‘Allo ‘Allo It’s Nether Heyford

You left me in an industrial unit in Digbeth contemplating remarkably good craft murk whilst dissecting yet another Birmingham City defeat.

However, the beauty of beer blogging means you can drink till you forget move on to the next boozer and, on this occasion, a rare outing in Northamptonshire.

(missed the Happy Hour!)

In over 500 pubs this is my first visit into a cracking pub county and a region that will always be remembered for the halcyon footballing era of 1996-1999.

Which, coincidentally, was probably the last time I had a tot in this town which is still a mixture of farming countryside accents and London overspill.

However, the villages are very much a throwback with some great characters and one such region is Nether Heyford.

Of course Martin has been here before and for a much better version of what this quintessential British village has to offer read about it here.

But, as Dave knows, he went to the posh pub and I’ll be talking about the other one in the village.

Nevertheless, I took the liberty of pinching Martin’s map for some context – he won’t mind as he owes me a pint from The Stamford and Warrington in 1997.

According to its extensive Wiki page (I’m not joking)
“It has one of the largest village greens in the country, two pubs,two churches (one Anglican, one Baptist), a purpose-built youth club, park, village hall, hairdresser, butcher and a shop. The extensive playing fields have a cricket club (Heyford CC), a football club (Heyford Athletic), tennis courts and a bowls club.”

Football and cricket – there really isn’t anything else to worry about – and throw into the mix what looks like a Northampton Ironstone pub 504 – The Olde Sun NN7 3LL then it really doesn’t get any better.

Oh hang on the Grand Union Canal passes through the village so it’s also accessible for Pete, I suspect he’s been here before and will have blogged about it when he’s not downing nine pints of Cloudwater in Birmingham City Centre.

Actually, the pub could get better as it was one of the funniest 25 minutes I’ve spent in a boozer on a Tuesday lunchtime for a while.

As befits the Banks’s livery outside, I had a cool, crisp chewy pint of Amber (Banks’s) and was served through an old school hatch by the gaffer.

Ruddles Best was also on the agenda and I moved into a small area where about six old/middle aged boys were sitting.

The conversation was raucous after someone’s card had to go through the machine twice which led to some brutal stick before Barclays was on the receiving end.

Then, in no particular order, Emily Thornberry, Scottish Football and Allo Allo were all under the microscope.

The whole cast list was covered and it was the sort of conversation Mudgie would describe as classic pub banter, not for the faint hearted.

The gaffer was friendly, the boys over the other side of the bar gave me a good farewell and this crew were clearly hear chewing the fat on a regular basis.

People were eating but it felt more like a drinkers boozer although there was a pool table and smaller room set up for eating further back in this Tardis style establishment.

There was also a skittle style table which I wasn’t sure about but if you ask Mark he’ll know…
Lots of brewerania, which appears to be de rigeur in Nether Heyford and a wonderful lunchtime crowd of lads who were enjoying life to the full.


I can’t believe it’s two decades since I last had a pint in Northamptonshire and I’d forgotten quite how much fun it is…
Just an all round fantastic village boozer…Renee Artois would have loved it!

6 thoughts on “‘Allo ‘Allo It’s Nether Heyford

  1. Last time drinking in Nether Heyford was back in 2001…and we went to the Foresters. The village is quite a stroll from the cut, so we tend to stop elsewhere so we can quench our thirst more quickly!

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