Bass Drama In Derby

The Wickingman is convinced that Bass is about to become the drink of 2020.   Mind you, he’s been saying that since around 1985 so I guess the odds of it happening must be shortening.

5 Lamps 28.11.19  (20).jpg

However, other Bass aficionados such as Mudgie,Mark and both Martins, along with the Vaux Wanderer and the Beertonian will all be hoping a Bass renaissance is finally on the cards.

5 Lamps 28.11.19  (19).jpg

But, and this is a big but, just like the Indie charts in the mid eighties, sometimes the more niche a band/beer, the better it is.

To be frank, most of the best Bass I drink, which is still the best beer on the market when kept properly with good turnover, is in pubs that aren’t trying to appeal to the mass market.

5 Lamps 28.11.19  (8).jpg

If it became as ubiquitous as say, Doom Bar, would that mean its quality would drop accordingly?

Anyway, all of this is conjecture  as I suspect Bass will keep on being under the radar as InBev won’t want to spend any dough on a product they’ve ignored for years.

5 Lamps 28.11.19  (12).jpg

This question did cross my mind as I had a lunchtime pint in 517 – The Five Lamps DE1 3BH. It’s on the Duffield Road on the route out of Derby city centre and often features on ale trails.

5 Lamps 28.11.19  (7).jpg

It’s a proper pub, that serves food and has a cracking range of clientele.   I saw blokes on a liquid lunch break, ladies drinking wine, old boys and a cosmopolitan group speaking French and English in equal measures but partaking in plenty of booze.

So, a good atmosphere and the bar staff were friendly and welcoming so what could possibly go wrong as I eyed up the double figure choice of beers on the bar?

I ordered a pint of Bass but I thought it was avenge and possibly on the turn, which happens with all cask ales.

5 Lamps 28.11.19  (14).jpg

Rather than feed a plant pot I took it back to the helpful chatty barman and he had a smell and said he’d go and check it.

He came back up and said it’d absolutely fine….there was a bit of an impasse and I said I didn’t think it was great but perhaps it would taste better the more I drank.

It didn’t.

5 Lamps 28.11.19  (17).jpg

It is clearly a popular pub with a good mix of punters and the barman was friendly but I’m not sure I agreed with him on this.

If a punter says their pint isn’t great then rather than convince them it is and not change it, I think they should offer them another one….even if he was polite, pleasant and got on well with the regulars.

I’ve drunk enough Bass to know when it’s good and when it’s average…this was the latter.

(view from the car park)

5 Lamps 28.11.19  (1).jpg

Which is a shame as it’s a pub I would go back to and have a drink but I wouldn’t drink Bass in there again and maybe a dozen hand pumps is too much even for a boozer on the outskirts of the city centre.

16 thoughts on “Bass Drama In Derby

  1. That’s a strange one. I was in there in December and had a very decent pint and my mate from nearby Duffield rates it as one of the best for Bass in Derby. Still it should have been changed. Poor form. Give yourself a treat and get to the Devonshire.

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  2. I drink a lot of average beer. Getting an above-average pint makes the chase worthwhile, whereas a below-average pint, to the point of being ‘off’, would be returned to the bar. I don’t see how a pub can be expected to change an ‘average’ pint as, almost by definition, this covers most of the beer sold. Real ale is a variable product, that is part of its appeal.

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    1. That’s a great point 👍 I do drink a fair bit of cask (!) and agree that if it is average that is fine as it varies by its nature. It was a good pub but I didn’t finish it off, which is almost unheard of!
      I guess I was expecting more as it’s reputation is so good but I would go there again and take the cask ale lottery!
      Ive blogged about lots of Derby boozers and nearly always positive 🍻
      Cheers for the comment 👍


  3. This has happened to my brother and I multiple times. I always chalk it up to being a foreigner and they assume we don’t know any better. I would not expect this to happen to you. Better to swap the pint than lose a customer in my opinion.

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  4. We Brits are a funny lot in that many of us really don’t like to complain so rather than saying something is ‘bad’ we tend to go for ‘average’ so as not to offend. Your pint was obviously bad because you didn’t finish it…had it been truly average you would have.

    In either case they should have changed it. I don’t understand the attitude of that barman (and many, many others)…changing a pint may lose the pub £2 – £4; not changing it may lose them your future custom! It’s a simple equation, but so many in the service industy just don’t get it!

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