Pedigree, Carvery, Living In Perfect Harmony

Knowle is easily one of my favourite pub villages in the Midlands and the fact it has a locals Toby Carvery is just one of many reasons.

Wilsons Arms Knowle (2).jpg

Millionaires row in parts, this village on the outskirts of Solihull has some remarkably lively boozers considering and 515 – Wilsons Arms B93 9AH is one of its unlikeliest.

Wilsons Arms Knowle (5).jpg

The Red Lion, The Greswolde Arms and the Wilsons Arms are longstanding locals despite the fact they are currently an Ember Inns, Chef & Brewer and a Toby Carvery.

Wilsons Arms Knowle (13).jpg

But lively they are and in a pre-blogging existence I spent some great days/evenings in all three and the Wilsons is still going strong.

Wilsons Arms Knowle (8).jpg

The day after New Year isn’t renowned for being jam packed and so it proved but, for around 3.30, there were a reasonable amount of drinkers in.

Wilsons Arms Knowle (6).jpg

And with a choice like this who can blame them?

Wilsons Knowle 9.jpg

As you walk in there is a definite split with turn right for the carvery/dining section and turn left for the pub.

It’s open plan but that’s pretty much the unwritten rule with beermats, a dartboard and no cutlery on the tables.

WIlsons Knowle 2.jpg

I was tempted for a Snakebite after Peter Wright’s Darts world title the day before but, instead, had a very decent pint of Pedigree (Marston’s).

Wilsons Knowle 4.jpg

There is a weekly quiz as well and some reliable regulars such as Leo, who is a fellow Birmingham City aficionado, and was happy to chew the fat complete a post-mortem on the recent ongoing/perennial tribulations in B9.

Wilsons Knowle 8.jpg

I know there is a big “home of the roast” sign out the front but this feels as though Toby Carvery is just keeping this timber framed building that is over 400 years old warm for another owner somewhere down the line.

Wilsons Arms Knowle (10).jpg

William Henry Bowen Jordan Wilson, who was Lord of the Manor at the time, has his  coat of arms hanging over the front door and this place really feels like part of the furniture.

(spot the coat of arms)

Wilsons Arms Knowle (12).jpg

It’s unmissable as you approach Knowle from the Warwick Road and is still part of the drinking scene in Knowle.

Like Whitwick and Coalville before it, Knowle has finally been completed give or take the odd social club or British Legion and, whilst it is nowhere near the LE67 postcode for grittiness, there is a good pub feel to the place and the Wilsons is chugging along nicely.

14 thoughts on “Pedigree, Carvery, Living In Perfect Harmony

  1. Bit worried about that bit of history sneaking in there!

    It is true that a Toby or Hungry Horse can attract drinkers and darts players when there’s a bit of space for them.

    Love the Pedi in a Doom glass, great lacings.

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  2. Hi Beermat, must admit the Toby Carvery influence had always deterred me from sampling the Wilsons Arms but you’ve persuaded me that it might be worth a look, especially if I can link it with a canal stroll. Hope you’re not running out of quality Solihull establishments to write about now that Knowle is completed. Coloured spreadsheets are definitely the way forward, especially if there’s room for a bit of old gold shading too. Cheers, Paul

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    1. Well worth a visit as long as you turn left!! Canal walks very good round there…can recommend red lion, vaults and ale rooms in knowle along with wilsons.
      Black boy well worth a visit on the canal along with navigation in lapworth and blue bell in cheswick green! Along with Saxon in cheswick green as a bona fide estate pub 👍
      I’ve run out of old gold marker pens 😄


  3. First time we went to the Wilson’s was back in 1996, but the last time was in 2014…we don’t get to Knowle so often these days. What always struck me about the place was how pubby the non-carvery part of the pub is…glad to see it’s still that way!

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