Happy Birthday From Kegworth

I’m a big fan of Kegworth Caskworth as Matthew named it and it is home to a couple of cracking boozers.

They’ve even sorted out that pesky Kegworth interchange so the traffic runs smoothly meaning there is no reason not to visit this pub town in Leicestershire.

(red cross marks the interchange and boozer with red marker)


Martin’s favourite interchange in the whole of the UK has actually had a flyover added and it’s better than it ever was, which is handy as all roads to Leicester/Derby/Nottingham/Stoke/East Midlands Airport/Melton Mowbray and even Swadlincote hail from here, so it is well used.

(plenty of chimney pots)

digimap_for_schools (1).jpg

However, the one common denominator whenever I visit Kegworth, is the lack of punters in their pubs.

Crane & Wells 21.11.19  (23).jpg

The Red Lion and the Cap And Stocking are both old school classics and I’ve been at different times and on different days, but was able to take plenty of photos as there weren’t many pubgoers in the vicinity.

Crane & Wells 21.11.19  (20).jpg

That’s not to say they weren’t any good, far from it, as they oozed pubbery of the highest order and both served Bass…

In fact, as I was told by the barman at the 496 – Crane & Wells Tap DE74 2EE in the Market Place area of Kegworth, there are in fact five boozers to visit.

(a potential punter loiters outside contemplating seaside postcard)

Crane & Wells 21.11.19  (2).jpg

And with it being the first birthday of Kegworth’s newest addition today (December 1) then it is only right that I should hold a party pub blog post in their honour.

The Market Place in Kegworth was a publess area (is there such a word) 13 months ago after Ye Olde Flying Horse closed it doors in 2013 and the owners of The Steamboat in Sawley spotted a gap in the market.

Crane & Wells 21.11.19 (10)

Given the amount of chimney pots in the area and the traffic that passes through Kegworth every day then it looked like a no brainer.

On my visit to The Steamboat it was quirky to say the least and very much a locals boozer but this place is completely different.

And no bad thing I say, although the obligatory seaside photo accessory was in here too and filling the barman with huge amounts of joy!

Nonetheless he did concede it was a talking point and practically every punter who came in either took a snap of it or went in it…not wishing to offend I thought I’d follow suit.

Crane & Wells 21.11.19  (18).jpg

The barman was chatty and told me of their impending birthday but beyond that there were no BRAPA style antics to report other than he reckoned Kegworth was probably at its maximum in terms of pubs.

I’m not sure if this place is in the GBG or likely to get into it but I have to say the beer was absolute nectar.  I’m not sure how many other punters had been in by about 1pm on a Thursday but the half of India (Stancill) was chewy, crisp and fresh.

Crane & Wells 21.11.19  (12).jpg

It’s always a concern when you don’t see any other punters but Thursday lunchtime isn’t renowned for being a hotbed of activity in Kegworth boozers…however, happy birthday to a new boozer that adds a bit more kudos to Kegworth Caskworth

18 thoughts on “Happy Birthday From Kegworth

    1. Yes the Red Lion is terrific…unspoilt and a quintessential backstreet pub. Glad it’s in GBG. Steamboat is one of many in Sawley/Long Eaton region but was very hit and miss when I went with pals. Beer was very good at the crane & wells but as I was only punter in would be unfair to judge atmosphere

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    1. “Kegworth has recently received a bypass, as shown on your map, so doesn’t enjoy anything like the traffic it once did.”

      Ah, that explains the lack then. One must take it easy after bypass surgery. 😉


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  1. “I’m a big fan of Kegworth Caskworth as Matthew named it ”

    Slow golf clap, for Matthew. 🙂

    “which is handy as all roads to…”

    You forgot Ashby De La Zouch. 😉

    “as there weren’t many pubgoers in the vicinity.”

    Love the ‘shut happens’ on the signage in the photo. 🙂

    “(is there such a word)”

    Sadly, over here, most assuredly.

    “not wishing to offend I thought I’d follow suit.”

    So we see.

    “happy birthday to a new boozer that adds a bit more kudos to Kegworth Caskworth”

    And here’s to many more!


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  2. Remarkably fulsome opening hours for a micro. I keep meaning to do the bus run from Loughborough to the Dewdrop in Hathern for a lunchtime GK Mild if they still have it, might be worth staying on for Kegworth if those opening hours hold true. I need to have another crack at the Red Lion with my camera too, didn’t do it justice last time…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I will chuck in the caveat I was there on a Saturday afternoon in summer and it was shut when supposed to be open. .red lion is terrific along with cap and stocking 👍🍻 …but the beer was outstanding in crane and Wells


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