Lout In Lount

New blog post title courtesy of my recent acquisition to the team…Pub Curmudgeon. He’s agreed to be my sub editor for five pints of Bass per week which I think is very reasonable.

Clearly, he’s recognised my talents and decided like “An Idiot Abroad” my strength is in being a yob, hence the revamped “Lout in Lount” title…

It’s not easy this pub blogging lark, as rustling up vaguely readable posts in the absence of BRAPA style antics in the boozer can be a work of art.

Not to worry, you can always fall back on the pub’s area, which usually has some mileage and failing that I can usually find one of the readers to abuse have some good natured bantz with…

How are you going to do all this with Lount I hear you cry?

Well, for starters I can get some more mileage out of the map I used in my last post and  point out that Lount is just off junction 13 of the A(M)42 near to the renowned Southworth Estate of Ashby De La Zouch.

LE67 Map 2

Not far from the epicentre of North West Leicestershire drinking establishments in Coalville and near to the exotic sounding Normanton Le Heath.

It is a hamlet of basically 50 people in the 2011 census although there has been a small estate built since then…

(small in numbers, not in size)

Ferrers 10.10.19 (4)

so I reckon the numbers are probably closer to 100 now but attractions in Lount are a bit scratchy.

There is of course Field Sports UK, based at Smoile Farm, whereby you can either partake in a bit of axe-throwing (seriously) or enjoy some of the pump action shotguns as described on Trip Advisor.

Lount 1.jpg

However, even they draw the line at firing WWII weapons at each other and this did strike me as a place that needs to be off the beaten track.

Lount 2.jpg

No doubt when the only pub in Lount finally makes it into the GBG, Si will approach it from this road and avoid axe wielding, machine gun toting, hen parties in his quest for a pint of Doom Bar.

Ferrers 10.10.19  (2).jpg

Sticking with the macabre, Lount was the scene in 1760, of a death, by murder, of  Earl Ferrers’ steward, who had been shot, by  Laurence Shirley, 4th Earl Ferrers at the neighbouring village of  Staunton Harold. All of this would have been set near to the great Georgian mansion, Staunton Harold Hall,part of the Staunton Harold Estate of some 2000 acres.

If that’s not excitement enough then there is also the Lount Recycling and Household Waste Site, one of 14 throughout Leicestershire apparently, as well as a nature reserve on the site of New Lount Colliery, the shortest lived colliery in the region running from 1924-1968.

Ferrers 10.10.19  (10).jpg

It’s safe to say that Lount isn’t Leicestershire’s premier evening entertainment hub (that’s Ibstock of course) but it does have a pub on the B587 (that’s the Nottingham Road to non East Midlands readers) sandwiched between Melbourne and Ashby knowns as 481 – The Ferrers Arms LE65 1SD.

It’s a bog standard Marston’s eatery kind of place with a kids play area out the front, and if you are looking for some bar shenanigans, then I am afraid there weren’t too many.

Ferrers 10.10.19 (12)

It’s a behemoth of a place and I’ve been here before, ankle biters in tow, and it’s been fairly frantic and stressful on a Sunday when it’s  packed to the rafters.

At around 6pm on a Thursday evening it was slightly more serene with a steady trade and the barman was eager to impress, as he had the obligatory tattoo sleeve and was searching frantically for a branded glass to go with my half of Pedigree (Marston’s).

(Beer garden with grass shocker)

Ferrers 10.10.19  (17).jpg

The Gaffer told him they no longer had branded half glasses and then I really threw him by asking for a beermat and he had to confirm they had none of those either.

The beer was more than decent although I noticed I’d missed a trick by paying £1:60 for a half I noticed I’d missed the magic price of £2:50 for a pint…..

Ferrers 10.10.19  (7).jpg

However, I could always bring Mrs BB here for a slap up dinner date ,but I reckon there are better options (dinners of course, not Mrs BB)

Ferrers 10.10.19  (8).jpg

In a nutshell, a roadside boozer that has been there for many years and you probably wouldn’t build a new one in the same location.

It picks up a lot passing trade between the two conurbations of Melbourne and Ashby as your kids can play in a bona fide beer garden and food is relatively inexpensive.

Ferrers 10.10.19  (6).jpg

The beer was good and the adage that less is more appears to be working here and the barman was top notch and served with a smile.

It does mean, of course that I have now notched 99 pubs in the county of Leicestershire…can you contain your excitement as I reach 100?


14 thoughts on “Lout In Lount

      1. If you’re a fan of John Smith’s keg offering it’s probably ideal but don’t go looking for Bass ! No need for a phrase book though, the Co’ville one will be just fine.

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  1. Regarding “…New Lount Colliery, the shortest lived colliery in the region running from 1924-1968”, it depends on how big your region is. If it’s Leicestershire then the mine at Asfordby was only operational from 1991 – 1997.

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