Walls Come Tumbling Down

Duncan appears to have the market for groundhopping and exotic pub blogging whilst Martin is official death metal guru alongside Fenland updates.

Si has the Hull Tigers market wrapped up whilst Paul WME is arguably the king of Black Country estate pubs, Pete canal boozers doyen and Mark is the pub games guru.

(I’ve seen far worse selections)

Rescue Rooms 23.11.19  (3).jpg

Mudgie is famous for fantastic rants and noting the things others don’t want to mention and the Wickingman is Bass’ unofficial marketing man so that means finding a niche in the crowed blog market is proving ever difficult.

So, I’ve decided cover bands are the way forward as I set myself up to be number one pub blogger who covers tribute bands in the East Midlands…am I making it too niche?

Rescue Rooms 23.11.19 (2)

Well, what better way to start that to visit the 493 – Rescue Rooms NG1 5LB on Goldmsith Street in Nottingham and watch The Style Councillors.

This venue is next to Nottingham’s famous Rock City and opened in 2003 with some of the acts (I like) appearing here thus far are Happy Mondays, Kaiser Chiefs and Jake Bugg.

(warming up)

Rescue Rooms 23.11.19  (4).jpg

It reckons it has a capacity of 450 but it is a proper gig venue.  By that I mean it is standing room only, sweaty, has good acoustics and being that it is in Nottingham it’s got good beer on.

A top notch Oatmeal Pale Ale from Black Iris Brewery (Bajan Breakfast) still tasted good even in a plastic glass and was sub £4 which is good value for a city centre gig venue.

Rescue Rooms 23.11.19  (5).jpg

The audience were definitely of my ilk and I was at the younger end with a John Major lookalike in front of me for the entire night in golf style jumper doing some terrific moves to Shout To The Top, Solid Bond In Your Heart and other assorted classics.

There were Fred Perry’s aplenty on show and the tunes were good with Paul, Mick and DC Lee (or their equivalents) banging out some classic tunes.

Rescue Rooms 23.11.19  (1).jpg

Walls Come Tumbling Down (my personal favourite) was the penultimate tune and meant I had to fend off some enthusiastic punters throwing some shapes on the floor.

However, arguably the highlight was walking through Nottingham City Centre at around 10:30 on a Saturday night having just had one pint.

I’m pretty sure that the Channel 5 documentary Police Interceptors would have had a field day had they been filming here as there was blazing row between a couple, people staggering down the main street and loads of punters queueing to get into all sorts of establishments…it took me back!

Rescue Rooms 23.11.19  (9).jpg

Anyway, as 500 pubs and clubs looms ever closer and I can recommend this venue as top notch for gigs…

I’ve got The Wonder Stuff pencilled in for December in Brum with Mrs BB so I’m definitely back on the music scene and, if it offers some top notch beer like here, then everyone’s a winner (babe, as Errol Brown once said).

10 thoughts on “Walls Come Tumbling Down

  1. Flat-roof pubs Beermat. Flat-roof pubs, every flat-roof pub in the Midlands is your task should you choose to accept it. Your record of these rare survivors will eventually end up in the British Museum archive.

    Bajan Breakfast (or indeed anything pale from Black Iris) is a favourite of mine. You did well, I paid £5 for a pint of Black Iris in Leamington this week, £4 in a music venue is a steal.

    We found ourselves in Nottingham centre around 5pm this Sat and it was getting very lively. It’s been a while since I was on the town, forgotten it was like this.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I second flat roof pubs. Will gets you loads of likes in Azerbaijan.

    Nice pics. Did they play any deep cuts off the Cost Of Loving then ?

    Have been in Rescue Rooms for Hookworms gig, great venue (Rock City less so).That beer is cheap.

    Agree on the joy of walking through a city sober while things are kicking off !


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