was fairly quiet, but chilled, when I popped in on a Thursday afternoon.

It had the feel of a place that you haven’t quite explored fully as there were rooms at every turn. There were a handful of people in either eating or drinking and the crowd was noticeably younger than The Seven Wells.

Blenheim 12.09.19  (9).jpg

Also, this is in the heart of the village so is up against The Hawk and Buckle and Spread Eagle, but there are plenty of chimney pots so there is no reason why it can’t survive.

The beer was good and you don’t see Young’s Special (Young’s) very often in the East Midlands and it was well worth a visit.

Blenheim 12.09.19  (12).jpg

It was the quietest of all the Etwall boozers I’ve been in so far but 1pm on a Thursday isn’t notoriously a riotous time… unless of course you are at The Stamford and Warrington in Coalville.

And of course, it has the added bonus of inching me ever closer to the 500 pubs mark and gets Martin clicking on the CAMRA website to check I’m not making it up!

12 thoughts on “Extra Etwall Boozers

  1. When I look at the décor and then the beer range they are not the beers I expected. I would have guessed TT or some craft beers. I always wonder how they choose the range for their clientele. As a side note, I had to look up Ant and Dec. We’re officially offended:)


  2. We’re all egg-chasers now Beermat!

    Way too many Marston’s beers there. If the Wainwright turned out to be in less than top condition I’d struggle a bit with that range tbh. I was expecting high tables though so bravo for proper tables’n’chairs.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. It’s taken me nearly 500 posts but I’ve finally offended Dick and Dave!! He’s a resilient chap though and I reckon a pint of Bass will get them back onside 😄 in your defence the seven Wells is a decent walk from the main street 💪


  4. I think your hacking skills mean you are able to access our data bases, hence you locate ones we haven’t been to including Blenheim House. Surprised Etwall is Nov enough to support that many outlets.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I’d rather you didn’t (mention it that is; all additions to the Saints family welcome). We have scored 3 goals all season and have almost no fit strikers capable of scoring. Meanwhile I was at Bristol City watching Reading miss a hatful and draw a blank. Supporting Blues sounds more fun at the moment.

        Liked by 1 person

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