Happy New Year, Happy Old Brum

As New Year approaches the big question is…can I stretch out my Digbeth posts until the next decade?

However, don’t fret as the longest running saga since the “who shot JR?” scenario back in the eighties, finally winds up tonight.

Woodman 14.12.19  (1).jpg

Mind you, it’s not been without its controversy as Dave Southworth, the doyen of craft has come out all guns blazing in support of my damascene conversion to tap rooms and bottle shops.

woodman comment 3.png

With Martin, Duncan and Ian T suggesting a 2020 blogging ban until I return to some bona fide boozers then Dave said the future was for us youngsters, like Dave, Citra and I.

Pete Allen, erstwhile canal guru and Carling craft Connoisseur noted that the Beer & Pubs Forum are in fact the youth faction of the subversive movement known as CAMRA.

woodman comment 2.png

Martin, quite rightly, lamented the demise of yet another traditional pub from much vaunted B&PF’s Proper Days Out in Digbeth in 2018 with the Wagon and Horses the latest to change it’s look.

woodman comment 1.png

It did sound like a remarkably good day and was well covered by Mudgie here and here, Martin here, here and here and Pete here.

Mark is planning a summer jaunt around Brum and he needs confirmation that there are still some old school boozers left…

However, whilst the blog covers all pubs and clubs, it has generally visited old school style pubs and as we started 2019 in a ‘proper’ pub in Duffield, then it ends with a ‘proper’ pub in Digbeth.

I recently blogged about The Eagle And Tun closing down in five days time but its near neighbour is still in rude health.

Woodman 14.12.19  (9).jpg

513 – The Woodman B5 5LG is an absolute classic that was built in 1897 for Ansells Brewery by James and Lister Lea, who have other success stories in the city.

A Grade II listed building, in classic terracotta with Minton tiles throughout this will be a welcome sight for any punter who leaves Birmingham on the Curzon Street station when HS2 delivers sometime this decade.

Woodman 14.12.19  (2).jpg

Birmingham Inns have done a great job with it and when we arrived, they are obviously employing good staff too.

The barman was a gem and first impressions count. He was knowledgeable about his beer and steered us towards ones we’d like and, also used the word oxymoron, which isn’t the norm in Digbeth.

(old school Ansells livery in the backyard)

Woodman 14.12.19  (6).jpg

A cracking half hour was spent in here although we didn’t manage to get on the dartboard. A good solid Saturday early evening crowd and a top notch atmosphere with well kept beer.

Woodman 14.12.19  (8).jpg

Fortunately, this pub looks likes it’s here to stay as it’s position is becoming ever more important as the city council continue to develop the Eastside of the city.

A great pub, ensuring my ban stays on hold for another month at least…Happy New Year and Happy Old Brum.

10 thoughts on “Happy New Year, Happy Old Brum

  1. Happy New Year Beermat! Great place the Woodman, and as you say it will be interesting to see how HS2 affects this on the doorstep there. I’m hoping i might just make it to the Eagle & Tun again before it’s gone for good – fingers crossed! All the best for more pubbing and blogging in 2020. Cheers, Paul

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