Top 20 Pubs: King William, Milford

As I inch ever closer to 500 pubs on this blog I thought I’d keep the suspense going a little longer by blatantly ripping off Martin starting an occasional series featuring my Top 20 boozers so far.

King William 24.01.18  (2).jpg

Having had some corking suggestions recently on wet led local boozers then it is time to trawl through the back catalogue and pick a Top 20.

It’s tricky as whilst there have been a few duds, most of the pubs have had some good qualities but I reckon Milford’s King William DE56 0RR is as good a place as any to start.

King William 24.01.18 (18)

Milford is sandwiched between Duffield and Belper and has a spectacular setting at the foot of sandstone cliffs with the River Derwent bubbling alongside.

King William 24.01.18 (9)

No TV’s in this one but a Wednesday quiz that packs in punters, old school sandwiches for punters,

King William 24.01.18 (11)

hops on the ceiling, bench seating beermats and a cracking atmosphere as well as top notch beer.

King William 24.01.18 (4)

This region of Derbyshire isn’t short of quality pubs but if there are 20 better pubs than this in the Midlands then I want to hear about them!

****You can read the original blog here

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