No Breather In Heather

Obviously this blog title only works when you use the correct pronunciation (Heether) but there was no sign of DyJanuary back in the LE67 postcode.

There wasn’t much sign of #Tryanuary either but a solid choice of two beers (Pedi and Burton Bitter) meant the quality was good and I had a terrific pint of Burton Bitter Saddle Tank at just £2:55.


I was lamenting recently how I’d more or less hoovered up all the boozers in my favourite pub postcode as shown in this map here…

(Hugglescote, Abbots Oak and Griffydam all pubbed but unnamed on this map)


…but you can now add an extra red marker in Heather.

My last visit to this village saw me go to The Crown, which was selling good Bass and had a motorbike in the roof – what more do you need from a pub?


It’s near neighbour, the 518 – Queens Head LE67 2QP, is just further up the main street in this village close to Ibstock.

A Monday night in January at around 7:45 isn’t renowned for being busy but no one had told the locals at The Queens Head.

(plant pot man minus his carton furthest at the bar!)


“Do you like my stem?” said a bloke with a carton on his head showing me his potted plant as I walked through the main door.

He was clearly on good form and winding up the barman, who was remaining unmoved by the banter and poured me a cracking pint of (Marston’s) Saddle Tank.

I’m not sure if it was Monday night prices but it was smooth, crisp and chewy and proving the old adage that less is more in a local boozer.


Sky Sports, good beer, a dartboard and a pool table along with regulars who know the barman and are on the wind up – what more do you want?

(pool table and dartboard in the distance + lacings)


Just to confirm I was in the LE67 postcode a bloke shouted at his dog “shut up you little S**t” after he dared to bark and the bloke who was still showing off his potted pant but had removed his carton, was laughing and joking with everyone in the boozer.

I reckon there were about 15 people in, which might not sound like many but there was a good atmosphere, Arsenal v Leeds was on in the background and a group of four were on soft drinks so supporting their local whilst having a night off.


Two lads at the bar were enjoying their Carling and having the craic with plant pot man and another couple and it was a great scene at a lively local boozer.

Arguably the best part of pub blogging is never quite knowing what to expect when you push open the door to a pub – avoiding the Carling lads having a fag on this occasion – but walking into places like this reaffirm pubs are still an integral part of Midlands’ life.

8 thoughts on “No Breather In Heather

    1. Beer Twitter is a bit like politics…. thankfully we’re only a miniscule amount of people but we comment lots…most pubgoers just go for a pint and a laugh and don’t care one jot what strength, or where the beer/wine/ gin was brewed or distilled 👍


  1. Coo! I’ve spent the best part of 40 years calling it Hetha…

    When Marston’s rebranded everything with those shite new pumpclips it was like shuffling my mind. I still get confused by Saddle Tank, but then I stopped drinking the Bitter several years ago. It used to be a baby Pedi and my beer of choice for avoiding the monumental hangovers from a proper Pedigree session, but I’ve found it utterly unremarkable for a long while now.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have to say the sight of saddle tank never usually fills me with excitement but the last three or four times I’ve had its been terrific….preferred the Burton bitter pump clip though!
      Definitely Heether pronunciation as I met Heather St John’s FC pa man on holiday and he told me!


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