Dig (Brew) The New Breed

In the ever competitive blogging world the race to fit as many musical links into your titles as possible, I’ve managed to sneak an obscure Jam one in here.

Dig The New Breed was a live album back in the day from Paul and the boys, which I know will please Quosh from a music perspective, but also puts me ahead of Simon, Duncan and Martin in the blogging league table.

Dig Brew Co Digbeth (1).jpg

Whilst I waxed lyrical about your old school style football pub, such as The Roost, it is fair to say that Tap Rooms and Micros are now filling in the gaps as boozers close at a rate of knots.

Let’s pick a random club…maybe Birmingham City for a change? I know this could apply to most clubs, but Russ has assured me Blues are his favourite English team so how can I disappoint my only favourite Canadian reader?


In the past 20 years boozers such as The Watering Hole, Clements Arms, Bolton Arms, St Andrew’s Tavern (Black Horse), Brighton Arms, Sportsman, Garrison Tavern, Oxford Arms, Redhill Tavern, Plough And Harrow and Victoria have all departed from Small Heath and Hay Mills whilst a plethora have departed from Bordesley Green too.

Punters still want to have a drink before or after the game and whilst Blues have plenty of ‘in house’ bars none of them can ever quite match the craic of a genuine boozer.

All those closures mean punters tend to drink in Digbeth and the Bohemian area of Brum around Floodgate/Fazeley Street.


Take 503 – Dig Brew Co B5 5SA for example. One of the wave of Brum’s new brewers they have set up a Taproom in River Street, slightly off the beaten track, that opens on Fridays and Saturdays.


It’s in the style so loved by Martin on his GBG travels of brewing vessels and long tables, but it was packed post match on Saturday after the Blues v Baggies clash.

(contemplating another Blues loss…)


In a move that will disappoint the Telegraph rugby readers, it showed that football fans can actually have a drink in a civilised fashion and there was even a queue for drinks in Wetherspoons style fashion.


The beer was fantastic and Optimo (Dig Brew Co) was crisp and very quaffable and would have been a big hit with Citra.

They’ve added in Dough – a pizza kitchen and plenty of the tables were reserved for later in the evening so they’ve clearly got a thriving market.


It’s poles apart from The Roost but both of them have their place and the atmosphere was warming up nicely and there appeared to be a steady stream of football and non football punters coming in.

Great beer, plenty of chat, queuing for your pint (two/thirds) and food if you want without a doorman in sight.  If this is the future of pre/post football pubs then I’m on board.

18 thoughts on “Dig (Brew) The New Breed

      1. Sadly, both mind and body were defeated…but I’d put up a good fight! That was the first time for many, many years that I’d managed to drink more than a gallon in one day!

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  1. You’re not selling it to me Beermat. The shiny brewing kit and trestle tables I can ‘just’ about cope with, but queuing will never take-off in the bright new world of half-empty and entirely empty boozers.

    I remember when a full 5 minute wait at the bar was normal and expected (remember the Sunday lunchtime last-orders rush? Those really were the days…), nowadays I get narky if I have to wait more than 30 seconds. A minute and I may well walk out and find an Black Country Ales pub where the service, as we know, is usually immediate if not sooner.

    The great pub-lovers conundrum. Always want to see pubs busy, just never when I want a pint…

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    1. Great point! Yes queueing isn’t great but this place isn’t set up for carnage at the bar…I’d always prefer a traditional boozer but small heath is shedding them so quickly this does look like it will tempt in a few on a match day and a small independent brewery is better than corporate behemoths at the stadium 👍


  2. Birmingham City is certainly a random football club in my opinion! For an industrial experience I quite enjoyed my visit to Dig Brew, and their beers are starting to crop up in the wider area too (pretty sure I saw one in the Lamp Tavern the other week). I’ll have to work harder on incorporating musical references into my blog, although I’d struggle to challenge your Jam expertise. Cheers, Paul

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    1. Happy for the wonder stuff back catalogue as a starting point 😄 yes good to see their beer is out there and they obviously know their market as lots of choices on Saturday…maybe they could become the new Bathams? 😉


  3. Another good find and another one to add to the list. Kudos for the obscure blog title. Somehow that album passed me by though I was never keen on live albums. No mention of the score I notice but can sense the pain.

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