Fake News In Lichfield

This is one of these posts that the Wickingman will need to hide from his better half.

I like to blog about earthy boozers but, after being busted as a prosecco loving gastropubber following my recent house move, then I’ve got to keep up appearances.

3 Tuns 23.11.19  (25).jpg

The final straw for Ian AKA The Wickingman came after I visited Repton’s The Bulls Head, one of the portfolio in the Chilled Pubs chain.

I’ve tried to delete the post but the Blogging mediators – Taylor, Mudgie, Mackay, Paul WME, Allen and Shirley have decreed that all boozers blogged upon must stay on your record.

3 Tuns 23.11.19  (13).jpg

So, you can imagine, I was delighted when I stopped for some food and of course a half pint of beer and discovered that I was in the latest acquisition to the Chilled Pubs roster.

A bit of an East Midlands Brunning & Price for Martin if you like, but there is no denying their popularity.

(craft menu for Martin)

3 Tuns 23.11.19  (5).jpg


498 – The Three Tuns WS13 8JL is basically a big shed barn on the Walsall Road in Lichfield and has apparently been both an Indian restaurant and a pub known as The Barn before returning to its original guise of the Three Tuns.

(not yet changed the sign – it really is a barn)

3 Tuns 23.11.19  (1).jpg

“The bright modern interior is mostly given over to dining, but there is a large bar area with plenty of comfortable seating. The outdoor terrace is similarly equipped, and opens out onto a meadow area with woodland views. The same vista is seen from the large private function room upstairs.”

That’s the description so you know what you’re getting and even my lad said “This is quite posh” and I presume he is comparing it to the boozers I usually take him into!

3 Tuns 23.11.19  (23).jpg

I am still amazed when an ‘open sandwich’ basically means half a sandwich at twice the price of a normal one as it’s on one slice of bread.. but the quality was good although not cheap.

3 Tuns 23.11.19  (2).jpg

However, at just after midday on a Saturday there are a reasonable amount of punters in of all age ranges and also a group of ladies arriving who were getting stuck into the wine.

The beer (Tollgate – Hackney Blonde) was actually very good and they even had beermats, which is a first for Chilled Pubs whilst the staff were friendly…

3 Tuns 23.11.19  (10).jpg

Laurel and Hardy pictures upstairs practicing their goalscoring celebration ahead of their time, massive Christmas Trees…

3 Tuns 23.11.19  (18).jpg

and a ‘chilled’ atmosphere means this is the sort of place Mrs BB would love even though I can’t work out the Stan and Ollie connection with Lichfield.

Of course, it doesn’t really exist Mrs TWM so there’s nothing to see here, move on!

12 thoughts on “Fake News In Lichfield

  1. As you say Beermat, once a pub is on your record it stays there however hideous or otherwise said establishment might be. It’s by this same logic that I have to bear the scars of the Legends Bar in Tipton (drinking Carling and manhandling dubious cuddly toys). Unlike most of the places you blog about, I’m not feeling the urge to rush over to Lichfield to try this one but at least it has returned to its proper name. Cheers, Paul WME (Blogging Mediator)


    1. Good man Paul and I appreciate the leniency in your role as blogging mediator! These make you appreciate the proper pubs more and whilst it was perfectly pleasant I would go slowly mad if these were only options left in ten years time….


  2. Lovely looking blonde ale and well all is said and done – you can’t go wrong when a chain dining pub still serves up a good real ale.
    Good job you didn’t get the other half of that sandwich though – it would have been tricky to eat it without the sauce dribbling down your chin.

    Not a good situation to get into in a posh pub 😉

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