Ooh Aah Everards I said Ooh Aah Everards

…to the tune of Eric Cantona or Paul McGrath, take your pick, but either way it’s a catchy little ditty.

If Richard Coldwell was here now then I have no doubt, and this is why I miss him, he’d be giving me absolute pelters over waxing lyrical regards Everards.

Bricklayers 24.10.19  (10).jpg

“They don’t brew their own beer anymore” he would (quite rightly) say.  In fact, they are brewed by Robinsons and Joule’s (I think Brunswick might also be involved) and their beers actually taste as good, if not better, than ever before.

“They won’t brew again” RC would say.  Well quite frankly, I don’t care as not only are their beers in good order but they are also one of the best breweries I know who run boozers.

Bricklayers 24.10.19  (4).jpg

There is, apparently, a £4.2 million new brewery and beer house on the way but they are working at a chilled pace!

However, I’ve always been partial to a pint of Tiger and whether it is Keg (always a winner at The Bluebell in Melbourne), or cask (a smorgasbord of boozers), then I’ve never been disappointed.

Bricklayers 24.10.19 (19)

170 years after they started pulling pints then Everards, IMO, are still producing the goods.  In fact, don’t just take my word for it.  When I posted a piccy recently on Twitter, of the aforementioned amber nectar, it was met with many positive responses including this one from Tony Wilson (not the Factory records Tony Wilson, but nonetheless a proper connoisseur), and this was pretty much standard.


So, it is fair to say Everards is a much loved Leicester brewery and pub owner and they do local boozers as good as anyone.

Bricklayers 24.10.19  (18).jpg

As I found out when I rolled up at 488 – The Bricklayers Arms LE67 1AH, which is on the main street in Thornton.

It’s about 150 yards from The Thornton but I reckon this is the villagers’ local boozer. Apparently, it was kept by member of the Dilks family from the early 1600’s till 1982 when Arthur, the last in the dynasty, retired.

Bricklayers 24.10.19  (16).jpg

Anyway, back in the modern era and this place was welcoming with the gaffer wearing one of those top notch golf style jumpers with diamonds on the front (Martin will be able to tell you the brand) and very friendly.

(football and rugby in Leicester)

Bricklayers 24.10.19  (3).jpg

The barmaid offered me a taster of the Pumpkin style beer which was on offer and whilst it was OK,  I opted for Tiger, which was magnificent.

(Philip De Freitas, Gordon Parsons and Jonathan Agnew (possibly) playing for Thornton)

Bricklayers 24.10.19  (9).jpg

It’s like a three in one with a Lounge Bar one side and then a snug the other side of a drinker’s area but it is all in one and is covering all bases. There were around six other people in at half five on a Thursday and they were enjoying the place and it felt like a proper local boozer.

Thornton, of course, benefits from being a genuine LE67 boozer and you can also walk the whole of Thornton Reservoir from the car park, which is a bonus.

Bricklayers 24.10.19  (1).jpg

Even though England lost we can still mention Martin Johnson, as he won, and these shirts look like they belonged to him whilst Jamie Vardy is scoring goals for fun for Leicester – and Everards – appear to be lapping it up at present.

Bricklayers 24.10.19  (8).jpg

If only David Gower was still plying his trade at Grace Road!

It has a big beer garden and sells food and looks like the boozer to go to when in Thornton…

Bricklayers 24.10.19  (15).jpg


I do like Everards and as Mudgie says,


it is all about the pub, not the beer.


9 thoughts on “Ooh Aah Everards I said Ooh Aah Everards

  1. Whilst I like many of their pubs, the Thornton one included which I moninated for pub of the month back in the 20th century, I have to disagree about the beers. I learnt to drink beer and behave myself in a very good Everards pub, and other than the terrible Sunchaser, have a soft spot for all their beers. Just about everyone I know is avoiding the current versions though, they’re just mot right and I very much look forward to the new brewery coming on stream and putting things right.

    I thought Purity had a hand in one brew.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You may well be right as your Leicestershire beers knowledge is better than mine….I suspect I am less of a connoisseur and rarely stray from Tiger but they’ve all been very palatable…if they are set to improve then I will be moving into their new brewery! You – beer – behave…I find that hard to believe 😄


  2. Good to have you back !

    Yes, Richard would be incandescent, or appear so, at such a zombie beer as Everards, bless him. All the beer sold will be made in Wolves soon enough !

    Everards do run their pub to decent standards, but offering tasters is a step too far…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. My memory is that Everards don’t use Joules any more, The beers that were brewed there have moved to Purity. Some of the more quirky beers have been brewed at Lincoln Green. Though things may have moved on since I was last informed.

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