I’ve Got A Pocket Full Of Pretty (Lincoln) Green

We’ve not had a lame take on a Jam Album track as the blog title for a while so I thought I’d bring up the opener from their seminal Sound Affects album.

For anyone under 30 that was when you had to buy music from a record store and the needle crackled when you placed it excitedly on the record…

Belper Railway 06.10.19  (6).jpg

I’s still waiting for Mudgie to approve it of course after our ground breaking Bass deal agreed at an estate pub in Whitwick last week*

Anyway, say what you like about (The Real) Mark, and I often do, there is no denying he knows a good pub when he sees one.

Belper Railway 06.10.19  (26).jpg

If you’ve not checked out his blog yet then it is well worth a read as not only does he find traditional  pubs but they more often than not come with either a skittle alley, skittles table, bar billiards, bagatelle, Aunt Sally (yes really), quoits and even table football.

(Gateway to the Peak District)

Belper Railway 06.10.19  (41).jpg

Shove it, Chuck it, Toss it is its moniker and whilst Mark may have to fend off a comment from Russ with a blog title like that, there is no denying the quality of proper boozers on there.

Belper Railway 06.10.19  (35).jpg

So with my new found love for Belper and the news from the blogging committee, chaired by I. Thurman – AKA The Wickingman – that my bloggers licence was still under review after neglecting this town for so long, I needed to pull in a Mark Shirley favour.

Belper Pre Emptives (16).jpg

With the breaking news in my last post that Mark is actually landed gentry as his great aunt, Laurence Shirley, also known as the Earl of Ferrers, had been on a killing spree in the 18th Century it is clear there is a history of violence. So, what Mark says goes in terms of pubs and after he recommended 482 – The Railway DE56 1PW to me then I just had to pay it a visit.

Belper Railway 06.10.19  (13).jpg

It has recently been refurbed by Lincoln Green, who are a decent brewery (and developing a roster of boozers) in Nottingham and is in the middle of the Bridge Street and Market Place pubs.

Belper Railway 06.10.19  (17).jpg

I was there on dad taxi duty on a Sunday morning and this place is growing on me every time I visit it.  Lots of independent cafes, a vinyl record store, a tackle and gun shop (which makes it popular in Lount) and a proper gaming shop tucked away up a side alley are just some of the niche shops.

Belper Railway 06.10.19  (2).jpg

A BetVictor Conference North side too as well as some slightly more upmarket street art than you would find in Digbeth.

Belper Railway 06.10.19  (37).jpg

I had a top notch bacon cob from Cafe G  over the road and there were some very earnest people in their reading the Observer or Sunday Times wearing hats and scarves and looking like they were there for the duration with a variety of coffees.


Belper Railway 06.10.19  (24).jpg

However, I was only here for the beer as the phrase goes so, once I’ve loitered outside the front of the boozer for around five minutes, I thought I could justify walking in at 12:01.

It is Sunday after all.

I’m not the first punter in, which is always a good sign and the barman suddenly appears from nowhere like Kato in a Pink Panther movie and I settle for the sensible option and have a very quaffable pint of Marion (Lincoln Green), a session ale as someone once said but I’m only having one so that kind of defeats the object really.

Belper Railway 06.10.19  (8).jpg

Anyway, another geezer comes in with a look of the Axl Rose about him and he is fully engrossed in his phone whilst the landlady is going through her books at one of the tables and it is all very Sunday afternoon and chilled.

Belper Railway 06.10.19  (21).jpg

This just feels like proper pubbery of the highest order and whist there are no skittle alleys or dominoes, there are old school Whitbread beermats in the toilets,

Belper Railway 06.10.19  (32).jpg

bench seating, lots of subtle station memorabilia

Belper Railway 06.10.19  (27).jpg

and it also sells food, which is a decent move for a town centre boozer.

Belper Railway 06.10.19  (10).jpg

It feels like a pub where you can eat if you want to and it appeared to very much a smart drinkers place with a barman who was working his socks off and still finding time to be affable.

(Hardest working Barman in Belper)

Belper Railway 06.10.19  (14).jpg

This place has only just reopened and it is in safe hands with Lincoln Green as they are (a) going to offer good beer and (b) they actually want to make it work as a pub as opposed to selling it off to a supermarket/housing company.

Belper Railway 06.10.19 (4)

Belper is a pukka town with plenty of old school pubs and how many other football clubs do you know who have balloons on their forthcoming fixtures board?

Belper Railway 06.10.19  (42).jpg

I mean how happy can one town be?


*That line of the post is still waiting of copy approval as elements of it may be incorrect…oh OK, all of it then

14 thoughts on “I’ve Got A Pocket Full Of Pretty (Lincoln) Green

  1. Paid my first ever visit to Belper earlier this year and really liked the town. The Railway was closed for its refurb at the time so I’ll have to seek it out in future, especially as I’ve been impressed with Lincoln Green’s own pubs in Arnold and Nottingham. Cheers, Paul

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  2. Thanks for this post – I hadn’t heard about this latest Lincoln Green venture. If it’s as good as The Station in Hucknall it should do well. For a small town, Belper must be doing well in the pubs per head stakes. (One of the worst has got to be Desborough, Northants.)

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I visited Desborough in August to see the mighty Shepshed Dynamo and went to “the pub” (The George). The Everards was no more than average, an old boy told me there are two clubs. The King’s Arms is now a Costa Coffee.

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  3. Remarkable that I can go to somewhere like Leicester or Northampton and visit more or less all the pubs I want to in a day, but little old Belper is a struggle. In fact Given that a rtn on the train is the same price for me as to Derby, I’m finding it a better day out than its bigger near-neighbour where some of the good pubs are a bit spread-out.

    The Railway is a bit plain inside for my taste but I think that’s deliberate and the place will develop in time to suit the locals that use it.

    I didn’t know there was a vinyl shop 😳…

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