Whyte Leaves Locals Punch Drunk In Long Whatton

I think we need to start with the big Dillian Whyte news. Yes, I know all about the fact he was cleared of failing a drug test by UAKD meaning his win over Oscar Rivas in July is valid and he is back in the pack for a crack at Fury/Joshua/WIlder at al.

No, the really big news is that he will be able to carry on drinking at his favourite boozer in Long Whatton.

Falcoln 21.11.19  (7).jpg

I’m not sure if there is a Short Whatton but the Long version has clearly won over Whyte and he started drinking there in 2015.

Well, that might be stretching it a bit (never stopped me before) but Whyte was looking for accommodation whilst training in Loughborough and chanced upon 499 – The Falcon Inn LE12 5DG.

Falcoln 21.11.19  (4).jpg


He was still using it back in 2018 – read it here – and if the fact the Brixton Body Snatcher uses it doesn’t tempt you in, then I don’t know what will.

To be fair, he’d be the ultimate pub bouncer doorman but this place is unlikely to see any trouble as it is one of two boozers in a village of around 2,000.

Falcoln 21.11.19  (16).jpg

It’s on the main street in Long Whatton, which is near to the likes of Zouch, Hathern and the really annoying infamous Kegworth Interchange.

Everards own the boozer (I think) and I rarely find a poor pub owned by them and so it proved in this classic village pub with rooms.

Yes it is food led, has accommodation and is very well kept, but there is definitely room for the drinker.

Falcoln 21.11.19  (12).jpg

A bloke with his dog, classic local pub fare, was propping up the bar and whilst there were lots of people eating food, they were extremely happy just to serve you a pint.

(hit me with those laser beams)

Falcoln 21.11.19  (17).jpg

I obliged with a Tiger (Everards) which was decent enough and there was a warm, friendly atmosphere in this all things to all people kind of pub.

The gaffers of the pub may well have changed so perhaps big Dillian won’t be coming here again.

Falcoln 21.11.19  (5).jpg

However, this is a boozer that isn’t on the ropes but is a real knockout with the locals and will hope that Whyte’s presence will leave their punters (punch) drunk.

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