Under The (Monks) Bridge

The East Midlands might be slowly sinking under a deluge of rain but never let it be said I’m not committed to the cause.

Monks Bridge (3).jpg

Dark nights, work and flooding can’t stop me as I know that transatlantic readers such as Dave, Dick and Russ would regard this as a mere shower.

Monks Bridge (13).jpg

So, with that in mind, I visited one of the best pub suburbs in Burton to almost complete the Stretton set.

Monks Bridge (12).jpg

The Pirelli stadium (BAFC) is classed as Stretton and the away fans boozer – The Beech Hotel – is a classic of its kind

Monks Bridge (17)

whilst the Mill House brought some welcome relief for Rod and I on our infamous cycling trip next to the Trent and Mersey canal towpath.

Monks Bridge (23).jpg

The Anglesey Arms is a proper locals boozer with a bowling green attached at the back and there is also a new Tap House/Micro known as The Junction.

Arguably the best of all is the Stretton Social Club, but I’ve yet to check in there, which just leaves 490 – The Monks Bridge DE13 0HE.

Monks Bridge (21)

Apparently this was built back in the sixties and is an estate style boozer with a chippy at the back of the car park, as well as its own football team and it was full when I popped in on Wednesday evening.

Monks Bridge (24).jpg

I reckon there was a pool fixture going on as there were plenty of ‘bring your own cues’ people playing and it looked serious even with Erasure and then The Eagles belting out in the background.

Monks Bridge (25).jpg

The lounge was full but the bar, where I was perched, was packed for a Wednesday and not even silent Coronation Street on the big screen in the background could deter the local punters.

Monks Bridge (2).jpg

There was one woman who looked fairly hammered and was vocal but it was a friendly place and had the added bonus of a pint of Old Empire IPA (Marston’s), which was crisp, chewy and well kept.

Monks Bridge (15).jpg

I’ve put a map of the boozers with the pink cross my outstanding one just to give it a bit of context.


A proper Burton suburb estate style pub that appears to be thriving and is making sure it keeps out anyone on the class A’s…

Monks Bridge (19).jpg

but why would you when Old Empire IPA is on the bar…?


29 thoughts on “Under The (Monks) Bridge

      1. I don’t subscribe to any of the beer twitterati as reading about beer is so dull, but it’s noticeable how poorly they describe the actual drinking experience as you do here.

        Cool, crisp, rich, clean thick glass, pleasing lacings etc much more useful than technical details. I guess the beer bores rarely drink in a pub, just drink from cans while watching GoT repeats in their underpants.

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  1. You seem to find a lot of pubs very busy compared to RM’s desolate GBG pub visits. I can’t think this is all due to the timing of the visits. Not sure what to make of this.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Or that you pre-announce your arrival in the Coalville Courier and folk flock there for autographs.

        Yes, I get jealous when I see people in your pubs. As you say, they’re not there to tick beers 😉

        Liked by 1 person

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